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Full text of "A list of common and scientific names of fishes from the United States and Canada. Report presented at the eighty-ninth annual meeting, Clearwater, Fla., Sept. 16-18, 1959"

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Special Publication No. 2 

-^ ru 




A List of 

Common and Scientific 
Names of Fishes 
from the United States 
and Canada 

(SECOND EDITION) A/^Ssrf>* '-^\ 

Report of the Committee on Names of Fishes, Presented at the —---^ 

Ei^ty-ninth Annual Meeting, Clearwater, Florida, September 16-18, 1959 

Reeve M. Bailey, Chairman 

Ernest A. Lachner, C. C. Lindsey, C. Richard Robins 

Phil M. Roedel, W. B. Scott, Loren P. Woods 

Ann Arbor, Michigan • 1960 

Copies of this publication may be purchased for $1.00 
each (paper cover) or $2.00 (cloth cover). Orders, accompanied 
by remittance payable to the American Fisheries Society, 
should be addressed to E. A. Seaman, Secretary-Treasurer, 
American Fisheries Society, Box 483, McLean, Virginia. 

Copyright 1960 
American Fisheries Society 

Printed by 
Waverly Press, Inc. 
Baltimore, Maryland 


This second list of the names of fishes of 
the United States and Canada is not sim- 
ply a reprinting with corrections, but con- 
stitutes a major revision and enlargement. 
The earlier list, published in 1948 as Special 
Publication No. 1 of the American Fisheries 
Society, has been widely used and has 
contributed substantially toward its goal of 
achieving uniformity and avoiding confusion 
in nomenclature. Of the 570 names on that 
list, 560 are retained in the present version. 
The 10 removed have since proved to be 
synonyms of other included species, or are 
extralimital. In the preparation of the first 
list, the Committee made arbitrary decisions 
as to what species should be included as 
"better known fishes." As interest in fishes 
expands, it becomes increasingly difficult to 
determine when a given species merits an 
approved vernacular or common name. The 
present Committee has avoided this decision 
by attempting to include common names for 
all native and successfully introduced species 
in the region of coverage. Except for possi- 
ble errors of oversight, the chief failure to 
realize complete listing involves small, rare, 
and poorly -kno^vn forms near the periphery 
of our area: Bering Sea, deepwater fishes 
that occasionally are found over the conti- 
nental shelf, and Caribbean species that 
sporadically invade southern Florida. As 
knowledge of such forms increases they may 
be added in subsequent revisions. This list 
includes 1892 entries, more than a threefold 
increase. We make no apology for the greater 
length, believing that these small, less well- 
known fishes have real or potential impor- 
tance as laboratory experimental animals, 
in public or private aquaria, for bait, or, 
most often, simply as objects of natural- 
history inquiry or aesthetic appeal. The plan 
of organization and indexing are such that 
the inclusion of the lesser fishes need not 
interfere with use by those not concerned 
with them. 

Area of Coverage 

The present fist purports to include all 
species of fishes known from the fresh waters 
of the continental United States and Can- 
ada, and those marine species inhabiting 
contiguous shore waters on or above the 
continental shelf, to a depth of 100 fathoms. 

The shore fishes from Greenland, eastern 
Canada and the United States, and the 
northern Gulf of Mexico to the mouth of 
the Rio Grande are included, but those 
from Iceland, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Cuba 
and the other West Indian islands, and 
Mexico are excluded unless they occur also 
in the region covered. In the Pacific, the 
area treated includes that part of the conti- 
nental shelf from the Mexican-United States 
boundary to Bering Strait. The Arctic shore 
waters of Alaska and Canada are included. 
Hawaii, with a large and strikingly different 
Indo-Pacific fish fauna, is excluded. Deep- 
sea fishes, whether benthic or bathypelagic, 
are excluded unless they appear also within 
the 100-fathom isobath. In practice this line 
of distinction is difficult to apply, and 
becomes arbitrary to that extent. Pelagic 
fishes that enter waters over the continental 
shelf are included. The fist provides a 
general guide to distribution: "A" denotes 
Atlantic Ocean but includes the eastern 
Arctic, "P" refers to Pacific Ocean and 
includes the western Arctic, and "F" indi- 
cates occurrence in fresh water. Appropriate 
combinations of letters are used for those 
fishes that live, either naturally or by intro- 
duction, in more than one of these regions. 

Common Names 

The Committee aims at the development 
of a body of common names that reflect 
broad current usage, the creation of a 
richer, more meaningful and colorful vernac- 
ular nomenclature, and the promotion of 
mechanisms that will add to stability and 
the universality of names applied to Ameri- 
can fishes. 

The common name as here employed is 
viewed as a formal, usually anglicized 
appellation to be used in lieu of the Latin- 
ized scientific name of a species. It is hoped, 
and the history of the recent past confirms, 
that common names may be more stable 
than scientific names. Certainly they should 
be more readily adaptable to lay uses than 
scientific names. There is clear need for 
standardization and uniformity in vernac- 
ular names not only for sport or commercial 
fishes, but as trade names, for aquarium 
fishes, in legal terminology, and as substi- 
tutes for scientific names of almost any fish 


in popular or scientific writing. The Com- 
mittee believes that it is desirable to estab- 
lish a common name for each species of fish 
occurring naturally or through successful 
introduction in the waters of English- 
speaking North America. 

Agreement on many names may be 
arrived at quickly, but others are attended 
by complications and marked disagreement 
develops. This is especially true of fish 
known by market names that differ from 
those names that are more familiar to sport 
fishermen, biologists or others. The exist- 
ence for a single species of different names 
in separate parts of its geographic range 
creates difficulties that seem soluble only 
through arbitration. Conversely a given 
name may be employed in several places for 
diverse species. Although committee action 
on such situations may not be expected to 
change local use quickly, at least it seems 
plainly improper to sanction use of one 
name for two or more different species. 

After wrestling with common names for 
over twenty years, the Committee on Names 
of Fishes realized the importance of estab- 
lishing a set of guiding principles to be 
employed in the determination of names. 
Such a code permits a more objective ap- 
praisal of the relative merits among several 
names than if selection is based primarily 
on personal experience and preference. 
Consideration of many vernacular names of 
fishes makes it apparent that few principles 
can be established for which some exceptions 
must not be admitted. This is true because 
at this late date a majority of our larger and 
more abundant, hence important, species 
have such firmly established common names 
that it would be unrealistic to reject them. 
Decision on the name for a species may 
often be decided by weighing the pros and 
cons among the possible alternatives and 
selecting that one which best fits the aggre- 
gate of guiding criteria. 

In the introduction to the earlier list of 
names a number of rules of procedure were 
itemized. Recently the Committee incorpo- 
rated these into the following statement of 
criteria that it regards as appropriate to the 
selection of common names of fishes. 

Principles Governing Selection 
OF Common Names^ 

1. A single vernacular name shall he accepted 
for each species or taxonomic unit included. — 

' First printed in 1955 (Trans. Am. Fish. Soc, Vol. 84 [1954] 
pp. 368-371). 

In the present fist only two fishes have two 
approved names : redfish and ocean perch for 
Sebastes marinus; cisco and lake herring for 
Coregonus artedii. 

2. No two species on the list shall have the 
same approved name. 

3. The expression ''common" as part of a 
fish's name shall be avoided wherever possible. 

4. Simplicity in names is favored. — Hyphens, 
suffixes, and apostrophes shall be omitted 
(e.g., smallmouth bass) except where they 
are orthographically essential (e.g., three- 
eye flounder), have a special meaning 
(e.g., C-0 sole), or are necessary to avoid 
possible misunderstanding (e.g., cusk-eel). 
Compounded modifying words, including 
paired structures, should usually be treated 
as singular nouns in apposition with a 
group name (e.g., spottail shiner, soupfin 
shark), but a plural modifier should usually 
be placed in adjectival form (e.g., black- 
banded sunfish, spotted hake). Preference 
shall be given to names that are short and 

The compounding of brief, familiar words 
into a single name, written without hyphen, 
may in some cases promote clarity and sim- 
pUcity (e.g., tomcod, goldfish, mudminnow), 
but the wholesale practice of combining 
words, especially those that are lengthy, 
awkward, or unfamiliar, is deplored. 

5. Common names shall not be capitalized in 
text use except for those elements that are 
proper names (e.g., rainbow trout but 
Sacramento perch). 

6. Names intended to honor persons (e.g., 
Allison's tuna, Julia's darter) are not admis- 

7. Only clearly defined and well-marked 
taxonomic entities (usually species) shall be 
assigned common names. — Most subspecies 
are not suitable subjects for common names, 
but those forms that are so different in 
appearance (not just in geographic distribu- 
tion) as to be distinguished readily by sport 
or commercial fishermen or laymen or for 
which a common name constitutes a signifi- 
cant aid in communication may merit sepa- 
rate names. Subspecies have importance in 
evolutionary inquiry but are rarely of 
significance to laymen or in those aspects of 
biological endeavor in which common names 
are of concern. The practice of adding 
geographic modifiers to designate regional 


populations makes for a cumbersome termi- 

8. The common name shall not be intimately 
tied to the scientific name. — Thus the vagaries 
of scientific nomenclature do not entail 
constant changing of common names. The 
practice of applying a name to each genus, 
a modifying name for each species, and still 
another modifier for each subspecies, while 
appeaUng in its simplicity, has the defect of 
inflexibihty. If a fish is transferred from 
genus to genus, or shifted from species to 
subspecies or vice versa, the common name 
should nevertheless remain unaffected. It is 
not a primary function of common names to 
indicate relationship. When two or more 
taxonomic groups (e.g., nominal species) are 
found to be identical, one name shall be 
adopted for the combined group. 

This principle is regarded not only as 
fundamental to the achievement of sta- 
bility, but as essential to the development 
of a true vernacular nomenclature. 

9. Names shall not violate the tenets of good 

The preceding principles are largely in the 
nature of procedural dicta. Those given 
below are criteria that are regarded as aids 
in the selection of suitable names. 

10. Colorful, romantic, fanciful, metaphorical, 
and otherwise distinctive and original names 
are especially appropriate. — Such terminol- 
ogy adds to the richness and breadth of the 
nomenclature and yields a harvest of satis- 
faction to the user. Examples of such names 
include: Dolly Varden, madtom, hogchoker, 
garibaldi, pumpkinseed, flier, angelfish, mid- 
shipman, and chilipepper. 

11. American Indian names are welcome for 
adoption as common names. — Those in cur- 
rent use include muskellunge, eulachon, 
mummichog, chinook, tautog, menhaden, 
and Cisco. 

12. Regardless of origin, truly vernacular 
names that are widespread and in common 
use by the public are to be retained wherever 
possible. — In addition to aboriginal names, 
many now well-known names of American 
fishes have been derived from non-Enghsh- 
speaking fishermen of foreign extraction: 
barracuda, cero, grouper, pompano (Span- 
ish); bocaccio (Italian); capelin, inconnu 
(French). Although too httle genuine origi- 
nality is evident, many excellent names have 

been developed by American immigrants. 
Most of these conform to principles 14 and 
15 below. 

13. Commonly employed names adopted from 
traditional English usage (e.g., cod, pike, 
sole, flounder, bass, perch, chub, minnow) 
may be given considerable latitude in taxono- 
mic placement. — Adherence to customary 
English practice is to be preferred if this 
does not conflict with the broad general use 
of another name. Many English names, 
however, have been applied to similar 
appearing but often distantly related fishes 
in America. We find perch in use for repre- 
sentatives of at least 9 famihes of spiny- 
rayed fishes. Chub appears in such diverse 
groups as the Salmonidae, Cyprinidae, and 
Kyphosidae. The ocean whitefish (Caulola- 
tilus princeps) is not a salmonid and the 
blue pike (Stizostedion vitreum glaucum) is 
remote from the Esocidae, yet each is best 
known to fishermen throughout its range by 
the name indicated. For widely-known 
species the Committee believes it preferable 
to recognize general use than to engage in a 
probably futile effort to gain the general 
adoption of bookish or pedantic substitutes. 
Thus, estabhshed practice should outweigh 
consistency with original English usage. 

14. Structural attributes, including color and 
color pattern, are desirable and are in common 
use in forming womes.— Sailfin, flathead, 
slippery, giant, mottled, copper, tripletail, 
and a multitude of others decorate fish 
names. Efforts should be made to select 
terms that are descriptively accurate, and 
to hold repetition of those most frequently 
employed (e.g., white, black, spotted, 
banded) to a minimum. 

15. Ecological characteristics are useful in 
making good names. — They too should be 
properly descriptive. Terms such as sand, 
rock, lake, riffle, freshwater and mountain 
are well known in fish names. 

16. Geographic distribution provides suitable 
adjectival modifiers. — Poorly descriptive or 
misleading geographic characterizations 
(e.g., Kentucky bass for a wide-ranging 
species) should be corrected unless they are 
too deeply entrenched in current usage. In 
the interest of brevity it is usually possible 
to delete words such as lake, river, or ocean 
in the names of species (e.g., Colorado squaw- 
fish, not Colorado River squawfish). 

17. Generic names may be employed outright 
(e.g., remora) or in modified form (e.g., 


molly, from Mollienesia) as common names. — 
Once adopted such names should be main- 
tained even if the generic name is changed. 
These vernaculars should be written in 
Roman and without capitalization. Brevity 
and euphony are of especial importance for 
names of this type, which will probably be 
adopted most often for aquarium fishes or 
other smaller and little-known kinds that do 
not already have a well-established vernacu- 
lar nomenclature. 

18. The duplication of common names for 
fishes and other organisms should be avoided if 
possible, but names in wide general use need 
not be rejected on this basis alone. — The name 
dolphin is commonly applied to certain 
cetaceans and also to Coryphaena hippurus. 
Similarly, buffalo is employed for various 
artiodactyls and for suckers of the genus 
Ictiobus. On the basis of prevailing use these 
names are admissible as fish names. 

19. Names that appear on official lists of 
names of fishes prepared by other agencies 
shall be preferred. 

Plan of List 

The list is presented as a natural or phy- 
letic sequence of families of fishes, with the 
species of each family alphabetized to ge- 
neric and specific names. In order to facili- 
tate use the three classes of recent fishes 
(Agnatha — jawless fishes, Chondrichthyes — 
cartilaginous fishes, and Osteichthyes — bony 
fishes) and the orders are indicated. For the 
latter, the ordinal names of the Goodrich 
system (formes endings) are given first, fol- 
lowed, in parentheses, by equivalent names 
employed by Regan, Jordan, Romer or 
others. Both common and technical names 
of families (idae endings) are given. Within 
families the sequence is alphabetical to scien- 
tific name; the occasional disadvantage of 
separating closely related forms within a 
family is regarded as more than offset by 
the greater ease in use. 

An innovation in this edition is the inclu- 
sion of authorities for scientific names. These 
are commonly needed by fishery workers, 
who may not have ready access to the 
necessary references. In any event their 
appearance here in a single cover is a great 
convenience. Care has been taken to prevent 
errors in author's names; usage here reflects 
current interpretation of the International 
Rules on Zoological Nomenclature. In line 
with those rules, the author's name(s) fol- 
lows the specific name directly and without 

punctuation if the species, when originally 
described, was assigned to the same genus 
in which it appears here; if the species was 
described in another genus, the author's 
name(s) appears in parentheses. For exam- 
ple, the brook trout was originally named 
Salmo fontinalis bj'' Mitchill ; it appears here 
as Salvelinus fontinalis (Mitchill). 

In preparation of the list hundreds of de- 
cisions had to be made that involved inter- 
pretation of rules of nomenclature, system- 
atic status and limits of species, genera, and 
families, occurrence within the prescribed 
region, and other problems. Four times in 
six years it has been possible for a majority 
of the committee members to gather around 
a table and attack these problems together. 
The resultant interchange of ideas and in- 
formation, extended by circulation of dozens 
of work lists, has made possible striking con- 
cordance on what started as areas of dis- 
agreement. There remain, to be sure, many 
differences of opinion, but there has been a 
broadened area of understanding and a 
spirit of good humor and willingness to 
compromise difficulties. Decisions have been 
made by majority opinion of the Committee. 
Thus, no committee member subscribes to 
all decisions reached. In many places, in- 
formation available to the Committee ex- 
ceeded that in the current literature. In 
general it has been our policy to withhold 
making such changes here, although we have 
made some considered exceptions, especially 
when the new data will appear shortly. 


The main list. Part I, appears on pages 6 
to 50; there follow indices, Part II, to com- 
mon names (pages 51 to 75) and. Part III, 
to scientific names (pages 76 to 102). The 
index to common names gives page refer- 
ences to approved common names of classes, 
famihes, and species. A single entry is in- 
cluded for each species; for example, Salmo 
gairdneri is entered only under "trout, rain- 
bow." In addition to approved names, the 
index includes also other names that are in 
wide use followed by the equivalent ap- 
proved name. There are a great many 
vernacular names of American fishes, and 
extensive search would be necessary to as- 
semble even a large fraction of them. This 
the Committee has not attempted to do, but 
most of the more widely used names are 

The index to scientific names gives page 
references to the names here entered for 


classes, orders, families, genera, and species. 
Each species is entered only under its spe- 
cific name. For example, the bluegill may 
be located under "macrochirus, Lepomis" 
but not under Lepomis niacrochirus, al- 
though an entry for Lepomis directs the 
reader to the proper page. Scientific names 
that are not accepted in this list are excluded 
except for those that appeared in the first 
edition and have since been placed in 


Many persons have contributed to the 
preparation of this report. In addition to the 
present Committee, these include authors of 
the first edition, Walter A. Chute, W. A 
Clemens, John R. Dymond, the late Samuel 
F. Hildebrand, George S. Myers, and Leon- 
ard P. Schultz, and others who served during 
the interim between the two editions, Charles 
M. Breder, Ralph Hile, Raymond E. John- 
son, Frank T. Eaiapp, John C. Marr, Ed- 
ward C. Raney, William E. Ricker, and 
Royal D. Suttkus. Specialists have been 
most generous in their assistance, which is 
much appreciated. Among the many, a few 
may be mentioned for their especial helpful- 
ness: Frederick H. Berry, James E. Bohlke, 
John C. Briggs, Homer Circle, Daniel M. 

Cohen, John E. Fitch, W. I. Follett, Earl 
S. Herald, Carl L. Hubbs, Clark Hubbs, 
William A. Kennedy, A. H. Leim, Gordon 
F. Luce, Jr., William R. Martin, Robert R. 
Miller, George A. Moore, C. Lavett Smith, 
William R. Taylor, Boyd W. Walker, 
Vladimir Walters, and Norman J. \Yi\i- 

In 1951 the American Fisheries Society 
approved a plan whereby the Committee on 
Names of Fishes of that Society would 
serve jointly as a Committee on Common 
Names of Fishes in the American Society of 
Ichthyologists and Herpetologists. The pres- 
ident of the ASIH formally appointed the 
Committee. Since that time this arrange- 
ment has worked smoothly. All personnel 
on the Committee are members of both 
societies and the formulation of this list, it 
is believed, serves common interests. An- 
nual meetings of the ASIH have provided a 
convenient opportunity to assemble the joint 
committee to attack problems in the prepa- 
ration of this list. The plan is mutually ad- 
vantageous, and we hope it may continue. 

We gratefully acknowledge financial as- 
sistance in the publication of this list pro- 
vided by the National Science Foundation. 
(NSF-G 12424). 


Accepted Common Name, Occurrence, and Scientific Name 



Order Myxiniformes (Myxinoidea; Hyperotreti) 

Myxinidae — hagfishes 

Atlantic hagfish A Myxine glutinosa Linnaeus 

Black hagfish P . . Polistotrema deani Evermann and Goldsborough 

Pacific hagfish P Polistotrema stouti (Lockington) 

Order Petromyzontiformes (Petromyzontia ; Hyperoartii) 

Petromyzontidae — lampreys 

Ohio lamprey F Ichthyomyzon hdellium (Jordan) 

Chestnut lamprey F Ichthyomyzon castaneus Girard 

Northern brook lamprey F Ichthyomyzon fossor Reighard and Cummins 

Southern brook lamprey F Ichthyomyzon gagei Hubbs and Trautman 

Allegheny brook lamprey F Ichthyomyzon greeleyi Hubbs and Trautman 

Mountain brook lamprey F Ichthyomyzon hubbsi Raney 

Silver lamprey F .... Ichthyomyzon unicuspis Hubbs and Trautman 

Least brook lamprey F Lampetra aepyptera (Abbott) 

River lamprey P-F Lampetra ayresi (Gunther) 

Arctic lamprey P-F Lampetra japonica (Martens) 

American brook lamprey F Lampetra lamottei (LeSueur) 

Western brook lamprey F Lampetra planeri (Bloch) 

Pacific lamprey P-F Lampetra tridentata (Gairdner) 

Sea lamprey A-F Petromyzon marinus Linnaeus 


Order Squaliformes (Selachii) 

Hexanchidae — cow sharks 

Sixgill shark A-P Hexanchus griseum (Bonnaterre) 

Sevengill shark P Notorynchus maculatus Ayres 

Chlamydoselachidae — frill sharks 
Frill shark P Chlamydoselachus anguineum Garman 

Heterodontidae — horn sharks 
Horn shark P Heterodontus francisci (Girard) 

Carchariidae — sand sharks 
Sand shark A Carcharias taurus Rafinesque 

Lamnidae — mackerel sharks 

Bigeye thresher A Alopias superciliosus (Lowe) 

Thresher shark A-P Alopias vulpinus (Bonnaterre) 

1 a = Atlantic; P = Pacific; F = Freshwater 





White shark A-P Carcharodon carcharias (Linnaeus) 

Basking shark A-P Cetorhinus maximus (Gunnerus) 

Bonito shark P I sums glaucus (Miiller and Henle) 

Make A I sums oxyrinchus Rafinesque 

Salmon shark P Lamna ditropis Hubbs and Follett 

Porbeagle A Lamna nasus (Bonnaterre) 

Orectolobidae — nurse sharks 
Nurse shark A Ginglymostoma cirratum (Bonnaterre) 

Rhincodontidae — whale sharks 
Whale shark A-P Rhincodon typus Smith 

Scyliorhinidae — cat sharks 

Brown cat shark P Apristurus bmnneus (Gilbert) 

Swell shark P Cephaloscy Ilium uier (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Filetail cat shark P Parmatums xaniurus (Gilbert) 

False cat shark A Pseudotriakis microdon Brito Capello 

Chain dogfish A Scyliorhinus retifer (Garman) 

Carcharhinidae — requiem sharks 

Finetooth shark A Aprionodon isodon (Miiller and Henle) 

Blacknose shark A Carcharhinus acronotus (Poey) 

Bignose shark A Carcharhinus altima (Springer) 

Roundnose shark P Carcharhinus azureus (Gilbert and Starks) 

Sickle shark A Carcharhinus falciformis (Miiller and Henle) 

Silky shark A Carcharhinus floridanus Bigelow, 

Schroeder, and Springer 

Bay shark P Carcharhinus lamiella (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Bull shark A Carcharhinus leucas (Miiller and Henle) 

Blacktip shark A Carcharhinus limbatus (Miiller and Henle) 

Whitetip shark A Carcharhinus longimanus (Poey) 

Spinner shark A Carcharhinus maculipinnis (Poey) 

Sandbar shark A Carcharhinus milberti (Miiller and Henle) 

Dusky shark A Carcharhinus obscurus (LeSueur) 

Smalltail shark A Carcharhinus porosus (Ranzani) 

Narrowtooth shark P Carcharhinus remotus (Dumeril) 

Tiger shark A-P Galeocerdo cuvieri (Peron and LeSueur) 

Soupfin shark P Galeorhinus zyoptems Jordan and Gilbert 

Night shark A Hypoprion signatus Poey 

Gray smoothhound P Mustelus californicus Gill 

Smooth dogfish A Mustelus canis (Mitchill) 

Sicklefin smoothhound P Mustelus lunulatus Jordan and Gilbert 

Florida smoothhound A Mustelus norrisi Springer 

Lemon shark A Negaprion hrevirostris (Poey) 

Blue shark A-P Prionace glauca (Linnaeus) 

Pacific sharpnose shark P Scoliodon longurio (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Atlantic sharpnose shark A Scoliodon terraenovae (Richardson) 

Brown smoothhound P Triakis henlei (Gill) 

Leopard shark P Triakis semifasciata Girard 

Sphyrnidae — hammerhead sharks 

Scalloped hammerhead A-P Sphyrna lewini (Griffith) 

Great haimnerhead A Sphyrna mokarran (Riippell) 



Bonnethead A-P Sphyrna tihuro (Linnaeus) 

Smooth hammerhead A-P Sphyrna zygaena (Linnaeus) 

Squalidae — dogfish sharks 

Black dogfish A Centroscyllium fabricii (Reinhardt) 

Kitefin shark A Dalatias licha (Bonnaterre) 

Bramble shark A-P Echinorhinus brucus (Bonnaterre) 

Greenland shark A .... Somniosus microcephalus (Bloch and Schneider) 

Pacific sleeper shark P Somniosus pacificus Bigelow and Schroeder 

Spiny dogfish A-P Squalus acanthias Linnaeus 

Cuban dogfish A Squalus cuhensis Howell Rivero 

Squatinidae — angel sharks 

Pacific angel shark P Squatina calif ornica Ayres 

Atlantic angel shark A Squatina dumerili LeSueur 

Order Rajiformes (Batoidei) 

Pristidae — sawfishes 

Smalltooth sawfish A Pristis pectinatus Latham 

Largetooth sawfish A Pristis perotteti Miiller and Henle 

Rhinobatidae — guitarfishes 

Thornback P .... Platyrhinoidis triseriata (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Atlantic guitarfish A Rhinohatos lentiginosus (Garman) 

Shovelnose guitarfish P Rhinohatos productus (Ayres) 

Banded guitarfish P Zapteryx exasperata (Jordan and Gilbert-) 

Torpedinidae — electric raj'^s 

Lesser electric ray A Narcine hrasiliensis (Olf ers) 

Pacific electric ray P Torpedo calif ornica Ayres 

Atlantic torpedo A Torpedo nobiliana Bonaparte 

Rajidae — skates 

Ocellate skate A Raja ackleyi Garman 

Aleutian skate P Raja aleutica Gilbert 

Big skate P Raja binoculata Girard 

Clearnose skate A Raja eglanteria Bosc 

Little skate A Raja erinacea Mitchill 

Rosette skate A Raja garmani Whitley 

California skate P Raja inornata Jordan and Gilbert 

Bering skate P Raja interrupta Gill and Townsend 

Black skate P Raja kincaidi Garman 

Barndoor skate A Raja laevis Mitchill 

Freckled skate A Raja lentiginosa Bigelow and Schroeder 

Winter skate A Raja ocellata Mitchill 

Spreadfin skate A Raja olseni Bigelow and Schroeder 

Alaska skate P Raja parmifera Bean 

Thorny skate A Raja radiata Donovan 

Longnose skate P Raja rhina Jordan and Gilbert 

Flathead skate P Raja rosispinis Gill and Townsend 

Smooth skate A Raja senta Garman 



Spinytail skate A Raja spinicauda Jensen 

Starry skate P Raja stellulata Jordan and Gilbert 

Roundel skate A Raja texana Chandler 

Roughtail skate P Raja trachura Gilbert 

Dasyatidae — stingrays 

Southern stingray A .... Dasyatis americana Hildebrand and Schroeder 

Roughtail stingray A Dasyatis centroura (Mitchill) 

Diamond stingray P Dasyatis dipterurus (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Atlantic stingray A Dasyatis sabina (LeSueur) 

Bluntnose stingray A Dasyatis sayi (LeSueur) 

Pelagic stingray P Dasyatis violacea (Bonaparte) 

Spiny butterfly ray A Gymnura altavela (Linnaeus) 

California butterfly ray P Gymnura marmorata (Cooper) 

Smooth butterfly ray A Gymnura micrura (Bloch and Schneider) 

Round stingray P Urolophus halleri Cooper 

Yellow stingray A Urolophus jamaicensis (Cuvier) 

Myliobatidae — eagle rays 

Spotted eagle ray A Aetobatus narinari (Euphrasen) 

Bat stingray P Myliobatis calif ornicus Gill 

Bullnose ray A Myliobatis freminvillei LeSueur 

Southern eagle ray A Myliobatis goodei Garman 

Cownose ray A Rhinoptera bonasus (Mitchill) 

Mobulidae — mantas 

Atlantic manta A Manta birostris (Walbaum) 

Pacific manta P Manta hamiltoni (Newman) 

Devil ray A Mobula hypostoma (Bancroft) 

Spinetail mobula P Mobula japanica (MuUer and Henle) 

Smooth tail mobula P Mobula lu^asana Beebe and Tee-Van 

Order Chimaeriformes (Chimaerae) 

Chimaeridae — chimaeras 

Ratfish P Hydrolagus colliei (Lay and Bennett) 


Order Acipenseriformes (Chondrostei) 

Acipenseridae — sturgeons 

Shortnose sturgeon A-F Acipenser brevirostrum LeSueur 

Lake sturgeon F Acipenser fulvescens Rafinesque 

Green sturgeon P-F Acipenser medirostris Ayres 

Atlantic sturgeon A-F Acipenser oxyrhynchus Mitchill 

White sturgeon P-F Acipenser transmontanus Richardson 

Pallid sturgeon F Scaphirhynchus albus (Forbes and Richardson) 

Shovelnose sturgeon F Scaphirhynchus platorynchus (Rafinesque) 

Polyodontidae — paddlefishes 
Paddlefish F Polyodon spathula (Walbaum) 


common name occurrence scientific name 

Order Semionotiformes (Protospondyli and Ginglymodi) 
Lepisosteidae — gars 

Spotted gar F Lepisosteus oculatus (Winchell) 

Longnose gar F Lepisosteus osseus (Linnaeus) 

Shortnose gar F Lepisosteus platostomus Rafinesque 

Florida gar F Lepisosteus platyrhincus DeKay 

Alligator gar F Lepisosteus spatula Lac^pede 

Order Amiiformes (Halecomorphi) 

Amiidae — bowfins 

Bowfm F Amia calva Linnaeus 

Order Cltjpeiformes (Isospondyli) 

Elopidae — tarpons 

Machete P-F Flops affinis Regan 

Ladyfish A Elops saurus Linnaeus 

Tarpon A Megalops atlantica Valenciennes 

Albulidae — bonefishes 
Bonefish A-P Alhula vulpes (Linnaeus) 

Clupeidae — herrings 

Blueback herring A-F Alosa aestivalis (Mitchill) 

Alabama shad A-F Alosa alabamae Jordan and Evermann 

Skipjack herring A-F Alosa chrysochloris (Rafinesque) 

Hickory shad A Alosa mediocris (Mitchill) 

Ohio shad F Alosa ohiensis Evermann 

Alewife A-F Alosa pseudoharengus (Wilson) 

American shad A-F-P Alosa sapidissima (Wilson) 

Fmescale menhaden A Brevoortia gunteri Hildebrand 

Largescale menhaden A Brevoortia patronus Goode 

Yellowfin shad A Brevoortia smithi Hildebrand 

Atlantic menhaden A Brevoortia tyrannus (Latrobe) 

Atlantic herring A Clupea harengus harengus Linnaeus 

Pacific herring P Clupea harengus pallasi Valenciennes 

Gizzard shad A-F Dorosoma cepedianum (LeSueur) 

Threadfin shad A-F Dorosoma petenense (Giinther) 

California round herring P Etrumeus acuminatus Gilbert 

Atlantic round herring A Etrumeus sadina (Mitchill) 

False pilchard A Harengula clupeola Valenciennes 

Redear sardine A Harengula humeralis Cuvier 

Scaled sardine A Harengula pensacolae Goode and Bean 

Flatiron herring P Harengula thrissina (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Dwarf herring A Jenkinsia lamprotaenia (Gosse) 

Pacific thread herring P Opisthonema libertate (Giinther) 

Atlantic thread herring A Opisthonema oglinum (LeSueur) 

Spanish sardine A Sardinella anchovia Valenciennes 

Pacific sardine P Sardinops sagax (Jenyns) 



Engraulidae — anchovies 

Key anchovy A Anchoa cayorum (Fowler) 

Deepbody anchovy P Anchoa compressa (Girard) 

Cuban anchovy A Anchoa cuhana (Poey) 

Slough anchovy P Anchoa delicalissima (Girard) 

New Jersey anchovy A Anchoa duodecim (Cope) 

Striped anchovy A Anchoa hepsetus (Linnaeus) 

Longnose anchovy A Anchoa lamprotaenia Hildebrand 

Dusky anchovy A Anchoa lyolepis (Evermann and Marsh) 

Bay anchovy A Anchoa mitchilli (Valenciennes) 

Silver anchovy A Anchoviella eurystole (Swain and Meek) 

Slim anchovy P Anchoviella miarcha (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Flat anchovy A Anchoviella perfasciata (Poey) 

Anchoveta P Cetengratdis mysticetus (Giinther) 

Northern anchovy P Engraulis mordax Girard 

Salmonidae — trouts, whitefishes, and graylings 

Longjaw cisco F Coregonus^ alpenae (Koelz) 

Cisco or lake herring F Coregonus artedii LeSueur 

Arctic cisco F Coregonus autumnalis (Pallas) 

Lake whitefish A-F Coregonns clupeaformis (Mitchill) 

Bloater F Coregonus hoyi (Gill) 

Deepw^ater cisco F Coregonus johannae (Wagner) 

Kiyi F Coregonus kiyi (Koelz) 

Broad whitefish F Coregonus nasus (Pallas) 

Blackfin cisco F Coregonus nigripinnis (Gill) 

Nipigon cisco F Coregonus nipigon (Koelz) 

Humpback whitefish F Coregonus pidschian (Gmelin) 

Shortnose cisco F Coregonus reighardi (Koelz) 

Least cisco F Coregonus sardinella Valenciennes 

Shortjaw cisco F Coregonus zenithicus (Jordan and Evermann) 

Pink salmon A-F-P Oncorhynchus gorbuscha (Walbaum) 

Chum salmon P-F Oncorhynchus keta (Walbaum) 

Coho salmon A-F-P Oncorhynchus kisutch (Walbaum) 

Sockeye salmon^ P-F Oncorhynchus nerka (Walbaum) 

Chinook salmon P-F Oncorhynchus tshawytscha (Walbaum) 

Bear Lake whitefish F Prosopium ahyssicola (Snyder) 

Pygmy whitefish F . .Prosopium coulteri (Eigenmann and Eigenmann) 

Round whitefish F Prosopium cylindraceum (Pallas) 

Bonneville cisco F Prosopium gemmiferum (Snyder) 

Bonneville whitefish F Prosopium spilonotus (Snyder) 

Mountain whitefish F Prosopium williamsoni (Girard) 

Golden trout F Sahno aguahoniia Jordan 

Cutthroat trout P-F Salmo clarki Richardson 

Rainbow trout^ A-F-P Salmo gairdneri Richardson 

Gila trout F Salmo gilae Miller 

Atlantic salmon^ A-F Salmo salar Linnaeus 

■ The genus Coregonus is here employed to include species referred by some authors to Leucichthys. 
' Lacustrine sockeye salmon stocks are known as kokanee. 

' Rainbow trout are commonly called steelhead trout when they enter or return from the sea and large inland lakes. 
* Lake populations of Atlantic salmon are variously known as ouananiche, lake Atlantic salmon, landlocked salmon, and Sebago 



Brown trout A-F Salmo trutta Linnaeus 

Arctic char^ A-F-P Salvelinus alyinus (Linnaeus) 

Brook trout A-F Salvelinus fontinalis (Mitchill) 

Dolly Varden P-F Salvelinus malma (Walbaum) 

Lake trout F Salvelinus namaycush (Walbaum) 

Inconnu F Stenodus leucichthys (Giildenstadt) 

Arctic grayling F Thymallus arcticus (Pallas) 

Osmeridae — smelts 

Whitebait smelt P Allosmerus elongatus (Ayres) 

Pond smelt P-F Hypomesus olidus (Pallas) 

Surf smelt P-F Hypomesus pretiosus (Girard) 

Capelin A-P Mallotus villosus (Miiller) 

Arctic smelt P-F Osmerus dentex Steindachner 

American smelt A-F Osmerus mordax (Mitchill) 

Longfin smelt P-F Spirinchus dilatus Schultz and Chapman 

Night smelt P Spirinchus starksi (Fisk) 

Sacramento smelt P-F Spirinchus thaleichthys (Ayres) 

Eulachon P-F Thaleichthys pacificus (Richardson) 

Argentinidae — argentines 

Pacific argentme P •■ Argentina sialis Gilbert 

Atlantic argentine A Argentina silus Ascanius 

Bathylagidae^ — deepsea smelts 
California smoothtongue P Leuroglossus stilhius Gilbert 

Opisthoproctidae' — barreleyes 
Barreleye P Macropinna microstoma Chapman 

Hiodontidae — mooneyes 

Goldeye F Hiodon alosoides (Rafinesque) 

Mooneye F Hiodon tergisus LeSueur 

Umbridae — mudminnows 

Alaska blackfish F Dallia pectoralis Bean 

Olympic mudminnow F Novumbra huhhsi Schultz 

Central mudminnow F Umbra limi (Kirtland) 

Eastern mudminnow F Umbra pygmaea (DeKay) 

Esocidae — pikes 

Redfin pickerel F Esox americanus americanus Gmelin 

Grass pickerel F Esox americanus vermiculatus LeSueur 

Chain pickerel F Esox niger LeSueur 

Northern pike F Esox lucius Linnaeus 

Muskellunge* F Esox masquinongy Mitchill 

' Sunapee trout, blueback trout, and Quebec red trout are regarded by some authors as species distinct from the Arctic char. 
2 Most deepsea smelts are bathyf>elaKic; few enter water less than 100 fathoms deep. 

• Bathypelagic fishes of which one siMScies has been recorded as a straggler in our area. 

* Spelled maakinonge in Ontario and Quebec. 


common name occurrence scientific name 

Order Myctophiformes (Iniomi) 

Synodontidae — lizardfishes 

Largescale lizardfish A Saurida hrasiliensis Norman 

Smallscale lizardfish A Saurida caribbaea Breder 

Shortjaw lizardfish A Saurida normani Longley 

Inshore lizardfish A Synodus foetens (Linnaeus) 

Sand diver A Synodus intermedius (Agassiz) 

California lizardfish P Synodus lucioceps (Ayres) 

Offshore lizardfish A Synodus poeyi Jordan 

Red Hzardfish A Synodus synodus (Linnaeus) 

Snakefish A Trachinocephalus myops (Forster) 

Scopelarchidae — pearleyes 
Northern pearleye P Neoscopelarchoides dentatus Chapman 

Myctophidae — lanternfishes 

The many species of lanternfishes are chiefly bathypelagic, but occasional stragglers are 
found over the continental shelf. 

Alepisauridae — lancetfishes 

Longnose lancetfish A Alepisaurus ferox Lowe 

Pacific lancetfish P Alepisaurus richardsoni Bleeker 

Order Cypriniformes (Ostariophysi) 

Characidae — characins and tetras 

Mexican tetra F Astyanax mexicanus (Filippi) 

Cyprinidae — minnows and carps 

Chiselmouth F Acrocheilus alutaceus Agassiz and Pickering 

Longfin dace F Agosia chrysogaster Girard 

Stoneroller F Campostoma anomalum (Rafinesque) 

Mexican stoneroller F Campostoma omatum Girard 

Goldfish F Carassius auratus (Linnaeus) 

Northern redbelly dace F Chrosomus eos Cope 

Southern redbelly dace F Chrosomus erythrogaster (Rafinesque) 

Finescale dace F Chrosomus neogaeus (Cope) 

Mountain redbelly dace F Chrosomus oreas Cope 

Redside dace F Clinostomus elongatus (Kirtland) 

Rosyside dace F Clinostomus funduloides Girard 

Carp F Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus 

Devils River minnow F Dionda diaboli Hubbs and Brown 

Roundnose minnow F Dionda episcopa Girard 

Ozark minnow F Dionda nubila (Forbes) 

Desert dace F Eremichthys acros Hubbs and Miller 

Silverjaw minnow F Ericymba buccata Cope 

Cutlips minnow F Exoglossum maxillingua (LeSueur) 

Utah chub F Gila atraria (Girard) 

Blue chub F Gila bicolor (Girard) 

Thicktail chub F Gila crassicavda (Baird and Girard) 

Hum^pback chub F Gila cypha Miller 



Sonera chub F Gila ditaenia Miller 

Rio Grande chub F Gila nigrescens (Girard) 

Arroyo chub F Gila orcutti (Eigenmann and Eigenmann) 

Yaqui chub F Gila purpurea (Girard) 

Bonytail F Gila robusta Baird and Girard 

Flame chub F Hemitremia flammea (Jordan and Gilbert) 

California roach F .... Hesperoleucus symmetricus (Baird and Girard) 

Brassy minnow F Hybognathus hankinsoni Hubbs 

Cypress minnow F Hybognathus hayi Jordan 

Silvery minnow F Hybognathus nuchalis Agassiz 

Speckled chub F Hybopsis^ aestivalis (Girard) 

Bigeye chub F Hybopsis amblops (Rafinesque) 

Alabama chub F Hijbopsis bellica (Girard) 

Hornyhead chub F Hybopsis biguttata (Kirtland) 

Slender chub F Hybopsis cahni Hubbs and Crowe 

Oregon chub F Hybopsis crameri Snyder 

Streamline chub F Hybopsis dissimilis (Kirtland) 

Sturgeon chub F Hybopsis gelida (Girard) 

Flathead chub F Hybopsis gracilis (Richardson) 

Redeye chub F Hybopsis harperi (Fowler) 

Highback chub F Hybopsis hypsinotus (Cope) 

Blotched chub F Hybopsis insignis Hubbs and Crowe 

Thicklip chub F Hybopsis labrosa (Cope) 

Bluehead chub F Hybopsis leptocephala (Girard) 

Sicklefin chub F Hybopsis meeki Jordan and Evermann 

River chub F Hybopsis micropogon (Cope) 

Spotfin chub F Hijbopsis mo7iacha (Cope) 

Lake chub F Hybopsis plumbea (Agassiz) 

Rosyf ace chub F Hybopsis rubrifrons (Jordan) 

Silver chub F Hybopsis storeriana (Kirtland) 

Gravel chub F Hybopsis x-punctata Hubbs and Crowe 

Least chub F lotichthys phlegethontis (Cope) 

Hitch F Lavinia exilicauda Baird and Girard 

Little Colorado spinedace F Lepidomeda vittata Cope 

Spikedace F Meda fulgida Girard 

Moapa dace F Moapa coriacea Hubbs and Miller 

Peamouth F Mylocheilus caurinus (Richardson) 

Hardhead F ... Mylopharodon conocephalus (Baird and Girard) 

Golden shiner F Notemigonus crysoleucas (Mitchill) 

White shiner F Notropis albeolus Jordan 

Whitemouth shiner F Notropis alborus Hubbs and Raney 

Highfin shiner F Notropis altipinnis (Cope) 

Texas shiner F Notropis amabilis (Girard) 

Pallid shiner F Notropis amnis Hubbs and Greene 

Comely shiner F Notropis amoenus (Abbott) 

Satinfiii shiner F Notropis analostanus (Girard) 

Pugnose shiner F Notropis anogenus Forbes 

Rosefin shiner ... F Notropis ardens (Cope) 

Popeye shiner F Notropis ariommus (Cope) 

Burrhead shiner F Notropis asperifrons Suttkus and Raney 

Emerald shiner F Notropis atherinoides Rafinesque 

' The genus Hybopsis is here employed to include species referred by some authors to Couesius, Erimystax, Extrarius, Macrhybopsia, 
Nocomis, Oregonichthys, and Platygobio. 






Blackspot shiner F 

Rough shiner F 

Red River shiner F 

Pretty shiner F 

Bridle shiner F 

River shiner F 

Bigeye shiner F 

TamauHpas shiner F 

Brazos shiner F 

Smalleye shiner F 

Ghost shiner F 

Blue shiner F 

Ocmulgee shiner F 

Alabama shiner F 

Bluestripe shiner F 

Bluntface shiner F 

Crescent shiner F 

Ironcolor shiner F 

Chihuahua shiner F 

Redlip shiner F 

Greenfin shiner F 

Greenhead shiner F 

Rainbow shiner F 

Warpaint shiner F 

Common shiner F 

Dusky shiner F 

Bigmouth shiner F 

Broadstripe shiner F 

Ribbon shiner F 

Whitetail shiner F 

Arkansas River shiner F 

Wedgespot shiner F 

Blackchin shiner F 

Blacknose shiner F 

Spottail shiner F 

Sailfin shiner F 

Highscale shiner F 

Silverband shiner F 

Rio Grande shiner F 

Ohoopee shiner F 

Plateau shiner F 

Tennessee shiner F 

Mountain shiner F 

Longnose shiner F 

Yellowfin shiner F 

Red shiner F 

Taillight shiner F 

Pinewoods shiner F 

Whitefin shiner F 

Kiamichi shiner F 

Sharpnose shiner F 

Ozark shiner F 

Plains shiner F 

Colorless shiner F 

Notropis atrocaudalis Evermann 

Notropis haileyi Suttkus and Raney 

Notropis bairdi Hubbs and Ortenburger 

Notropis bellus (Hay) 

Notropis bifrenatus (Cope) 

Notropis blennius (Girard) 

Notropis boops Gilbert 

Notropis braytoni Jordan and Evermann 

Notropis brazosensis Hubbs and Bonham 

Notropis biiccula Cross 

Notropis buchanani Meek 

Notropis caeruleus (Jordan) 

Notropis callisema (Jordan) 

Notropis callistius (Jordan) 

Notropis callitaenia Bailey and Gibbs 

Notropis camurus (Jordan and Meek) 

Notropis cerasinus (Cope) 

Notropis chalybaeus (Cope) 

Notropis chihuahua Woolman 

Notropis chiliticus (Cope) 

Notropis chloristius (Jordan and Bray ton) 

Notropis chlorocephalus (Cope) 

Notropis chrosomus (Jordan) 

Notropis coccogenis (Cope) 

Notropis cornutus (Mitchill) 

Notropis cummingsae Myers 

Notropis dorsalis (Agassiz) 

Notropis euryzonus Suttkus 

Notropis fumeus Evermann 

Notropis galacturus (Cope) 

Notropis girardi Hubbs and Ortenburger 

Notropis greenei Hubbs and Ortenburger 

Notropis heterodon (Cope) 

Notropis heterolepis Eigenmann and Eigenmann 
Notropis hudsonius (Clinton) 

Notropis hypselopterus (Giinther) 

Notropis hypsilepis Suttkus and Raney 

Notropis illecebrosus (Girard) 

Notropis jemezanus (Cope) 

Notropis leedsi Fowler 

Notropis lepidus (Girard) 

Notropis leuciodus (Cope) 

Notropis lirus (Jordan) 

Notropis longirostris (Hay) 

Notropis lutipinnis (Jordan and Brayton) 

Notropis lutrensis (Baird and Girard) 

Notropis maculatus (Hay) 

Notropis matutinus (Cope) 

Notropis niveus (Cope) 

Notropis ortenburgeri Hubbs 

Notropis oxyrhynchus Hubbs and Bonham 

Notropis ozarcanus Meek 

Notropis percobromus (Cope) 

Notropis perpallidus Hubbs and Black 






Coastal shiner 

Silver shiner 

Chub shiner 

Swallowtail shiner .... 

Proserpine shiner 

Fieryblack shiner .... 

Cherryfin shiner 

Rosyface shiner 

Saffron shiner 

Sabine shiner 

New River shiner .... 

Sandbar shiner 

Flagfin shiner 

Bluntnose shiner 

Mirror shiner 

Spotfin shiner 

Silverstripe shiner .... 

Sand shiner 

Weed shiner 

Topeka shiner 

Tricolor shiner 

Redfin shiner 

Stargazing shiner 

Blacktail shiner 

Mimic shiner 

Bluenose shiner 

Steelcolor shiner 

Coosa shiner 

Altamaha shiner 

Bleeding shiner 

Bandfin shiner 

Pugnose minnow 

Sacramento blackfish. 
Tonguetied minnow . . 

Riffle minnow 

Suckermouth minnow. 
Kanawha minnow .... 
Stargazing minnow . . . 
Bluntnose minnow . . . 

Fathead minnow 

Slim minnow 

Bullhead minnow .... 



Sacramento squawfish 
Colorado squawfish . . . 
Northern squawfish . . 
Umpqua squawfish. . . 

Blacknose dace 

Longnose dace 

Umpqua dace 

Leopard dace 

Speckled dace 


F Notropis peter soni Fowler 

F Notropis photogenis (Cope) 

F Notropis potteri Hubbs and Bonham 

F Notropis procne (Cope) 

F Notropis proserpinus (Girard) 

F Notropis pyrrhomelas (Cope) 

F Notropis roseipinnis (Hay) 

F Notropis rubellus (Agassiz) 

F Notropis rubricroceus (Cope) 

F Notropis sabinae Jordan and Gilbert 

F Notropis scahriceps (Cope) 

F Notropis scepticus (Jordan and Gilbert) 

F Notropis signipinnis Bailey and Suttkus 

F Notropis simus (Cope) 

F Notropis spectrunculus (Cope) 

F Notropis spilopterus (Cope) 

F Notropis stilbius (Jordan) 

F Notropis stramineus (Cope) 

F Notropis texanus (Girard) 

F Notropis topeka Gilbert 

F Notropis trichroistius (Jordan and Gilbert) 

F Notropis umbratilis (Girard) 

F Notropis uranoscopus Suttkus 

F Notropis venustus (Girard) 

F Notropis volucellus (Cope) 

F Notropis welaka Evermann and Kendall 

F Notropis whipplei (Girard) 

F Notropis xaenocephalus (Jordan) 

F Notropis xaenurus (Jordan) 

F Notropis zonatus (Agassiz) 

F Notropis zonistius (Jordan) 

F Opsopoeodus emiliae Hay 

F Orthodon microlepidotus (Ayres) 

F Parexoglossum laurae Hubbs 

F Phenacobius catostomus Jordan 

F Phenacobius mirabilis (Girard) 

F Phenacobius teretulus Cope 

F Phenacobius uranops Cope 

F Pimephales notatus (Rafinesque) 

F Pimephales promelas Rafinesque 

F Pimephales tenellus (Girard) 

F Pimephales vigilax (Baird and Girard) 

F Plagopterus argentissimus Cope 

F Pogonichthys macrolepidotus (Ayres) 

F Ptychocheilus grandis (Ayres) 

F Ptychocheilus lucius Girard 

F Ptychocheilus oregonensis (Richardson) 

F Ptychocheilus umpquae Snyder 

F Rhinichthys atratulus (Hermann) 

F Rhinichthys cataractae (Valenciennes) 

F Rhinichthys evermanni Snyder 

F . Rhinichthys falcatus (Eigenmann and Eigenmann) 

F Rhinichthys osculus (Girard) 

F Rhodeus sericeus (Pallas) 






Redside shiner 

Lahontan redside 


Creek chub 


Pearl dace 

Tui chub 

Mohave chub 

Leatherside chub 

Loach minnow 


River carpsucker 


Plains carpsucker 

Highfin carpsucker 

Utah sucker 

Longnose sucker 

Bridgelip sucker 

White sucker 

Webug sucker 

Sonora sucker . 

Flannelmouth sucker 

Lost River sucker 

Largescale sucker 

Modoc sucker 

Sacramento sucker 

Klamath smallscale sucker 
Klamath largescale sucker. 

Tahoe sucker 

Warner sucker 

Shortnose sucker 


June sucker 

Blue sucker 

Creek chubsucker 

Lake chubsucker 

Sharpfin chubsucker 

Alabama hog sucker 

Northern hog sucker 

Roanoke hog sucker 

Smallmouth buffalo 

Bigmouth buffalo 

Black buffalo 

Harelip sucker 

Spotted sucker 

Silver redhorse 

Bigeye jumprock 

Blackfin sucker 

F Richardsonius balteatus (Richardson) 

F Richardsonius egregius (Girard) 

F Scardinius erythrophthalmus (Linnaeus) 

F Semotilus atromaculaius (Mitchill) 

F Semotilus corporalis (Mitchill) 

F Semotilus marganta (Cope) 

F Siphateles bicolor (Girard) 

F Siphateles mohavensis Snyder 

F Snyderichthys copei (Jordan and Gilbert) 

F Tiaroga cobitis Girard 

F Tinea tinea (Linnaeus) 

Catostomidae — suckers 

F Carpiodes carpio (Rafinesque) 

F Carpiodes cyprinus (LeSueur) 

F Carpiodes forbesi Hubbs 

F Carpiodes velifer (Rafinesque) 

F Catostomus ardens Jordan and Gilbert 

F Catostomus catostomus (Forster) 

F Catostomus columbianus 

(Eigenmann and Eigenmann) 

F Catostomus commersoni (LacepMe) 

F Catostomus fecundus Cope and Yarrow 

F Catostomus insignis Baird and Girard 

F Catostomus latipinnis Baird and Girard 

F Catostomus luxatus (Cope) 

F Catostomus macrocheilus Girard 

F Catostomus microps Rutter 

F Catostomus occidentalis Ayres 

F Catostomus rimiculus Gilbert and Snyder 

F Catostomus snyderi Gilbert 

F Catostomus tahoensis Gill and Jordan 

F Catostomus warnerensis Snyder 

F Chasmistes brevirostris Cope 

F Chasmistes cujus Cope 

F Chasmistes liorus Jordan 

F Cycleptus elongatus (LeSueur) 

F Erimyzon oblongus (Mitchill) 

F Erimyzon sucetta (Lacepede) 

F Erimyzon tenuis (Agassiz) 

F Hypentelium etowanum (Jordan) 

F Hypentelium nigricans (LeSueur) 

F Hypentelium roanokense Raney and Lachner 

F Ictiobus bubalus (Rafinesque) 

F Ictiobus cyprinellus (Valenciennes) 

F Ictiobus niger (Rafinesque) 

F Lagochila lacera Jordan and Brayton 

F Minytrema melanops (Rafinesque) 

F Moxostoma anisurum (Rafinesque) 

F Moxostoma ariommum Robins and Raney 

F Moxostoma atripinne Bailey 

' Pronounced kwe^-wee. 






Shorthead redhorse ... 

River redhorse 

Black jumprock 

V-lip redhorse 

Gray redhorse 

CaroUna redhorse .... 

Black redhorse 

Golden redhorse 

Rustyside sucker 

Copper redhorse 

Greater jumprock 

Neuse redhorse 

Northern redhorse 

Suckermouth redhorse . 
Blacktail redhorse . . . . , 

Torrent sucker 

Smallfin redhorse 

Striped jumprock 

Greater redhorse 

Gila sucker 

Bluehead sucker 

White River sucker 

Mountain sucker 

Rio Grande sucker . . . . 

Lahontan sucker 

Santa Ana sucker 

Green sucker 

Humpback sucker 

F Moxostoma breviceps (Cope) 

F Moxostoma carinatum (Cope) 

F Moxostoma cervinum (Cope) 

F Moxostoma collapsum (Cope) 

F Moxostoma congestum (Baird and Girard) 

F Moxostoma coregonus (Cope) 

F Moxostoma duquesnei (LeSueur) 

F Moxostoma erythrurum (Rafinesque) 

F Moxostoma hamiltoni (Raney and Lachner) 

F Moxostoma huhhsi Legendre 

F Moxostoma lachneri Robins and Raney 

F Moxostoma lachrymale (Cope) 

F Moxostoma macrolepidotum (LeSueur) 

F Moxostoma pappillosum (Cope) 

F Moxostoma poecilurum (Jordan) 

F Moxostoma rhothoecum (Thoburn) 

F Moxostoma robustum (Cope) 

F Moxostoma rupiscartes Jordan and Jenkins 

F Moxostoma valenciennesi Jordan 

F Pantosteus clarki (Baird and Girard) 

F Pantosteus delphinus (Cope) 

F Pantosteus intermedius (Tanner) 

F Pantosteus platyrhynchus (Cope) 

F Pantosteus plebeius (Baird and Girard) 

F Pantosteus lahontan Rutter 

F Pantosteus santaanae Snyder 

F Pantosteus virescens Cope 

F Xyrau^hen texanus (Abbott) 

Cobitidae — loaches 

Oriental weatherfish F 

. Misgurnus anguillicaudatus (Cantor) 

Gafftopsail catfish. 
Sea catfish 

Ariidae — sea catfishes 

A Bagre marinus (Mitchill) 

A Galeichthys felis (Linnaeus) 

White catfish 

Blue catfish 

Headwater catfish . 

Black bullhead 

Yellow bullhead . . . 
Brown bullhead ... 

Flat bullhead 

Yaqui catfish 

Channel catfish . . . 
Mountain madtom 
Slender madtom . . 


Black madtom .... 
Carolina madtom . . 
Orangefin madtom . 
Tadpole madtom . . 

Ictaluridae — freshwater catfishes 

F Idalurus catus (Linnaeus) 

F Ictalurus furcatus (LeSueur) 

F Ictalurus lupus (Girard) 

F Ictalurus melas (Rafinesque) 

F Ictalurus natalis (LeSueur) 

F Ictalurus nebulosus (LeSueur) 

F Ictalurus platycephalus (Girard) 

F Ictalurus pricei (Rutter) 

F Ictalurus punctatus (Rafinesque) 

F Noturus eleutherus Jordan 

F Noturus exilis Nelson 

F Noturus flavus Rafinesque 

F Noturus funebris Gilbert and Swain 

F Noturus furiosus Jordan and Meek 

F Noturus gilberti Jordan and Evermann 

F Noturus gyrinus (Mitchill) 



Least madtom F Noturus hildehrandi (Bailey and Taylor) 

Margined madtom F Noturus insignis (Richardson) 

Speckled madtom F Noturus leptacanthus Jordan 

Brindled madtom F Noturus miurus Jordan 

Freckled madtom F Noturus nocturnus Jordan and Gilbert 

Flathead catfish F Pylodictis olivaris (Rafinesque) 

Widemouth blindcat F Satan eurystomus Hubbs and Bailey 

Toothless blindcat F Trogloglanis pattersoni Eigenmann 

Order Anguilliformes (Apodes) 

Anguillidae — freshwater eels 

American eel A-F Anguilla rostrata (LeSueur) 

Muraenidae— morays 

Pygmy moray A Anarchias yoshiae Kanazawa 

Chain moray A Echidna catenata (Bloch) 

Viper moray A Enchelycore nigricans (Bonnaterre) 

Green moray A Gymnothnrax funebris Ranzani 

California moray P Gymnothorax mordax (Ayres) 

Spotted moray A Gymnothorax moringa (Cuvier) 

Blackedge moray A Gymnothorax nigronmrginatus (Girard) 

Purplemoiith moray A Gymnothorax vicinus (Castelnau) 

Golden tail mora}/- A Muraena milians (Kaup) 

Reticulate moray A Muraena retifera Goode and Bean 

Nemichthyidae — snipe eels 

Fishes of this family inhabit the deep seas and thus are not members of the fauna covered 
in this list. 

Congridae — conger eels 

Bandtooth conger A Ariosoma impressa (Poey) 

Margintail conger A Conger caudilimhatus (Poey) 

Conger eel A Conger oceanicus (Mitchill) 

Manytooth conger A Conger triporiceps Kanazawa 

Yellow conger A Congrina flava (Goode and Bean) 

Whiptail conger A Congrina gracilior Ginsburg 

Silver conger A Hoplunnis macrurus Ginsburg 

Slender pike eel A Neoconger mucronatus Girard 

Catalina conger P Rhynchocymha catalinensis Wade 

Ophichthidae — snake eels 

Key worm eel A A hlia egmontis (Jordan) 

Whip eel A Bascanichthys scuticaris (Goode and Bean) 

Sooty eel A Bascanichthys teres (Goode and Bean) 

Surf eel A Caecula conklini (Eigenmann) 

Blotched snake eel A Callechelys muraena Jordan and Evermann 

Shorttail snake eel A Callechelys perryae Storey 

Ridgefin eel A Cryptopterygium holochroma Ginsburg 

Horsehair eel A Gordiichthys irretitus Jordan and Davis 

Thread eel A Gordiichthys springeri Ginsburg 

California worm eel P Hesperomyrus fryi Myers and Storey 

Sailfin eel A Letharchus velifer Goode and Bean 

Sharptail eel A Myrichthys acuminatus (Gronow) 



Goldspotted eel A Myrichthys oculatus (Kaup) 

Tiger snake eel P Myrichthys tigrinus Girard 

Speckled worm eel A Myrophis punctatus Liitken 

Spotted spoon-nose eel A Mystriophis intertinctus (Richardson) 

Snapper eel A Mystriophis mordax (Poey) 

Stippled spoon-nose eel A Mystriophis punctifer (Kaup) 

Shrimp eel A Ophichthus gomesi (Castelnau) 

Palespotted eel A Ophichthus ocellatus (LeSueur) 

Spotted snake eel A Ophichthus ophis (Linnaeus) 

Pacific snake eel P Ophichthus triserialis (Kaup) 

Yellow snake eel P Ophichthus zophochir (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Finless eel A Verma kendalli (Gilbert) 

Dysommidae — mustard eels 
Mustard eel A Dysomma aphododera Ginsburg 

Order Notacanthiformes (Heteromi) 

Notacanthidae — spiny eels 

Spiny eel A Notacanthus nasus Bloch 

Order Beloniformes (Synentognathi) 

Scomberesocidae — sauries 

Pacific saury P Cololabis saira (Brevoort) 

Atlantic saury A Scomberesox saurus (Walbaum) 

Belonidae — needlefishes 

Flat needlefish A Ahlennes Mans (Valenciennes) 

Agujon A Strongylura acus (Lacep^de) 

Cahfornia needlefish P Strongylura exilis (Girard) 

Atlantic needlefish A Strongylura marina (Walbaum) 

Redfin needlefish A Strongylura notata (Poey) 

Houndfish A Strongylura raphidoma (Ranzani) 

Timucu A Strongylura timucu (Walbaum) 

Hemiramphidae — halfbeaks 

Hardhead half beak A Chriodorus atherinoides Goode and Bean 

Flying half beak A Euleptorhamphus velox Poey 

Ribbon half beak P Euleptorhamphus viridis (van Hasselt) 

Balao A Hemiramphus halao LeSueur 

Ballyhoo A Hemiramphus brasiliensis (Linnaeus) 

Longfin half beak P Hemiramphus saltator Gilbert and Starks 

California half beak P Hyporhamphus rosae (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Half beak A-P Hyporhamphus unifasciatus (Ranzani) 

Exocoetidae — flyingfishes 

California flyingfish P Cypselurus calif ornicus (Cooper) 

Clearwing flyingfish A Cypselurus comatus (Mitchill) 

Margined flyingfish A Cypselurus cyanopterus (Valenciennes) 

Bandwing flyingfish A Cypselurus exsiliens (Linnaeus) 

Spotfin flyingfish A Cypselurus furcatus (Mitchill) 

Atlantic flyingfish A Cypselurus heterurus (Rafinesque) 



Oceanic two-wing flyingfish A Exocoetus ohtusirostris Giinther 

Tropical two-wing flyingfish A Exocoetus volitans Linnaeus 

Sharpchin flyingfish P Fodiator acutus (Valenciennes) 

Fourwing flyingfish A Hirundichthys affinis (Giinther) 

Smallwing flyingfish A Oxyporhamphus micropterus (Valenciennes) 

Sailfin flyingfish A Par exocoetus brachypterus (Richardson) 

Bluntnose flyingfish A Prognichthys gibbifrons (Valenciennes) 

Blackwing flyingfish P Prognichthys rondeleti (Valenciennes) 

Order Cyprinodontiformes (Microcyprini) 

Cyprinodontidae — kiUifishes 

Diamond killifish A Adinia xenica (Jordan and Gilbert) 

White River killifish F Crenichthys baileyi (Gilbert) 

Railroad Valley killifish F Crenichthys nevadae Hubbs 

Leon Springs pupfish F Cyprinodon bovinus Baird and Girard 

Devils Hole pupfish F Cyprinodon diabolis Wales 

Comanche Springs pupfish F Cyprinodon elegans Baird and Girard 

Lake Eustis minnow F Cyprinodon hubbsi Carr 

Desert pupfish F Cyprinodon macularius Baird and Girard 

Nevada pupfish F Cyprinodon nevadensis 

Eigenmann and Eigenmann 

Owens River pupfish F Cyprinodon radiosiis Miller 

Red River pupfish F Cyprinodon rubrofluviatilis I^'owler 

Salt Creek pupfish F Cyprinodon salinus Miller 

Sheepshead minnow A-F Cyprinodon variegaius LacepMe 

Pahrump killifish F Empetrichthys latos Miller 

Ash Meadow^s killifish F Empetrichthys merriami Gilbert 

Goldspotted killifish A Floridichthys carpio (Giinther) 

Whiteline topminnow F Fundulus albolineatus Gilbert 

Northern studfish F Fundulus catenatus (Storer) 

Golden topminnow F Fundidus chrysotus (Giinther) 

Banded topminnow F Fundulus cingulatus Valenciennes 

Marsh killifish A-F Fundulus confluentus Goode and Bean 

Banded killifish F Fundulus diaphanus (LeSueur) 

Gulf killifish A Fundulus grandis Baird and Girard 

Mummichog A-F Fundulus heteroclitus (Linnaeus) 

Saltmarsh topminnow A-F Fundulus jenkinsi (Evermann) 

Plains killifish F Fundidus kansae Garman 

Spotfin killifish A Fundulus liwiae (Baird) 

Striped killifish A Fundulus majalis (Walbaum) 

Blackstripe topminnow F Fundulus notatus (Rafiiiesque) 

Starhead topminnow F Fundulus notti (Agassiz) 

Blackspotted topminnow F Fundulus olivaceus (Storer) 

California killifish P-F Fundulus parvipinnis Girard 

Bayou killifish A-F Fundulus pulvereus (Evermann) 

Speckled killifish F Fundulus rathbuni Jordan and Meek 

Plains topminnow F Fundulus sciadicus Cope 

Seminole killifish F Fundulus seminolis Girard 

Longnose killifish A Fundulus similis (Baird and Girard) 

Southern studfish F Fundulus stellifer (Jordan) 

Waccamaw killifish F Fundulus waccamensis Hubbs and Raney 

Rio Grande killifish F Fundulus zebrinus Jordan and Gilbert 

Flagfish F Jordanella floridae Goode and Bean 



Pygmy killifish F Leptolucania ommaia (Jordan) 

Bluefin killifish F Lucania goodei Jordan 

Rainwater killifish A-F Lucania parva (Baird and Girard) 

Rivulus F Rivulus marmoratus Foey 

Poeciliidae — livebearers 

Mosquitofish A-F Gambusia affinis (Baird and Girard) 

Big Bend gambusia F Gambusia gaigei Hubbs 

Largespring gambusia F Gambusia geiseri Hubbs and Hubbs 

Clear Creek gambusia F Gambusia heterochir Hubbs 

Pecos gambusia F Gambusia nobilis (Baird and Girard) 

Blotched gambusia F Gambusia senilis Girard 

Least killifish F Heterandria formosa Agassiz 

Amazon molly F Mollienesia formosa (Girard) 

Sailfin molly A-F Mollienesia latipinna LeSueur 

Gila topminnow F Poeciliopsis occidentalis (Baird and Girard) 

Amblyopsidae — cavefishes 

Ozark cavefish F Amblyopsis rosae (Eigenmann) 

Northern cavefish F Amblyopsis spelaea DeKay 

Spring cavefish F Chologaster agassizi Putnam 

Swampfish F Chologaster cornuta Agassiz 

Southern cavefish F Typhlichthys subterraneus Girard 

Order Gadiformes (Anacanthini) 

Gadidae — codfishes and hakes 

Polar cod A Arctogadus glacialis (Peters) 

Arctic cod A-P Boreogadus saida (Lepechin) 

Cusk A Brosme brosme (Miiller) 

Saffron cod P Eleginus gracilis (Tilesius) 

Fourbeard rockUng A Enchelyopus cimbrius (Linnaeus) 

Pacific cod P Godus macrocephalus Tilesius 

Atlantic cod A Gadus morhua Linnaeus 

Greenland cod A Gadus ogac Richardson 

Burbot F Lota lota (Linnaeus) 

Haddock A Melanogrammus aeglefinus (Linnaeus) 

Silver hake A Merlu£cius bilinearis (Mitchill) 

Pacific hake P Merlu^cius productus (Ayres) 

Pacific tomcod P Microgadus proximus (Girard) 

Atlantic tomcod A Microgadus tomcod (Walbaum) 

Longfin hake A Phycis chesteri Goode and Bean 

Pollock A Pollachius virens (Linnaeus) 

Walleye pollock P Theragra chalcogrammus (Pallas) 

Squirrel hake A Urophycis chuss (Walbaum) 

Gulf hake A Urophycis cirratus (Goode and Bean) 

Carolina hake A Urophycis earlli Bean 

Southern hake A Urophycis floridanus (Bean and Dresel) 

Spotted hake A Urophycis regius (Walbaum) 

White hake A Urophycis tenuis (Mitchill) 

Macrouridae — grenadiers^ 
Marlin-spike A Nezumia bairdi (Goode and Bean) 

> Most grenadiers, or rat-taila, live in deep water, but one species is found in Atlantic shore waters. 


common name occurrence scientific name 

Order Gasterosteiformes (Thoracostei + Hemibil\nchii + Lophobranchii + 


Gasterosteidae — sticklebacks 

Fourspine stickleback A-F Apeltes quadracus (Mitchill) 

Brook stickleback F Eucalia inconstans (Kirtland) 

Threespine stickleback A-F-P Gasterosteus aculeatus Linnaeus 

Twospine stickleback A Gasterosteus wheatlandi Putnam 

Ninespine stickleback A-F Pungitius pungitius (Linnaeus) 

Aulorhyn chidae — tube-snou ts 
Tube-snout P Aulorhynchus flavidus Gill 

Aulostomidae — trumpetfishes 
Trumpetfish A Aulostomus maculatus Valenciennes 

Fistulariidae — cornetfishes 
Cornetfish A Fistularia tabacaria Linnaeus 

Centriscidae — snipefishes 

Slender snipefish A-P Macrorhamphosus gracilis (Lowe) 

Longspine snipefish A Macrorhamphosus scolopax (Linnaeus) 

Syngnathidae — pipefishes and seahorses 

Whitenose pipefish A Corythoichthys albirostris Hecke^ 

Crested pipefish A Corythoichthys brachycephalus (Poey) 

Swivelhead pipefish P Dermatostethus punctipinnis Gill 

Spotted seahorse A Hippocampus erectus Perry 

Pacific seahorse P Hippocampus ingens Girard 

Offshore seahorse A Hippocampus obtusus Ginsburg 

Dwarf seahorse A Hippocampus zosterae Jordan and Gilbert 

Fringed pipefish A Micrognathus crinigerus (Bean and Dresel) 

Insular pipefish A Micrognathus crinitus (Jenyns) 

Banded pipefish A Micrognathus vittatus (Kaup) 

Opossum pipefish A Oostethus lineatus (Kaup) 

Snubnose pipefish P Syngnathus arctus (Jenkins and Evermann) 

Barred pipefish P Syngnathus auliscus (Swain) 

Kelp pipefish P Syngnathus californiensis Storer 

Pugnose pipefish A Syngnathus dunckeri Metzelaar 

Shortfin pipefish A Syngnathus elucens Poey 

Dusky pipefish A Syngnathus floridae (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Northern pipefish A Syngnathus fuscus Storer 

Bay pipefish P Syngnathus griseolineatus Ayres 

Chain pipefish A Syngnathus louisianae Giinther 

Sargassum pipefish A Syngnathus pelagicus Linnaeus 

Gulf pipefish A Syngnathus scovelli (Evermann and Kendall) 

Bull pipefish A Syngnathus springeri Herald 

Order Lampridiformes (Allotriognathi) 

Lamprididae — opahs 

Opah A-P Lampris regius (Bonnaterre) 



Stylephoridae — tube-eyes 
Tube-eye A Stylephorus chordatus Shaw 

Lophotidae — crestfishes 
Crestfish A-P Lophotus capellei (Schlegel) 

Regalecidae — Garfishes 
Garfish A-P Regalecus glesne (Ascanius) 

Trachipteridae — ribbonfishes 

Dealfish A Trachipterus arcticus (Briinnich) 

Scalloped ribbonfish A-P Trachipterus cristatus Bonelli 

Polka-dot ribbonfish A-P Trachipterus polystictus Ogilby 

King-of-the-salmon P Trachipterus trachypterus (Gmelin) 

Order Beryciformes (Berycoidei) 

Polymyxiidae — beardfishes 

Beardfish A Polymixia lowei Giinther 

Holocentridae — squirrelfishes and soldierfishes 

Squirrelfish A Holocentrus ascensionis (Osbeck) 

Deepwater squirrelfish A Holocentrus hullisi Woods 

Reef squirrelfish A Holocentrus coruscus (Poey) 

Longjaw squirrelfish A Holocentrus marianus (Cuvier) 

Longspine squirrelfish A Holocentrus rufus (Walbaum) 

Dusky squirrelfish A Holocentrus vexillarius (Poey) 

Blackbar soldierfish A Myripristis jacobus Cuvier 

Bigeye soldierfish A Ostichthys trachypomus (Giinther) 

Cardinal soldierfish A Plectrypops retrospinis (Guichenot) 

Order Percopsiformes (Salmopercae) 

Percopsidae — trout-perches 

Trout-perch F Percopsis omiscomaycus (Walbaum) 

Sand roller F Percopsis transmoniana 

(Eigenmann and Eigenmann) 

Aphredoderidae — pirate perches 
Pirate perch F Aphredoderus sayanus (Gilliams) 

Order Zeiformes (Zeomorphi) 

Zeidae — dories 

American John Dory A Zenopsis ocellata (Storer) 

Caproidae — boarfishes 

Deepbody boarfish A Antigonia capros Lowe 

Shortspine boarfish A Antigonia comhatia Berry and Rathjen 

Order Perciformes (Percomorphi ; Acanthopterygii) 

Centropomidae — snooks 

Swordspine snook A Centropomus ensijerus Poey 

Little snook A Centropomus parallelus Poey 



Tarpon snook A Centropomus pectinatus Poey 

Snook A Centropomus undecimalis (Bloch) 

Serranidae^ — sea basses 

Mutton hamlet A Alphestes afer (Bloch) 

Crimson bass A Anthias asperilinguis Giinther 

Southern sea bass A Centropristes melanus Ginsburg 

Bank sea bass A Centropristes ocyurus (Jordan and Evermann) 

Rock sea bass A Centropristes philadelphicus (Linnaeus) 

Black sea bass A Centropristes striatus (Linnaeus) 

Coney A Cephalopholis fulva (Linnaeus) 

Marbled grouper A Dermatolepis inermis (Valenciennes) 

Dwarf sand perch A Diplectrum bivittatum (Valenciennes) 

Sand perch A Diplectrum formosum (Linnaeus) 

Rock hind A Epinephelus adscensionis (Osbeck) 

Spotted cabrilla P Epinephelus analogus Gill 

Speckled hind A Epinephelus drummondhayi Goode and Bean 

Yellowedge grouper A Epinephelus flavolimbatus Poey 

Red hind A Epinephelus guttatus (Linnaeus) 

Jewfish A Epinephelus itajara (Lichtenstein) 

Red grouper A Epinephelus morio (Valenciennes) 

Warsaw grouper A Epinephelus nigritus (Holbrook) 

Snowy grouper A Epinephelus niveatus (Valenciennes) 

Nassau grouper A Epinephelus striatus (Bloch) 

Spanish flag A Gonioplectrus hispanus (Cuvier) 

Longtail bass A Hemanthias leptus (Ginsburg) 

Splittail bass P Hemanthias peruanus (Steindachner) 

Red barbier A Hemanthias vivanus (Jordan and Swain) 

Butter hamlet A Hypoplectrus unicolor (Walbaum) 

Black grouper A Mycteroperca bonaci (Poey) 

Gulf grouper P .... Mycteroperca jordani (Jenkins and Evermann) 

Gag A Mycteroperca microlepis (Goode and Bean) 

Scamp A Mycteroperca phenax Jordan and Swain 

Tiger grouper A Mycteroperca tigris (Valenciennes) 

Yellowfin grouper A Mycteroperca venenosa (Linnaeus) 

Broomtail grouper P Mycteroperca xenarcha Jordan 

Roughtongue bass A Ocyanthias martinicensis (Guichenot) 

Blackear bass A Paracentropristes pomospilus Ginsburg 

Kelp bass P Paralabrax clathratus (Girard) 

Spotted sand bass P Paralabrax maculatofasciatus (Steindachner) 

Sand bass P Paralabrax nebulifer (Girard) 

Creole-fish A Paranthias furcifer (Valenciennes) 

Graysby A Petrometopon cruentatum (Lac^p^de) 

Yellowtail bass A Pikea mexicana Schultz 

Wreckfish A Polyprion americanus (Bloch and Schneider) 

Orangeback bass A Prionodes annularis (Giinther) 

Lantern bass A Prionodes baldwini Evermann and Marsh 

Saddle bass A Prionodes notospilus (Longley) 

Tattler A Prionodes phoebe (Poey) 

Streamer bass A Pronotogrammus aureorubens Longley 

Reef bass A Pseudogrammus brederi (Hildebrand) 

White perch A-F Roccus americanus (Gmelin) 

1 In addition to the epeeiea listed, two are sufficiently important in the sport fishery near our area oS Florida to warrant mention: 
misty grouper, Epinephelus mystacinua (Poey); yeUowmouth grouper Mycteroperca inter stitialia (Poey). 



White bass F Roccus chrysops (Rafinesque) 

Yellow bass F . .Roccus mississippiensis (Jordan and Eigenmann) 

Striped bass A-F-P Roccus saxatilis (Walbaum) 

Freckled soapfish A Rypticus arenatus Cuvier 

Soapfish A Rypticus saponaceus (Bloch and Schneider) 

Spotted soapfish A Rypticus suhhifrenatus (Gill) 

Belted sandfish A Serranellus suhligarius (Cope) 

Pygmy sea bass A Serraniculus pumilio Ginsburg 

Chalk bass A Serranus tortugarum Longley 

Giant sea bass P Stereolepis gigas Ayres 

Lobotidae — tripletails 

Tripletail A Lobotes surinamensis (Bloch) 

Lut j anidae — snappers 

Black snapper A Apsilus dentatus Guichenot 

Queen snapper A Etelis oculatus (Valenciennes) 

Mutton snapper A Lutjanus analis (Cuvier) 

Schoolmaster A Lutjanus apodus (Walbaum) 

Red snapper A Lutjanus blackfordi Goode and Bean 

Blackfin snapper A Lutjanus hux;canella (Cuvier) 

Caribbean red snapper A Lutjanus campechanus (Poey) 

Cubera snapper A Lutjanus cyanopterus (Cuvier) 

Gray snapper A Lutjanus griseus (Linnaeus) 

Dog snapper A Lutjanus jocu (Bloch and Schneider) 

Mahogany snapper A Lutjanus mahogoni (Cuvier) 

Lane snapper A Lutjanus synagris (Linnaeus) 

Silk snapper A Lutjanus vivanus (Cuvier) 

Yellowtail snapper A Ocyurus chrysurus (Bloch) 

Wenchman A Pristipomoides andersoni Ginsburg 

Vermilion snapper A Rhomboplites aurorubens (Cuvier) 

Priacanthidae — bigeyes 

Bigeye A Priacanthus arenatus Cuvier 

Glasseye snapper A Priacanthus cruentatus (Lacepede) 

Short bigeye A Pristigenys alta (Gill) 

Popeye cataluf a P Pristigenys serrula (Gilbert) 

Apogonidae — cardinalfishes 

Bronze cardinalfish A Apogon alutus Jordan and Gilbert 

Bridle cardinalfish A Apogon aurolineatus (Mowbray) 

Barred cardinalfish A Apogon binotatus (Poey) 

Freckled cardinalfish A Apogon conklini (Silvester) 

Whitestar cardinalfish A Apogon lachneri Bohlke 

Flamefish A Apogon maculatus (Poey) 

Dusky cardinalfish A Apogon pigmentarius (Poey) 

Pale cardinalfish A Apogon planifrons Longley and Hildebrand 

Twospot cardinalfish A Apogon pseudomaculatus Longley 

Sawcheek cardinalfish A Apogon qaadrisquamatus Longley 

Conchfish A Apogon stellatus (Cope) 

Belted cardinalfish A Apogon townsendi (Breder) 



Centrarchidae — sunfishes 

Mud sunfish F Acantharchus pomotis (Baird) 

Roanoke bass F Ambloplites cavifrons Cope 

Rock bass F Ambloplites rupestris (Rafinesque) 

Sacramento perch F Archoplites interruptus (Girard) 

Flier F Centrarchus macropterus (Lacep^de) 

Warmouth F Chaenobryttus gulosus (Cuvier) 

Everglades pygmy sunfish F Elassoma evergladei Jordan 

Okef enokee pygmy sunfish F Elassoma okefenokee Bohlke 

Banded pygmy sunfish F Elassoma zonatum Jordan 

Blackbanded sunfish F Enneacanthus chaetodon (Baird) 

Bluespotted sunfish F Enneacanthus gloriosus (Holbrook) 

Banded sunfish F Enneacanthus ohesus (Girard) 

Redbreast sunfish F Lepomis auritus (Linnaeus) 

Green sunfish F Lepomis cyanellus Rafinesque 

Pumpkinseed F Lepomis gibbosus (Linnaeus) 

Orangespotted sunfish F Lepomis humilis (Girard) 

Bluegill F Lepomis macrochirus Rafinesque 

Dollar sunfish F Lepomis marginatus (Holbrook) 

Longear sunfish F Lepomis megalotis (Rafinesque) 

Redear sunfish F Lepomis microlophus (Giinther) 

Spotted sunfish F Lepomis punctatus (Valenciennes) 

Bantam sunfish F Lepomis symmetricus Forbes 

Redeye bass F Micropterus coosae Hubbs and Bailey 

Smallmouth bass F Micropterus dolomieui Lac^pfede 

Suwannee bass F Micropterus notius Bailey and Hubbs 

Spotted bass F Micropterus punctulatus (Rafinesque) 

Largemouth bass F Micropterus salmoides (Lac^pede) 

Guadalupe bass F Micropterus treculi (Vaillant and Bocourt) 

White crappie F Pomoxis annularis Rafinesque 

Black crappie F Pomoxis nigromaculatus (LeSueur) 

Percidae — perches 

Crystal darter F Ammocrypta asprella (Jordan) 

Naked sand darter F Ammocrypta beani Jordan 

Western sand darter F Ammocrypta clara Jordan and Meek 

Eastern sand darter F Ammocrypta pellv^ida (Baird) 

Scaly sand darter F Ammocrypta vivax Hay 

Sharphead darter F Etheostoma acuticeps Bailey 

Mud darter F Etheostoma asprigene (Forbes) 

Cumberland snubnose darter .... F Etheostoma atripinne (Jordan) 

Scalyhead darter F Etheostoma barratti (Holbrook) 

Greenside darter F Etheostoma blennioides Rafinesque 

Blenny darter F Etheostoma blennius Gilbert and Swain 

Rainbow darter F Etheostoma caeruleum Storer 

Bluebreast darter F Etheostoma camurum (Cope) 

Bluntnose darter F Etheostoma chlorosomum (Hay) 

Ashy darter F Etheostoma cinereum Storer 

Carolina darter F Etheostoma collis (Hubbs and Cannon) 

Coosa darter F Etheostoma coosae (Fowler) 

Arkansas darter F Etheostoma cragini Gilbert 

Blackside snubnose darter F Etheostoma duryi Henshall 



Brown darter F Etheostoma edwini (Hubbs and Cannon) 

Arkansas saddled darter F Etheostoma euzonum (Hubbs and Black) 

Iowa darter F Etheostoma exile (Girard) 

Fantail darter F Etheostoma flabellare Rafinesque 

Fountain darter F Etheostoma fonticola (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Savannah darter F Etheostoma fricksium Hildebrand 

Swamp darter F Etheostoma fusiforme (Girard) 

Slough darter F Etheostoma gracile (Girard) 

Rio Grande darter F Etheostoma grahami (Girard) 

Tuckasegee darter F Etheostoma gutselli (Hildebrand) 

Harlequin darter F Etheostoma histrio Jordan and Gilbert 

Turquoise darter F Etheostoma inscriptum (Jordan and Brayton) 

Blueside darter F Etheostoma jessiae (Jordan and Brayton) 

Greenbreast darter F Etheostoma jordani Gilbert 

Yoke darter F Etheostoma juliae Meek 

Kanawha darter F Etheostoma kanawhae (Raney) 

Stripetail darter F Etheostoma kennicotti (Putnam) 

Greenthroat darter F Etheostoma lepidum (Baird and Girard) 

Longfin darter F Etheostoma longimanum Jordan 

Redband darter F Etheostoma luteovinctum Gilbert and Swain 

Spotted darter F Etheostoma macidatum Kirtland 

Pinewoods darter F Etheostoma mariae (Fowler) 

Least darter F Etheostoma microperca Jordan and Gilbert 

Niangua darter F Etheostoma nianguae Gilbert and Meek 

Johnny darter F Etheostoma nigrum Rafinesque 

Barcheek darter F Etheostoma obeyense Kirsch 

Finescale saddled darter F Etheostoma osburni (Hubbs and Trautman) 

Goldstripe darter F Etheostoma panipinne Gilbert and Swain 

Waccamaw darter F Etheostoma perlongum (Hubbs and Raney) 

Riverweed darter F Etheostoma podostemone Jordan and Jenkins 

Cypress darter F Etheostoma proeliare (Hay) 

Stippled darter F Etheostoma punctulatum (Agassiz) 

Orangebelly darter F Etheostomxi radioswn (Hubbs and Black) 

Redline darter F Etheostoma rufilineatum (Cope) 

Rock darter F Etheostoma rupestre Gilbert and Swain 

Arrow darter F Etheostoma sagitta (Jordan and Swain) 

Saluda darter F Etheostoma saludae (Hubbs and Cannon) 

Maryland darter F Etheostoma sellare (Radcliffe and Welch) 

Sawcheek darter F Etheostoma, serriferum (Hubbs and Cannon) 

Tennessee snubnose darter F Etheostoma simoterum (Cope) 

Orangethroat darter F Etheostoma spectahile (Agassiz) 

Spottail darter F Etheostoma squamiceps Jordan 

Speckled darter F Etheostoma stigmaeum (Jordan) 

Gulf darter F Etheostoma swaini (Jordan) 

Swannanoa darter F Etheostoma swannanoa Jordan and Evermann 

Missouri saddled darter F Etheostoma tetrazonum (Hubbs and Black) 

Seagreen darter F ... .Etheostoma thalassinum (Jordan and Brayton) 

Tippecanoe darter F Etheostoma tippecanoe Jordan and Evermann 

Tuscumbia darter F Etheostoma tuscumbia Gilbert and Swain 

Variegate darter F Etheostoma variatum Kirtland 

Striped darter F Etheostoma virgatum (Jordan) 

Glassy darter F Etheostoma vitreum (Cope) 

Redfin darter F Etheostoma whipplei (Girard) 

Banded darter F Etheostoma zonale (Cope) 



Backwater darter F Etheostoma zoniferum (Hubbs and Cannon) 

Yellow perch F Perca flavescens (Mitchill) 

Yellow darter F Percina aurantiaca (Cope) 

Logperch F Percina caprodes (Rafinesque) 

Channel darter F Percina copclandi (Jordan) 

Piedmont darter F Percina crassa (Jordan and Brayton) 

Bluestripe darter F Percina cymatotaenia (Gilbert and Meek) 

Gilt darter F Percina evides (Jordan and Copeland) 

Longhead darter F Percina macrocephala (Cope) 

Blackside darter F Percina maculata (Girard) 

Longnose darter F Percina nasuta (Bailey) 

Blackbanded darter F Percina nigrofasciata (Agassiz) 

Stripeback darter F Percina noiogramma (Raney and Hubbs) 

Sharpnose darter F Percina oxyrhyncha (Hubbs and Raney) 

Bronze darter F Percina palmaris (Bailey) 

Leopard darter F Percina paniherina (Moore and Reeves) 

Shield darter F Percina peltata (Stauffer) 

Slenderhead darter F Percina phoxocephala (Nelson) 

Roanoke logperch F Percina rex (Jordan and Evermann) 

Dusky darter F Percina sciera (Swain) 

River darter F Percina shumardi (Girard) 

Olive darter F Percina squamata (Gilbert and Swain) 

Stargazing darter F Percina uranidea (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Sauger F Stizostedion canadense (Smith) 

Walleye F Stizostedion vitreum vitreum (Mitchill) 

Blue pike F Stizostedion vitreum glaucum Hubbs 

Branchiostegidae — tilefishes 

Blackline tilefish A Caulolatilus cyanops Poey 

Ocean whitefish P Caulolatilus princeps (Jenyns) 

Tilefish A .... Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps Goode and Bean 

Sand tilefish A Malacanthus plumieri (Bloch) 

Pomatomidae — bluefishes 

Bluefish A Pomatomus saltatrix (Linnaeus) 

Rachycentridae — cobias 

Cobia A Rachycentron canadum (Linnaeus) 

Carangidae' — jacks, scads, and pompanos 

African pompano A Alectis crinitus (Mitchill) 

Yellow jack A Caranx bartholomaei Cuvier 

Green jack P Caranx cahallus Giinther 

Blue runner A Caranx crysos (Mitchill) 

Crevalle jack A Caranx hippos (Linnaeus) 

Horse-eye jack A Caranx latus Agassiz 

Bar jack A Caranx ruber (Bloch) 

Bumper A Chloroscombrus chrysurus (Linnaeus) 

Mexican scad P Decapterus hypodus Gill 

Mackerel scad A Decapterus macarellus (Cuvier) 

Round scad A Decapterus punctatus (Agassiz) 

' An important sport fish, the black jack, Caranx lugvbria Poey, occurs just out of our area and is landed at Florida por 



Rainbow runner A Elagatis bipinnulatus (Quoy and Gaimard) 

Bluntnose jack A Hemicaranx amhlyrhynchus (Cuvier) 

Pilotfish A-P Navjcrates ductor (Linnaeus) 

Roosterfish P Nematistius pectoralis Gill 

Leatherjacket A-P OUgopUtes saurus (Bloch and Schneider) 

Bigeye scad A Selar crumenophthalmus (Bloch) 

Lookdown A Selene vomer (Linnaeus) 

Pacific amberjack P Seriola colburni (Evermann and Clark) 

Yellowtail P Seriola dorsalis (Gill) 

Greater amberjack A Seriola dumerili (Risso) 

Almaco jack A Seriola falcata Valenciennes 

Lesser amberjack A Seriola fasciata (Bloch) 

Banded rudderfish A Seriola zonata (Mitchill) 

Pompano A Trachinotus carolinus (Linnaeus) 

Permit A Trachinotus falcatus (Linnaeus) 

Palometa A Trachinotus glaucus (Bloch) 

Paloma pompano P Trachinotus paitensis Cuvier 

Gafftopsail pompano P Trachinotus rhodopus (Gill) 

Rough scad A Trachurus lathami Nichols 

Jack mackerel P Trachurus symmetricus (Ayres) 

Cottonmouth jack A Uraspis heidi Fowler 

Pacific moonfish P Vomer decUvifrons Meek and Hildebrand 

Atlantic moonfish A Vomer setapinnis (Mitchill) 

Coryphaenidae — dolphins 

Pompano dolphin A Coryphaena equisetis Linnaeus 

Dolphin A-P Coryphaena hippurus Linnaeus 

Bramidae — pomfrets 

Pomfret A-P Brama rayi (Bloch) 

Bigscale pomfret A-P Taractes longipinnis (Lowe) 

Gerridae — moj arras 

Irish pompano A Diapterus olisthostomus (Goode and Bean) 

Striped mojarra A Diapterus plumieri (Cuvier) 

Spotfin mojarra A-P Eucinostomus argenteus Baird and Girard 

Silver jenny A Eucinostomus gula (Quoy and Gaimard) 

Bigeye mojarra A Eucinostomus havana (Nichols) 

Mottled mojarra A Eucinostomus lefroyi (Goode) 

Flagfin mojarra A Eucinostomus melanopterus (Bleeker) 

Slender mojarra A Eucinostomus pseudogula Poey 

Yellowfin mojarra A Gerres cinereus (Walbaum) 

Pomadasyidae — grunts 

Sargo P Anisotremus davidsoni (Steindachner) 

Black margate A Anisotremus surinamensis (Bloch) 

Porkfish A Anisotremus virginicus (Linnaeus) 

Tomtate A Bathystoma aurolineatum (Cuvier) 

Smalhnouth grunt A Brachygenys chrysargyrea (Gunther) 

Barred grunt A Conodon nobilis (Linnaeus) 

Margate A Haemidon album Cuvier 

Black grunt A Haemulon bonariense Cuvier 

Caesar grunt A Haemulon carbonarium Poey 



French grunt A Haemulon flavolinealum (Desmarest) 

Spanish grunt A Haemulon macrostomum Giinther 

Cottonwick A Haemulon melanurum (Linnaeus) 

Sailors choice A Haemulon parrai (Desmarest) 

White grunt A Haemulon plumieri (Lac^pcde) 

Bluestriped grunt A Haemulon sciurus (Shaw) 

Pigfish A Orthopristis chrysopterus (Linnaeus) 

Burro grunt A Pomadasys crocro (Cuvier) 

Salema P Xenistius californiensis (Steindachner) 

Sciaenidae — drums 

Freshwater drum F Aplodinotus grunniens Rafinesque 

Silver perch A Bairdiella chrysura (Lac^pede) 

Bairdiella P^ Bairdiella icistius (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Black croaker P Cheilotrema satumum (Girard) 

Sand seatrout A Cynoscion arenarius Ginsburg 

Spotted seatrout A Cynoscion nehulosus (Cuvier) 

White seabass P Cynoscion nobilis (Ayres) 

Silver seatrout A Cynoscion nothus (Holbrook) 

Shortfin corvina P Cynoscion parvipinnis Ayres 

Weakfish A Cynoscion regalis (Bloch and Schneider) 

Grangemouth corvina P^ Cynoscion xanthulus Jordan and Gilbert 

Cubbyu A Equetus acuminatus (Bloch and Schneider) 

Jackknife-fish A Equetus lanceolatus (Linnaeus) 

Striped drum A Equetus pulcher (Steindachner) 

Spotted drum A Equetus punctatus (Bloch and Schneider) 

White croaker P Genyonemus lineatus (Ayres) 

Banded drum A Larimus fasciatus Holbrook 

Spot A Leiostomus xanthurus Lac^p^de 

Southern kingfish A Menticirrhus americanus (Linnaeus) 

Minkfish A Menticirrhus focaliger Ginsburg 

Gulf kingfish A Menticirrhus littoralis (Holbrook) 

Northern kingfish A^ Menticirrhus saxatilis (Bloch and Schneider) 

California corbina P Menticirrhus undulatus (Girard) 

Atlantic croaker A Micropogon undulatus (Linnaeus) 

Reef croaker A Odontoscion dentex (Cuvier) 

Catalina croaker P Ophioscion thompsoni (Hubbs) 

Black drum A Pogonias cromis (Linnaeus) 

Spotfin croaker P Roncador steamsi (Steindachner) 

Red drum A Sciaenops ocellata (Linnaeus) 

Queenfish P Seriphus politus Ajo-es 

Star drum A Stellifer lanceolatus (Holbrook) 

Sand drum A Umbrina coroides Cuvier 

Yellowfin croaker P Umbrina roncador Jordan and Gilbert 

Blue croaker A Vacuoqua sialis (Jordan and Eigenmann) 

MuUidae — goatfishes 

Yellow goatfish A Mulloidichthys martinicus (Cuvier) 

Red goatfish A Mullus auratus Jordan and Gilbert 

Mexican goatfish P Pseudupeneus dentatus (Gill) 

' In our area confined to Salton Sea. 



Spotted goatfish A Pseudupeneus maculatus (Bloch) 

Dwarf goatfish A Upeneus parvus Poey 

Sparidae — porgies 

Sheepshead A Archosargus prohatoccphalus (Walbaum) 

Sea bream A Archosargus rhomboidalis (Linnaeus) 

Grass porgy A Calamus arctifrons Goode and Bean 

Jolthead porgy A Calamus bajonado (Bloch and Schneider) 

Pacific porgy P Calamus hrachysomus (Lockington) 

Saucereye porgy A Calamus calamus (Valenciennes) 

Whitebone porgy A Calamus leucosteus Jordan and Gilbert 

Sheepshead porgy A Calamus penna (Valenciennes) 

Littlehead porgy A Calamus proridens Jordan and Gilbert 

Silver porgy A Diplodus argenteus (Valenciennes) 

Spottail pinfish A Diplodus holhrooki (Bean) 

Pinfish A Lagodon rhomboides (Linnaeus) 

Red porgy A Pagrus sedecim Ginsburg 

Longspine porgy A Stenotomus caprinus Bean 

Scup A Stenotomus chrysops (Linnaeus) 

Pempheridae — sweepers 
Glassy sweeper A Pempheris schomhurgki Miiller and Troschel 

Scorpidae — halfmoons 
Halfmoon P Medialuna californiensis (Steindachner) 

Kyphosidae — sea chubs 

Zebra perch P Hermosilla azurea Jenkins and Evermann 

Yellow chub A Kyphosus incisor (Cuvier) 

Bermuda chub A Kyphosus sectatrix (Linnaeus) 

Girellidae— nibblers 
Opaleye P Girella nigricans (Ayres) 

Ephippidae — spadefishes 

Atlantic spadefish A Chaetodipterus faber (Broussonet) 

Pacific spadefish P Chaetodipterus zonatus (Girard) 

Chaetodontidae — butterflyfishes 

Cherubfish A Centropyge argi Woods and Kanazawa 

Bank butterflyfish A Chaetodon aya Jordan 

Foureye butterflyfish A Chaetodon capistratus Linnaeus 

Spotfin butterflyfish A Chaetodon occllatus Bloch 

Reef butterflyfish A Chaetodon scdentarius Poey 

Banded butterflyfish A Chaetodon striatus Linnaeus 

Blue angelfish A Holacanthus bermudensis (Goode) 

Queen angelfish A Holacanthus ciliaris (Linnaeus) 

Rock beauty A Holacanthus tricolor (Bloch) 

French angelfish A Pomacanthus arcuatus (Linnaeus) 

Gray angelfish A Pomacanthus aureus (Bloch) 

Longsnout butterflyfish A Prognathodes aculeatus (Poey) 



Cichlidae — cichlids 

Velvet cichlid F Astronotus ocellatus (Agassiz) 

Rio Grande perch F Cichlasoma cyanoguttatum (Baird and Girard) 

Embiotocidae — surfperches 

Barred surfperch P Amphistichus argenteus Agassiz 

Calico surfperch P Amphistichus koelzi (Hubbs) 

Redtail surfperch P Amphistichus rhodoterus (Agassiz) 

Kelp perch P Brachyistius frenatus Gill 

Shiner perch P-F Cymatogaster oggregata Gibbons 

Island seaperch P Cymatogaster gracilis Tarp 

Black perch P Embiotoca jacksoni Agassiz 

Striped seaperch P Embiotoca lateralis Agassiz 

Spotfin surfperch P Hyperprosopon anale Agassiz 

Walleye surfperch P Hyperprosopon argenteum Gibbons 

Silver surfperch P Hyperprosopon ellipticum (Gibbons) 

Rainbow seaperch P Hypsurus caryi (Agassiz) 

Tule perch F Hysterocarpus traski Gibbons 

Reef perch P Micrometrus aurora (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Dwarf perch P Micrometrus minimus (Gibbons) 

Sharpnose seaperch P Phanerodon atripes (Jordan and Gilbert) 

White seaperch P Phanerodon furcatus Girard 

Rubberlip seaperch P Rhacochilus toxotes Agassiz 

Pile perch P Rhacochilus vacca (Girard) 

Pink seaperch P Zalembius rosaceus (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Pomacentridae — damselfishes 

Sergeant major A Abudefduf saxatilis (Linnaeus) 

Night sergeant A Abudefduf taurus (Miiller and Troschel) 

Blue chromis A Chromis cyanea (Poey) 

Yellowtail reef -fish A Chromis enchrysurus Jordan and Gilbert 

Gray reef -fish A Chromis insolatus (Cuvier) 

Brown chromis A Chromis multilineata (Guichenot) 

Blacksmith P Chromis punctipinnis (Cooper) 

Dusky damselfish A Eupomacentrus dorsopunicans (Poey) 

Beaugregory A . . Eupomacentrus leucostictus (Miiller and Troschel) 

Bicolor damselfish A Eupomacentrus partitus (Poey) 

Threespot damselfish A Eupomacentrus planifrons (Cuvier) 

Cocoa damselfish A Eupomacentrus variabilis (Castelnau) 

Garibaldi P Hypsypops rubicunda (Girard) 

Yellowtail damselfish A Microspathodon chrysurus (Cuvier) 

Labridae — wrasses 

Spotfin hogfish A Bodianus pulchellus (Poey) 

Spanish hogfish A Bodianus rufus (Linnaeus) 

Creole wrasse A Clepticus parrai (Bloch and Schneider) 

Red hogfish A Decodon puellaris (Poey) 

Dwarf wrasse A Doratonotus megalepis Giinther 

Greenband wrasse A Halichoeres bathyphilus Beebe and Tee-Van 

Slippery dick A Halichoeres bivittatus (Bloch) 

Painted wrasse A Halichoeres caudalis (Poey) 

Yellowhead wrasse A Halichoeres garnoti (Valenciennes) 






Clown wrasse 

Blackear wrasse .... 


Rock wrasse 



California sheephead 




Rosy razorfish 

Pearly razorfish 

Green razorfish 

Bluelip parrotfish . . . 
Emerald parrotfish . . 
Purple parrotfish .... 

Blue parrotfish 

Striped parrotfish . . . 
Rainbow parrotfish . . 
Queen parrotfish .... 
Redband parrotfish . . 
Spotfin parrotfish . . . 
Redtail parrotfish . . . 
Bucktooth parrotfish 
Redfin parrotfish .... 
Stoplight parrotfish . . 

A ... Halichoeres maculipinna (Miiller and Troschel) 

A Halichoeres poeyi (Steindachner) 

A Halichoeres radiatus (Linnaeus) 

P Halichoeres semicinctus (Ayres) 

A Lachnolaimus maximus (Walbaum) 

P Oxyjulis calif ornica (Giinther) 

P Pimelometopon pulchrum (Ayres) 

A Tautoga onitis (Linnaeus) 

A Tautogolabrus adspersus (Walbaum) 

A Thalassoma bifasciatum (Bloch) 

A Xyrichthys martinicensis Valenciennes 

A Xyrichthys psittacus (Linnaeus) 

A Xyrichthys ventralis Bean 

Scaridae — parrotfishes 

A Cryptotomus roseus Cope 

A Nicholsina usta (Valenciennes) 

A Scarus coelestinus Valenciennes 

A Scarus coeruleus (Bloch) 

A Scarus croicensis Bloch 

A Scarus guacamaia Cuvier 

A Scarus vetula Bloch and Schneider 

A Sparisoma aurofrenatum (Valenciennes) 

A Sparisoma axillare Steindachner 

A Sparisoma chrysopterum (Bloch and Schneider) 

A Sparisoma radians (Valenciennes) 

A Sparisoma ruhripinne (Valenciennes) 

A Sparisoma viride (Bonnaterre) 

Ocean surgeon . . 


Blue tang 

Gulf surgeonfish 

Acanthuridae — surgeonfishes 

. . . A Acanthurus bahianus Castelnau 

A Acanthurus chirurgus (Bloch) 

A Acanthurus coeruleus Bloch and Schneider 

. . . A Acanthurus randalli Briggs and Caldwell 

Snake mackerel . 



Gempylidae — snake mackerels 

. . . . A Gempylus serpens Cuvier 

. . . . A-P Lepidocybium flavobrunneum (Smith) 

. . . . A-P Ruvettus pretiosus Cocco 


Atlantic cutlassfish. 
Pacific cutlassfish . . 

Trichiuridae — cutlassfishes 

P Lepidopus xantusi Goode and Bean 

A Trichiurus lepturus Linnaeus 

P Trichiurus nitens Carman 


Frigate mackerel . . . 

Little tuna 

Black skipjack 

Skipjack tuna 

Wavyback skipjack 

Scombridae — mackerels and tunas 

A Acanthocybium solanderi (Cuvier) 

A Auxis thazard (Lac^p^de) 

A Euthynnus allettcratus (Rafinesque) 

P Euthynnus lineatus Kishinouye 

A-P Euthynnus pelamis (Linnaeus) 

P Euthynnus yaito Kishinouye 



Pacific bonito P Sarda chiliensis (Cuvier) 

Striped bonito A Sarda orientalis (Temminck and Schlegel) 

Atlantic bonito A Sarda sarda (Bloch) 

Chub mackerel A Scomber colzas Gmelin 

Pacific mackerel P Scomber japonicus Houttuyn 

Atlantic mackerel A Scomber scombrus Linnaeus 

King mackerel A Scomberomorus cavalla (Cuvier) 

Monterey Spanish mackerel P Scomberomorus concolor (Lockington) 

Spanish mackerel A Scomberomorus maculatus (Mitchill) 

Cero A Scomberomorus regalis (Bloch) 

Albacore A-P Thunnus alaiunga (Bonnaterre) 

Yellowfin tuna A-P Thunnus albacares (Bonnaterre) 

Blackfin tuna A Thunnus ailanticus (Lesson) 

Bigeye tuna A-P Thunnus obesus Lowe 

Bluefin tuna A-P Thunnus thynnus (Linnaeus) 

Luvaridae — louvars 
Louvar A-P Luvarus imperialis Rafinesque 

Istiophoridae^ — billfishes 

Atlantic sailfish A Istiophorus albicans (Latreille) 

White marlin A Makaira albida (Poey) 

Striped marlin P Makaira audax (Phillipi) 

Blue marlin A Makaira nigricans Lacepede 

Shortbill spearfish P Tetrapturus angustirostris Tanaka 

Longbill spearfish A Tetrapturus belone Rafinesque 

Xiphiidae — swordfishes 
Swordfish A-P Xiphias gladius Linnaeus 

Eleotridae — sleepers 

Fat sleeper A-F Dormitator maculatus (Bloch) 

Spotted sleeper F Eleotris picta Kner and Steindachner 

Spmycheek sleeper F Eleotris pisonis (Gmelin) 

Emerald sleeper A Erotelis smaragdus (Valenciennes) 

Masked sleeper A Eviota per sonata Jordan and Thompson 

Bigmouth sleeper A-F Gobiomorus dormitor Lacepede 

Blue sleeper A loglossus calliurus Bean 

Gobiidae — gobies 

River goby A-F Awaous tajasica (Lichtenstein) 

Bearded goby A Barbulifer ceuthoecus (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Notchtongue goby A Bathygobius curacao (Metzelaar) 

Frillfin goby A Bathygobius soporator (Valenciennes) 

White-eye goby A Bollmannia jeannae Fowler 

Arrow goby P-F Clevelandia ios (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Bridled goby A Coryphopterus glaucofraenum Gill 

Bluespot goby P Coryphopterus nicholsi (Bean) 

Neon goby A Elacatinus oceanops Jordan 

Tidewater goby P-F Eucyclogobius newberryi (Girard) 

' The following species, not yet recorded from our area, occur south of the California border in the Pacific: Pacific sailfiah, Istio- 
phorus greyi Jordan and Evermann; black marlin, Makaira indica (Cuvier); and blue marlin, Makaira nigricans LacSpdde. 



Sponge goby A Evermannichthys spongicola (Radcliffe) 

Lyre goby A Evorlhodus lyricus (Girard) 

Tiger goby A Garmannia macrodon (Beebe and Tee-Van) 

Longjaw mudsucker P-F Gillichthys mirabilis Cooper 

Goldspot goby A Gnatholepis thompsoni Jordan 

Violet goby A Gobioides broussonneti Lacepede 

Darter goby A Gobionellus boleosoma (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Slim goby A Gobionellus gracillimus Ginsburg 

Sharptail goby A Gobionellus hastatus Girard 

Longtail goby P . .Gobionellus longicaudus (Jenkins and Evermann) 

Highfin goby A Gobionellus Oceanians (Pallas) 

Freshwater goby A-F Gobionellus shufeldti (Jordan and Evermann) 

Emerald goby A Gobionellus smaragdus (Valenciennes) 

Marked goby A Gobionellus stigmaticus (Poey) 

Spottail goby A Gobionellus stigmaturus (Goode and Bean) 

Naked goby A Gobiosoma bosci (Lacepede) 

Seaboard goby A Gobiosoma ginsburgi Hildebrand and Schroeder 

Whiteline goby A Gobiosoma horsti Metzelaar 

Twoscale goby A Gobiosoma longipala Ginsburg 

Orangespotted goby A Gobiosoma longitm Nichols 

Code goby A Gobiosoma robustum Ginsburg 

Paleback goby A Gobulus myersi Ginsburg 

Cheekspot goby P Ilypnus gilberti (Eigenmann and Eigenmann) 

Bay goby P Lepidogobius lepidus (Girard) 

Half blind goby P Lethops connectens Hubbs 

Crested goby A Lophogobius cyprinoides (Pallas) 

Bluebanded goby P Lythrypnus dalli (Gilbert) 

Zebra goby P Lythrypnus zebra (Gilbert) 

Seminole goby A Microgobius carri Fowler 

Clown goby A Microgobius gidosus (Girard) 

Banner goby A ... Microgobius microlepis Longley and Hildebrand 

Green goby A Microgobius thalassinus (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Shadow goby P Quietula y-cauda (Jenkins and Evermann) 

Smallmouth goby A Risor ruber (Rosen) 

Blind goby P Typhlogobius califomiensis Steindachner 

Microdesmidae — wormfishes 

Pugjaw wormfish A Microdesmus floridanus (Longley) 

Pink wormfish A Microdesmus longipinnis (Weymouth) 

Scorpaenidae — scorpionfishes and rockfishes 

Blackbelly rosefish A Helicolenus dactylopierus (De la Roche) 

Spiny cheek scorpionfish A Neomerinthe pollux (Poey) 

Longsnout scorpionfish A Pontinus castor Poey 

Scalyhead scorpionfish A Pontinus longispinis Goode and Bean 

Highfin scorpionfish A Pontinus rathbuni Goode and Bean 

Longfin scorpionfish A Scorpaena agassizi Goode and Bean 

Red scorpionfish A Scorpaena atlantica Nichols and Breder 

Goosehead scorpionfish A Scorpaena bergi Evermann and Marsh 

Barbfish A Scorpaena brasiliensis Cuvier 

Smoothhead scorpionfish A Scorpaena calcarata Goode and Bean 

Hunchback scorpionfish A Scorpaena dispar Longley and Hildebrand 

Lionfish A Scorpaena grandicornis Cuvier 






California scorpionfish P 

Scorpaena guttata Girard 

Mushroom scorpionfish A Scorpaena inermis Cuvier 

Finescale scorpionfish A 

Spotted scorpionfish A 

Reef scorpionfish A 

Redfish or ocean perch A 

Blackthroat rockfish P 

Pacific ocean perch P 

Kelp rockfish P 

Brown rockfish P 

Aurora rockfish P 

Silvergray rockfish P 

Gopher rockfish P 

Copper rockfish P 

Greenspotted rockfish P 

Black-and-yellow rockfish P 

Dusky rockfish P 

Starry rockfish P 

Blackmouth rockfish P 

Calico rockfish P 

Splitnose rockfish P 

Greenstriped rockfish P 

Puget Sound rockfish P 

Widow rockfish P 

Pink rockfish P 

Yellowtail rockfish P 

Bronzespotted rockfish P 

Chilipepper P 

Scorpaena microlepis Gunter 

Scorpaena plumieri Bloch 

Scorpaenodes caribhaeus Meek and Hildebrand 

Sebastes marinus (Linnaeus) 

.Sebastodes^ aleutianus Jordan and Evermann 

Sebastodes alutus (Gilbert) 

.... Sebastodes atrovirens (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Sebastodes auriculaius (Girard) 

Sebastodes aurora (Gilbert) 

Sebastodes brevispinis (Bean) 

Sebastodes carnatus (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Sebastodes caurinus (Richardson) 

. . Sebastodes chlorostictus (Jordan and Gilbert) 
. . Sebastodes chrysomelas (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Sebastodes ciliatus (Tilesius) 

. . . Sebastodes constellatus (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Sebastodes crameri Jordan 

... .Sebastodes dalli (Eigenmann and Beeson) 

Sebastodes diploproa (Gilbert) 

Sebastodes elongatus ( Ayres) 

Sebastodes emphaeus Starks 

.... Sebastodes entomelas (Jordan and Gilbert) 
. . Sebastodes eos (Eigenmann and Eigenmann) 

Sebastodes flavidus Ayres 

. . . Sebastodes gilli Eigenmann and Eigenmann 
Sebastodes goodei Eigenmann and Eigenmann 

Rosethorn rockfish P Sebastodes helvomaculatus (Ayres) 

Squarespot rockfish P 

Shortbelly rockfish P 

Cow rockfish P 

Coral-red rockfish P 

Quillback rockfish P 

Black rockfish P 

Blackgill rockfish P 

Vermilion rockfish P 

Blue rockfish P 

China rockfish P 

Tiger rockfish P 

Speckled rockfish P 

Bocaccio P 

Canary rockfish P 

Northern rockfish P 

Redstripe rockfish P 

Grass rockfish P 

Swordspine rockfish P 

Rosy rockfish P 

Rasphead rockfish P 

Flag rockfish P 

Stripetail rockfish P 

. Sebastodes hopkinsi Cramer 

Sebastodes jordani Gilbert 

. . .Sebastodes levis (Eigenmann and Eigenmann) 
Sebastodes macdonaldi (Eigenmann and Beeson) 

Sebastodes maliger (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Sebastodes melanops (Girard) 

Sebastodes melanostomus 

Eigenmann and Eigenmann 

Sebastodes miniatus (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Sebastodes mystinus (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Sebastodes nebulosus (Ayres) 

Sebastodes nigrocinctus (Ayres) 

Sebastodes ovalis Ayres 

Sebastodes paucispinis (Ayres) 

Sebastodes pinniger (Jordan and Gilbert) 

. . Sebastodes polyspinis (Taranetz and Moiseev) 

Sebastodes proriger (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Sebastodes rastrelliger (Jordan and Gilbert) 

. . . . Sebastodes rhodochloris (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Sebastodes rosaceus Jordan and Gilbert 

Sebastodes ruberrimus Cramer 

. . . . Sebastodes rubrivinctus (Jordan and Gilbert) 
Sebastodes saxicola (Gilbert) 

1 The species here assigned to Sebastodes are referred by some authors to Sebastes. 






Half banded rockfish P 

Olive rockfish P 

Sebastodes semicinctus Gilbert 

Sebastodes serranoides 

Eigenmann and Eigenmann 

Sebastodes serriceps (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Sebastodes umbrosus (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Sebastodes vexillaris (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Sebastodes wilsoni Gilbert 

Sebastodes zacentrus (Gilbert) 

Shortspine channel rockfish P Sebastolobus alascanus Bean 

Longspine channel rockfish P Sebastolobus altwelis Gilbert 

Treefish P 

Honeycomb rockfish P 

Whitebelly rockfish P 

Pygmy rockfish P 

Sharpchin rockfish P 

Triglidae — searobins 

Shortfin searobin A 

Streamer searobin A 

Horned searobin A 

Slenderhead searobin A 

Armored searobin A 

Spiny searobin A 

Sicklefin searobin A 

Northern searobin A 

Striped searobin A 

Barred searobin A 

Bandtail searobin A 

Mexican searobin A 

Blackwing searobin A 

Bluespotted searobin A 

Blackfin searobin A 

Leopard searobin A 

Shortwing searobin A 

Lumptail searobin P 

Bighead searobin A 

Bellator brachijchir (Regan) 

Bellator egretta (Goode and Bean) 

Bellator militaris (Goode and Bean) 

Peristedion imberbe (Poey) 

Peristedion miniatum Goode 

Prionotus alatus Goode and Bean 

Prionotus beani Goode 

Prionotus carolinus (Linnaeus) 

Prionotus evolans (Linnaeus) 

Prionotus martis Ginsburg 

.... Prionotus ophryas Jordan and Swain 

Prionotus paralatus Ginsburg 

. Prionotus pectoralis Nichols and Breder 
.Prionotus roseus Jordan and Evermann 

Prionotus rubio Jordan 

. . . Prionotus scitulus Jordan and Gilbert 
.... Prionotus stearnsi Jordan and Swain 

Prionotus stephanophrys Lockington 

Prionotus tribulus Cuvier 

Sablefish . 
Skilfish . . 

Anoplopomatidae — sablefishes 

. . . . P Anoplopoma fimbria (Pallas) 

. . . . P Erilepis zonifer (Lockington) 

Hexagrammidae — greenlings 

Kelp greenling P 

Masked greenling P 

Whitespotted greenling P 

Rock greenling P 

Lingcod P 

Painted greenling P 

Atka mackerel P 

. . . Hexagrammos decagrammus (Pallas) 
. . . Hexagrammos octogrammus (Pallas) 

Hexagrammos stelleri Tilesius 

. . .Hexagrammos superciliosus (Pallas) 

Ophiodon elongatus Girard 

Oxylebius pictus Gill 

, Pleurogrammus monopterygius (Pallas) 

Zaniolepidae — combfishes 

Shortspine combfish P 

Longspine combfish P 

. Zaniolepis frenata Eigenmann 
. .Zaniolepis latipinnis Girard 

Cottidae^ — sculpins 

Hookear sculpin A 

Coralline sculpin P 

.Artediellus uncinatus (Reinhardt) 
Artedius corallinus (Hubbs) 

• In addition to the species included, some 45 cottida are known to occur in North American waters only in Alaska. Most are small 
and little known. Their inclusion in thia list would be premature. 



Roughcheek sculpin P Artedius creaseri (Hubbs) 

Padded sculpin P Artedius fenestralis Jordan and Gilbert 

Spurcheek sculpin P Artedius hankinsoni (Hubbs) 

Scalyhead sculpin P Artedius harringtoni (Starks) 

Smoothhead sculpin P Artedius lateralis (Girard) 

Bonehead sculpin P Artedius notospilotus Girard 

Rosylip sculpin P Ascelichthys rhodorus Jordan and Gilbert 

Spinynose sculpin P Asemichthys taylori Gilbert 

Crested sculpin P Blepsias bilobus Cuvier 

Silverspotted sculpin P Blepsias cirrhosus (Pallas) 

Roughback sculpin P Chitonotus pugetensis (Steindachner) 

Sharpnose sculpin P-F Clinocottus acuticeps (Gilbert) 

Wooly sculpin P Clinocottus analis (Girard) 

Calico sculpin P Clinocottus embryum (Jordan and Starks) 

Mosshead sculpin P Clinocottus globiceps (Girard) 

Bald sculpin P Clinocottus recalvus (Greeley) 

Coastrange sculpin P-F Cottus aleuticus Gilbert 

Eagle sculpin F Cottus annae Jordan and Starks 

Prickly sculpin P-F Cottus asper Richardson 

Rough sculpin F Cottus asperrinius Rutter 

Mottled sculpin F Cottus bairdi Girard 

Piute sculpin F Cottus beldingi Eigenmann and Eigenmann 

Malheur sculpin F Cottus bendirei (Bean) 

Banded sculpin F Cottus carolinae (Gill) 

Slimy sculpin F Cottus cognatus Richardson 

Shoshone sculpin F Cottus greenei (Gilbert and Culver) 

Riffle sculpin F Cottus gidosus (Girard) 

Columbia sculpin F Cottus hubbsi Bailey and Dimick 

Marbled sculpin F Cottus klamathensis Gilbert 

Wood River sculpin F Cottus leiopomus Gilbert and Evermann 

Margmed sculpin F Cottus marginatus (Bean) 

Reticulate sculpin F Cottus perplexus Gilbert and Evermann 

Klamath Lake sculpin F Cottus princeps Gilbert 

Torrent sculpin F Cottus rhotheus (Smith) 

Spoonhead sculpin F Cottus ricei (Nelson) 

Slender sculpin F Cottus tenuis (Evermann and Meek) 

Spinyhead sculpin P Dasycottus setiger Bean 

Buffalo sculpin P Enophrys bison (Girard) 

Bull sculpin P Enophrys taurina Gilbert 

Soft sculpin P Gilbertidia sigalutes (Jordan and Starks) 

Arctic staghorn sculpin A-P Gymnocanthus tricuspis (Reinhardt) 

Red Irish lord P Hemilepidotus hemilepidotus (Tilesius) 

Brown Irish lord P Hemilepidotus spinosus (Ayres) 

Sea raven A Hemitripterus americanus (Gmelin) 

Northern sculpin P Icelinus borealis Gilbert 

Dusky sculpin P ... Icelinus burchami Evermann and Goldsborough 

Pit-head sculpin P Icelinus cavifrons Gilbert 

Threadfin sculpin P Icelinus filamentosus Gilbert 

Fringed sculpin P Icelinus fimbriatus Gilbert 

Frogmouth sculpin P Icelinus oculatus Gilbert 

Yellowchin sculpin P Icelinus quadriseriatus (Lockington) 

Spotfin sculpin P Icelinus tenuis Gilbert 

Twohorn sculpin A Icelus bicornis (Reinhardt) 

Spatulate sculpin A-P Icelus spatula Gilbert and Burke 

Longfin sculpin P Jordania zonope Starks 



Lavender sculpin P Leiocottus hirundo Girard 

Pacific staghorn sculpin P-F Leptocottus armatus Girard 

Blackfin sculpin P Malacocottus kincaidi Gilbert and Thompson 

Grubby A Myoxocephalus aeneus (Mitchill) 

Longhorn sculpin A Myoxocephalus octodecemspinosus (Mitchill) 

Great sculpin P Myoxocephalus polyacanthocephalus (Pallas) 

Fourhorn sculpin A-F-P Myoxocephalus quadricornis (Linnaeus) 

Arctic sculpin A-P Myoxocephalus scorpioides (Fabricius) 

Shorthorn sculpin A-P Myoxocephalus scorpius (Linnaeus) 

Sailfin sculpin P Nautichthys oculofasciatus (Girard) 

Tidepool sculpin P Oligocottus macidosus Girard 

Saddleback sculpin P Oligocottus rimensis (Greeley) 

Rosy sculpin P Oligocottus rubellio (Greeley) 

Fluffy sculpin P Oligocottus snyderi Greeley 

Snubnose sculpin P Orthonopias triads Starks and Mann 

Thornback sculpin P Paricelinus hopliticus 

Eigenmann and Eigenmann 

Tadpole sculpin P Psychrolutes paradoxus Giinther 

Slim sculpin P Radulinus asprellus Gilbert 

Darter sculpin P Radulinus holeoides Gilbert 

Smoothgum sculpin P Radulinus vinculus Bolin 

Grunt sculpin P Rhamphocottus richardsoni Giinther 

Puget Sound sculpin P Ruscarius meanyi Jordan and Starks 

Cabezon P Scorpaenichthys niarmoratus (Ayres) 

Manacled sculpin P Synchirus gilli Bean 

Roughspine sculpin P Triglops macellus (Bean) 

Mailed sculpin A Triglops nybelini Jensen 

Ribbed sculpin A-P Triglops pingeli Reinhardt 

Agonidae — poachers and alligatorfishes 

Northern spearnose poacher P Agonopsis emmelane (Jordan and Starks) 

Southern spearnose poacher P Agonopsis sterletus (Gilbert) 

Sturgeon poacher P Agonus acipenserinus Tilesius 

Atlantic poacher A Agonus decagonus Bloch and Schneider 

Smooth alligatorfish P Anoplagonus inermis (Giinther) 

Aleutian alligatorfish P Aspidophoroides bartoni Gilbert 

Alligatorfish A Aspidophoroides monopterygius (Bloch) 

Arctic alligatorfish A-P Aspidophoroides olriki Liitken 

Gray starsnout P Asterotheca alascana (Gilbert) 

Spinycheek starsnout P Asterotheca infraspinata (Gilbert) 

Bigeye poacher P Asterotheca pentacanthus (Gilbert) 

Blackfin poacher P Bathyagonus nigripinnis Gilbert 

Rockhead P Bothragonus swani (Steindachner) 

Fourhorn poacher P Hypsagonus quadricornis (Cuvier) 

Bering poacher P Occa dodecaedra (Tilesius) 

Warty poacher P Occa verrucosa (Lockington) 

Pygmy poacher P Odontopyxis irispinosa Lockington 

Tubenose poacher P Pallasina barbata (Steindachner) 

Sawback poacher P Sarritor frenatus (Gilbert) 

Longnose poacher P Sarritor leptorhynchus (Gilbert) 

Beardless poacher P Stelgis vulsa (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Pricklebreast poacher P Stellerina xyostema (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Blacktip poacher P Xeneretmus latifrons (Gilbert) 



Ciitfin poacher P Xeneretmus leiops Gilbert 

Stripefin poacher P Xeneretmus ritteri Gilbert 

Bluespotted poacher P Xeneretmus triacanthus (Gilbert) 

Cyclopteridae — lumpfishes and snailfishes 

Smooth lumpsucker P Aptocyclus ventricosus (Pallas) 

Longfin snailfish A Careproctus longipinnis Burke 

Globefish P Cyclopterichthys glaber Steindachner 

Arctic lumpsucker A Cyclopteropsis macalpini (Fowler) 

Lumpfish A Cyclopterus lumpus Linnaeus 

Leatherfin lumpsucker A-P Eumicrotremus derjngini Popov 

Pacific spiny lumpsucker P Eumicrotremus orbis (Gunther) 

Atlantic spiny lumpsucker A Eumicrotremus spinosus (Muller) 

Newfoundland spiny lumpsucker . A Eumicrotremus terraenovae Myers and Bohlke 

Seasnail A Liparis atlanticus (Jordan and Evermann) 

Spotted snailfish P Liparis callyodon (Pallas) 

Ribbon snailfish P Liparis cyclopus Gunther 

Polka-dot snailfish A-P Liparis cyclostigma Gilbert 

]\Iarbled snailfish P Liparis dennyi Jordan and Starks 

Tidepool snailfish P Liparis florae (Jordan and Starks) 

Slipskm snailfish P Liparis fucensis Gilbert 

Gelatinous seasnail A-P Liparis koefoedi Parr 

Striped seasnail A Liparis liparis (Linnaeus) 

Slimy snailfish P Liparis mucosiis Ayres 

Showy snailfish P Liparis pulchellus Ayres 

Ringtail snailfish P Liparis rutteri (Gilbert and Snyder) 

Greenland seasnail A Liparis tunicatus Reinhardt 

Tadpole snailfish P Nectoliparis pelagicus Gilbert and Burke 

Prickly snailfish P Paraliparis deani Burke 

Bering snailfish P Polypera beringiana (Gilbert and Burke) 

Lobefin snailfish P Polypera greeni (Jordan and Starks) 

Dactylopteridae — flying gurnards 

Flying gurnard A Dactylopterus volitans (Linnaeus) 

Trichodontidae — sandfishes 

Sailfin sandfish P Arctoscopus japonicus (Steindachner) 

Pacific sandfish P Trichodon trichodon (Tilesius) 

Ammodytidae — sand lances 

American sand lance A Ammodytes americanus DeKay 

Northern sand lance A Ammodytes dubius Reinhardt 

Pacific sand lance A-P Ammodytes hexapterus Pallas 

Opisthognathidae — j a wfishes 

Sword tail jawfish A Lonchopisthus lindneri Ginsburg 

Yellowhead jawfish A Opisthognathus aurifrons 

(Jordan and Thompson) 

Banded jawfish A Opisthognathus fasciatus Longley 

Longtail jawfish A Opisthognathus lonchurus Jordan and Gilbert 

Spotfin jawfish A Opisthognathus macrognathus Poey 

Mottled jawfish A Opisthognathus maxillosus Poey 



Pensacola jawfish A Opisthognathus mystacinus (Jordan) 

Dusky jawfish A Opisthognathus whitehursti (Longley) 

Bathymasteridae — ronquils 

Alaskan ronquil P . . .Bathymaster caeruleofasciatus Gilbert and Burke 

Searcher P Bathymaster signatus Cope 

Rough ronquil P Rathhunella alleni Gilbert 

Smooth ronquil P Rathhunella hypoplectus (Gilbert) 

Northern ronquil P Ronquilus jordani (Gilbert) 

Percophididae — flatheads 

Duckbill flathead A Bemhrops anatirostris Ginsburg 

Goby flathead A Bemhrops gohioides (Goode) 

Uranoscopidae — stargazers 

Freckled stargazer A Arioscopus egregius (Jordan and Thompson) 

Northern stargazer A Astroscopus guttatus Abbott 

Southern stargazer A Astroscopus y-graecum (Cuvier) 

Lancer stargazer A Kathetostoma alhigutta (Bean) 

Smooth stargazer P Kathetostoma averruncus Jordan and Bollman 

Dactyloscopidae — sand stargazers 

Sand stargazer A Dactyloscopus iridigitatus Gill 

Arrow stargazer A Gillellus greyae Kanazawa 

Saddle stargazer A Heteristius ruhrocinctus (Longley) 

Callionymidae — dragonets 

Lancer dragonet A Callionymus hairdi Jordan 

Coral dragonet A Callionymus boekei Metzlaar 

Spotted dragonet A . Callionymus calliurus Eigenmann and Eigenmann 

Clinidae — clinids 

Roughhead blenny A Acanthemhlemaria aspera (Longley) 

Spinyhead blenny A Acanthemhlemaria spinosa Metzelaar 

Island kelpfish P Alloclinus holderi (Lauderbach) 

Checkered blenny A Brannerella ocellata (Steindachner) 

Orangethroat pikeblenny P Chaenopsis alepidota (Gilbert) 

Bluethroat pikeblenny A Chaenopsis ocellata Poey 

Deep water blenny P Cryptotrema corallinum Gilbert 

Banner blenny A Emhlemaria atlantica Jordan and Evermann 

Glass blenny A Emhlemaria diaphana (Longley) 

Sailfin blenny A Emhlemaria pandionis Evermann and Marsh 

Pirate blenny A Emhlemaria piratula Ginsburg and Reid 

Redeye blenny A Enneapterygius pectoralis Fowler 

Spotted kelpfish P Gihhonsia elegans (Cooper) 

Scarlet kelpfish P Gihhonsia erythra Hubbs 

Striped kelpfish P Gihhonsia metzi Hubbs 

Crevice kelpfish P Gihhonsia montercyensis Hubbs 

Wrasse blenny A . Hemiemhlemaria simulus Longley and Hildebrand 

Giant kelpfish P Heterostichus rostratus Girard 



Mimic blenny A Labrisomus guppyi (Norman) 

Downy blenny A Labrisomus kalisherae (Jordan) 

Spotcheek blenny A Labrisomus nigricinctus Howell Rivero 

Hairy blenny A Labrisomus nuchipinnis (Quoy and Gaimard) 

Rosy blenny A Malacodenus macropus (Poey) 

Saddled blenny A Malacodenus triangulatus Springer 

Sarcastic fringehead P Neodinus blanchardi Girard 

Yellowfin fringehead P Neodinus stephensae Hubbs 

Onespot fringehead P Neodinus uninotatus Hubbs 

Coral blenny A Paradinus cingulatus (Evermann and Marsh) 

Banded blenny A Paradinus fasciatus (Steindachner) 

Horned blenny A Paradinus grandicomis (Rosen) 

Reef finspot P Paradinus integripinnis (Smith) 

Marbled blenny A Paradinus marmoratus (Steindachner) 

Blackfin blenny A Paradinus nigripinnis (Steindachner) 

Blackbelly blenny A Stathmonotus hemphilli Bean 

Eelgrass blenny A Stathmonotus stahli (Evermann and Marsh) 

Blenniidae — combtooth blennies 

Molly miller A Blennius cristatus Linnaeus 

Seaweed blenny A Blennius marmoreus Poey 

Highfin blenny A Blennius nicholsi Tavolga 

Fringe blenny A Blennius pilicornis Cuvier 

Striped blenny A Chasmodes bosquianus (Lacepede) 

Florida blenny A Chasmodes saburrae Jordan and Gilbert 

Pearl blenny A Entomacrodus textilis (Quoy and Gaimard) 

Barred blenny A ... Hypleurochilus bermudensis Beebe and Tee- Van 

Crested blenny A Hypleurochilus geminatus (Wood) 

Bay blenny P Hypsoblennius gentilis (Girard) 

Rockpool blenny P Hypsoblennius gilberti (Jordan) 

Feather blenny A Hypsoblennius hentzi (LeSueur) 

Freckled blenny A Hypsoblennius ionthas (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Redlip blenny A Ophioblennius atlanticus (Valenciennes) 

Anarhichadidae — wolffishes 

Northern wolffish A Anarhichas denticulatus Ej'0yer 

Atlantic wolffish A Anarhichas lupus Linnaeus 

Spotted wolffish A Anarhichas minor Olafsen 

Bering wolffish P Anarhichas orientalis Pallas 

Wolf -eel P Anarrhichthys ocellatus Ayres 

Pholidae — gunnels 

Penpoint gunnel P Apodichthys flavidus Girard 

Stippled gunnel P Pholis dolichogaster (Pallas) 

Banded gunnel A Pholis fasciata (Bloch and Schneider) 

Bering gunnel P Pholis gilli Evermann and Goldsborough 

Rock gunnel A Pholis gunnellus (Linnaeus) 

Crescent gunnel P Pholis laeta (Cope) 

Saddleback gunnel P Pholis ornata (Girard) 

Red gunnel P Pholis schultzi Hubbs 

Kelp gunnel P Ulvicola sanctaerosae Gilbert and Starks 

Rockweed gunnel P Xererpes fu^orum (Jordan and Gilbert) 



Stichaeidae^ — pricklebacks 

Y-blenny P ... . Allolumpenus hypochromus Hubbs and Schultz 

Cockscomb P Anoplarchus purpurescens Gill 

Monkeyf ace blenny P Cebidichthys violaceus (Girard) 

Mosshead prickleback P Chirolophus nugator (Jordan and Williams) 

Decorated blenny P Chirolophus polyactocephalus (Pallas) 

Wrymouth A Cryptacanthodes maculatus Storer 

Giant wrymouth P Delolepis gigantea Kittlitz 

Fourline snakeblenny A-P Eumesogrammus praecisus (Kj0yer) 

Longsnout blenny P Lumpenella longirostris 

(Evermann and Goldsborough) 

Slender eelblenny A-P Lumpenus fabricii (Valenciennes) 

Snake blenny A Lumpenus lumpretaejormis (Walbaum) 

Shanny A-P Lumpenus macidatus (Fries) 

Stout eelblenny A-P Lumpenus medius Reinhardt 

Pacific snakeblenny P Lumpenus sagitta Wilimovsky 

Dwarf wrymouth P Lyconectes aleutensis Gilbert 

Ribbon prickleback P Phytichthys chirus (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Crisscross prickleback P Plagiogrammus hopkinsi Bean 

Bluebarred prickleback P Pleetohranchus evides Gilbert 

Whitebarred blenny P Poroclinus rothrocki Bean 

Arctic shanny A-P Stichaeus punctatus (Fabricius) 

Radiated shanny A Ulvaria suhhifurcata (Storer) 

Black prickleback P Xiphister atropurpureus (Kittlitz) 

Rock blenny P Xiphister mucosus (Girard) 

Ptilichthyidae — quillfishes 
Quillfish P Ptilichthys goodei Bean 

Zoarcidae^ — eelpouts 

Bigfin eelpout P Aprodon cortezianus Gilbert 

Snakehead eelpout P Embryx crotalina (Gilbert) 

Fish doctor A Gymnelis viridis (Fabricius) 

Wolf eelpout A Lycenchelys verrilli (Goode and Bean) 

Blackmouth eelpout P Lycodapus fierasfer Gilbert 

Pallid eelpout P Lycodapus mandibularis Gilbert 

Shortfin eelpout P Lycodes hrevipes Bean 

Black eelpout P Lycodes diapterus Gilbert 

Newfoundland eelpout A Lycodes lavalaei Vladykov and Tremblay 

Wattled eelpout P Lycodes palearis Gilbert 

Pale eelpout A Lycodes pallidus Collett 

Arctic eelpout A Lycodes reticulatus Reinhardt 

Polar eelpout A-P Lycodes turneri Bean 

Blackbelly eelpout P Lycodopsis pacifica (Collett) 

Bearded eelpout P Lyconema harhatum Gilbert 

Ocean pout A ... Macrozoarces americanus (Bloch and Schneider) 

Scytalinidae — graveldivers 
Graveldiver P Scytalina cerdale Jordan and Gilbert 

' In addition to those listed, at least six species occur in our area only in Bering Sea. Too little is known about these to permit pro- 
posal of common names at this time. 

2 In addition to species listed, there are others that live in deep water off our coasts and some that occur over the continental shelf 
in northern seas, especially around Alaska. 







Zaproridae — prowfishes 
. P 

. Zaprora silenus Jordan 

Brotulidae — brotulas 

Red brotula P Brosmophycis marginata (Ayres) 

Bearded brotula A Brotula barbata (Bloch and Schneider) 

Key brotula A Ogilbia cayorum Evermann and Kendall 

Ophidiidae — cusk-eels 

Fawn eusk-eel A Lepophidium cervinum (Goode and Bean) 

Blackedge cusk-eel A Lepophidium graellsi (Poey) 

Mottled cusk-eel A Lepophidium jeannae Fowler 

Bank cusk-eel A Ophidion holbrooki (Putnam) 

Pencil cusk-eel P 

Mooneye cusk-eel A 

Crested cusk-eel A 

Polka-dot cusk-eel A 

Basketweave cusk-eel P 

Spotted cusk-eel P 

Striped cusk-eel A 

. Ophidion novaculum Harry 

Ophidion selenops Robins and Bohlke 

Ophidion welshi (Nichols and Breder) 

Otophidium omostigmum (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Otophidium scrippsae Hubbs 

Otophidium taylori (Girard) 

Rissola marginata (DeKay) 


Carapidae — pearlfishes 
A Carapus hermudensis (Jones) 

Stromateidae — butterfishes 

Black ruff A 

Longfin cigarfish P 

Silver-rag A 

Medusafish P 

Blackrag P 

Man-of-war fish A 

Barrelfish A 

Pacific pompano P 

Southern harvestfish A 

Northern harvestfish A 

Butterfish A 

Freckled drif tfish A 

Silver drif tfish A 

Spotted drif tfish A 

Centrolophus niger (Gmelin) 

Cubiceps gracilis (Lowe) 

Cubiceps nigriargenteus Ginsburg 

, Icichthys lockingtoni Jordan and Gilbert 

Icticus pellv£idus (Liitken) 

N omens gronowi (Gmelin) 

... Palinurichthys perciformis (Mitchill) 

Palometa simillima (Ayres) 

Peprilus alepidotus (Linnaeus) 

Peprilus paru (Linnaeus) 

Poronotus triacanthus (Peck) 

Psenes cyanophrys Cuvier 

Psenes maculatus Liitken 

Psenes regulus Poey 

Tetragonuridae — squaretails 

Bigeye squaretail A 

Smalleye squaretail P 

Tetragonurus atlanticus Lowe 
. . . Tetragonurus cuvieri Risso 


Icosteidae — ragfishes 
P Icosteus aenigmaticus Lockington 

Sphyraenidae — barracudas 

Pacific barracuda P Sphyraena argentea Girard 

Great barracuda A Sphyraena barracuda (Walbaum) 

Northern sennet A Sphyraena borealis DeKay 



Guaguanche A Sphyraena guachancho Cuvier 

Southern sennet A Sphyraena picudilla Poey 

Mugilidae — mullets 

Mountain mullet A-F Agonostomus monticola (Bancroft) 

Striped mullet^ A-F-P Mugil cephalus Linnaeus 

White mullet A Mugil curema Valenciennes 

Redeye mullet A Mugil gaimardiana Desmarest 

Liza A Mugil liza Valenciennes 

Fan tail mullet A Mugil trichodon Poey 

Atherinidae — silversides 

Reef silverside A Allanetta harringtonensis (Goode) 

Hardhead silverside A Atherinomorus stipes (Miiller and Troschel) 

Topsmelt P-F Atherinops affinis (Ayres) 

Jacksmelt P Atherinopsis calif omiensis Girard 

Brook silverside F Labidesthes sicculus (Cope) 

California grunion P Leuresthes tenuis (Ayres) 

Rough silverside A Membras martinica (Valenciennes) 

Mississippi silverside F Menidia audens Hay 

Tidewater silverside A-F Menidia beryllina (Cope) 

Key silverside A Menidia conchorum Hildebrand and Ginsburg 

Waccamaw silverside F Menidia extensa Hubbs and Raney 

Atlantic silverside A Menidia menidia (Linnaeus) 

Polynemidae — threadfins 

Pacific threadfin P Polydactijlus approximans (Lay and Bennett) 

Atlantic threadfin A Polydactylus octonemus (Girard) 

Yellow threadfin P Polydactylus opercularis (Gill) 

Barbu A Polydactylus virginicus (Linnaeus) 

Order Pleuronectiformes (Heterosomata) 

Bothidae — lefteye flounders 

Three-eye flounder A Ancylopsetta dilecta (Goode and Bean) 

Ocellated flounder A Ancylopsetta quadrocellata Gill 

Peacock flounder A Boihus lunatus (Linnaeus) 

Eyed flounder A Boihus ocellatus (Agassiz) 

Pelican flounder A Chascanopsetta lugubris Alcock 

Gulf Stream flounder A Citharichthys arctifrons Goode 

Horned whiff A Citharichthys cornutus (Giinther) 

Spotted whiff A Citharichthys macrops Dresel 

Pacific sanddab P Citharichthys sordidus (Girard) 

Bay whiff A Citharichthys spilopterus Giinther 

Speckled sanddab P Citharichthys stigmaeus Jordan and Gilbert 

Longfin sanddab P Citharichthys xanthostigma Gilbert 

Mexican flounder A Cyclopsetta chittendeni Bean 

Spotfin flounder A Cyclopsetta jimhriata (Goode and Bean) 

Spiny flounder A Engyophrys sentus Ginsburg 

Fringed flounder A Etropus crossotus Jordan and Gilbert 

Smallmouth flounder A Etropus microstomus (Gill) 

' Known as black mullet in Florida. 



Gray flounder A Etropus rimosus Goode and Bean 

Shrimp flounder A Gastropsetta frontalis Bean 

Bigmouth sole P . Hippoglossina stomata Eigenmann and Eigenmann 

Slim flounder A Monolene antillarum Norman 

Deepwater flounder A Monolene sessilicauda Goode 

Gulf flounder A Paralichthys alhigutta Jordan and Gilbert 

California halibut P Paralichthys calif omicus (Ayres) 

Summer flounder A Paralichthys dentatus (Linnaeus) 

Southern flounder A Paralichthys lethostigma Jordan and Gilbert 

Fourspot flounder A Paralichthys oblongus (Mitchill) 

Broad flounder A Paralichthys sguamilentus Jordan and Gilbert 

Windowpane A Scophthalmus aquosus (Mitchill) 

Shoal flounder A Syacium gunteri Ginsburg 

Channel flounder A Syacium micrurum Ranzani 

Dusky flounder A Syacium papillosum (Linnaeus) 

Sash flounder A Trichopsetta ventralis (Goode and Bean) 

Fan tail sole P Xystreurys liolepis Jordan and Gilbert 

Pleuronectidae — righteye flounders 

Arrowtooth flounder P Atheresthes stomias (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Deepsea sole P Emhassichthys hathybius (Gilbert) 

Petrale sole P Eopsetta jordani (Lockington) 

Witch flounder A Glyptocephalus cynoglossus (Linnaeus) 

Rex sole P Glyptocephalus zachirus Lockington 

Flathead sole P Hippoglossoides elassodon Jordan and Gilbert 

American plaice A Hippoglossoides platessoides (Fabricius) 

Bering flounder P Hippoglossoides robustiis Gill and Townsend 

Atlantic halibut A Hippoglossus hippoglossus (Linnaeus) 

Pacific halibut P Hippoglossus stenolepis Schmidt 

Diamond turbot P Hypsopsetta guttulata (Girard) 

Butter sole P Isopsetta isolepis (Lockington) 

Rock sole P Lepidopsetta bilineata (Ayres) 

Yellowfin sole P Limanda aspera (Pallas) 

Yellowtail flounder A Limanda ferruginea (Storer) 

Longhead dab P Limanda proboscidea Gilbert 

Arctic flounder P Liopsetta glacialis (Pallas) 

Smooth flounder A Liopsetta putnami (Gill) 

Slender sole P Lyopsetta exilis (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Dover sole P Microstomus pacificus (Lockington) 

English sole P Parophrys vetulus Girard 

Starry flounder P-F Platichthys stellatus (Pallas) 

Alaska plaice P Pleuronectes quadrituberculatus Pallas 

C-0 sole P Pleuronichthys coenosus Girard 

Curlfin sole P Pleuronichthys decurrens Jordan and Gilbert 

Spotted turbot P Pleuronichthys ritteri Starks and Morris 

Hornyhead turbot P Pleuronichthys verticalis Jordan and Gilbert 

Sand sole P Psettichthys melanostictus Girard 

Winter flounder A Pseudopleuronectes americanus (Walbaum) 

Greenland halibut A Reirihardtius hippoglossoides (Walbaum) 

Soleidae — soles 

Lined sole A Achirus lineatus (Linnaeus) 

Naked sole A Gymnachirus nudus Kaup 

Scrawled sole A Trinectes inscriptus (Gosse) 

Hogchoker A Trinectes maculatus (Bloch and Schneider) 



Cynoglossidae — tonguefishes 

California tonguefish P Symphurus atricauda (Jordan and Gilbert) 

Offshore tonguefish A Symphurus civitatus Ginsburg 

Spottedfin tonguefish A Symphurus diomedianus (Goode and Bean) 

Largescale tonguefish A Symphurus minor Ginsburg 

Pygmy tonguefish A Symphurus parvus Ginsburg 

Longtail tonguefish A Symphurus pelicanus Ginsburg 

Deepwater tonguefish A Symphurus piger (Goode and Bean) 

Blackcheek tonguefish A Symphurus plagiusa (Linnaeus) 

Northern tonguefish A Symphurus pusillus (Goode and Bean) 

Spottail tonguefish A Symphurus urospilus Ginsburg 

Order Echeneiformes (Discocephali) 

Echeneidae — remoras 

Sharksucker A Echeneis naucrates Linnaeus 

Whitefin sharksucker A Echeneis neucratoides Zuieuw 

Slender suckerfish A Phtheirichthys Uneatus (Menzies) 

Whalesucker A-P Remora australis (Bennett) 

Spearfish remora A-P Remora brachyptera (Lowe) 

Marlinsucker A-P Remora osieochir (Cuvier) 

Remora A-P Remora remora (Linnaeus) 

White suckerfish A-P Remorina albescens (Temminck and Schlegel) 

Order Gobiesociformes (Xenopterygii) 

Gobiesocidae — clingfishes 

Emerald clingfish A Acyrtops beryllinus (Hildebrand and Ginsburg) 

Northern clingfish P Gobiesox maeandricus (Girard) 

Bearded clingfish P Gobiesox papillifer Gilbert 

Stippled clingfish A Gobiesox punctulatus (Poey) 

California clingfish P Gobiesox rhessodon Smith 

Skilletfish A Gobiesox strumosus Cope 

Slender clingfish P Rimicola eigenmanni (Gilbert) 

Kelp clingfish P Rimicola muscarum (Meek and Hildebrand) 

Order Tetraodontiformes (Plectognathi) 

Triacanthodidae — spikefishes 

Jambeau A Parahollardia lineata (Longley) 

Balistidae — triggerfishes and filefishes 

Unicorn filefish A Alutera monoceros (Linnaeus) 

Orange filefish A Alutera schoepfi (Walbaum) 

Scrawled filefish A Alutera scripta (Osbeck) 

Dotterel filefish A Alutera ventralis Longley 

Gray triggerfish A Batistes capriscus Gmelin 

Spotted triggerfish A Batistes forcipatus Gmelin 

Finescale triggerfish P Batistes polylepis Steindachner 

Queen triggerfish A Batistes vetula Linnaeus 

Orangespotted filefish A Cantherines pullus (Ranzani) 

Rough triggerfish A Canthidermis maculatus (Bloch) 

Ocean triggerfish A Canthidermis sufflamen (Mitchill) 

Black durgon A Melichthys radula (Solander) 



Fringed filefish A Monacanthus ciliatus (Mitchill) 

Planehead filefish A Monacanthis hispidus (Linnaeus) 

Pygmy filefish A Monacanthus setifer Bennett 

Slender filefish A Monacanthus tuckeri Bean 

Redtail triggerfish P Xanthichthys lineopunctatus (Hollard) 

Sargassum triggerfish A Xanthichthys ringens (Linnaeus) 

Ostraciidae — trunkfishes 

Spotted trunkfish A Lactophrys bicaudalis (Linnaeus) 

Cowfish A Lactophrys quadricornis (Linnaeus) 

Trunkfish A Lactophrys trigonus (Linnaeus) 

Smooth trunkfish A Lactophrys triqueter (Linnaeus) 

Spiny trunkfish P Lactoria diaphana (Bloch and Schneider) 

Tetraodontidae — puffers 

Sharpnose puffer A Canthigaster rostrata (Bloch) 

Smooth puffer A Lagocephalus laevigatus (Linnaeus) 

Oceanic puffer P Lagocephalus lagocephalus (Linnaeus) 

Jugfish A Lagocephalus pachycephalus (Ranzani) 

Bullseye puffer P Sphaeroides annulatus ( Jenyns) 

Marbled puffer A Sphaeroides dorsalis Longley 

Northern puffer A Sphaeroides maculatus (Bloch and Schneider) 

Southern puffer A Sphaeroides nephelus (Goode and Bean) 

Bandtail puffer A Sphaeroides spengleri (Bloch) 

Checkered puffer A Sphaeroides testudineus (Linnaeus) 

Diodontidae — porcupinefishes 

Pacific burrfish P Chilomycterus affinis Giinther 

Bridled burrfish A Chilomycterus antennatus (Cuvier) 

Web burrfish A Chilomycterus antillarum Jordan and Rutter 

Spotted burrfish A Chilomycterus atinga (Linnaeus) 

Striped burrfish A Chilomycterus schoepfi (Walbaum) 

Balloonfish A Diodon holacanthus Linnaeus 

Porcupinefish A-P Diodon hystrix Linnaeus 

Molidae — molas 

Sharptail mola A Mola lanceolata Lienard 

Ocean sunfish A-P Mola mola (Linnaeus) 

Slender mola P Ranzania laevis (Pennant) 

Order Batrachoidiformes (Haplodoci) 

Batrachoididae — toadfishes 

Gulf toadfish A Opsanus beta (Goode and Bean) 

Leopard toadfish A Opsanus pardus (Goode and Bean) 

Oyster toadfish A Opsanus tau (Linnaeus) 

Slim midshipman P Porichthys myriaster Hubbs and Schultz 

Northern midshipman P Porichthys notatus Girard 

Atlantic midshipman A Porichthys porosissimus (Cuvier) 

Order Lophiiformes (Pediculati) 

Lophiidae — goosefishes 

Goosefish A Lophius americanus Valenciennes 



Antennariidae — frogfishes 

Roughjaw frogfish P Antennarius avalonis Jordan and Starks 

Longlure frogfish A Antennarius multiocellatus (Valenciennes) 

Ocellated frogfish A Antennarius ocellatus (Bloch and Schneider) 

Singlespot frogfish A Antennarius radiosus Garman 

SpUtlure frogfish A Antennarius scaber (Cuvier) 

Sargassumfish A Histrio histrio (Linnaeus) 

OgcocephaUdae — batfishes 

Spiny batfish A Halieutichthys aculeatus (Mitchill) 

Tricom batfish A Ogcocephalus mcgintyi Fowler 

Shortnose batfish A Ogcocephalus nasutus (Valenciennes) 

Roughback batfish A Ogcocephalus parvus Longley and Hildebrand 

Polka-dot batfish A Ogcocephalus radiatus (Mitchill) 

Longnose batfish A Ogcocephalus vespertilio (Linnaeus) 

Spotted batfish P Zalieutes elater (Jordan and Gilbert) 


Index to Common Names 

agujon 20 

albacore 35 

false — see tuna, little 

alewife 10 

alligatorfish 40 

Aleutian 40 

Arctic 40 

smooth 40 

alligatorfishes 40 

allmouth — see goosefish 

amberjack, false — see amberjack, lesser 

greater 30 

lesser 30 

Pacific 30 

slender — see rudderfish, banded 



anchovy, bay 







New Jersey 


Pacific — see anchovy, northern 





angelfish, black — see angelfish, French; 
angelfish, gray 

blue 32 

French 32 

gray 32 

quee» 32 

white — see spadefish, Atlantic 

angler — see goosefish 

argentine, Atlantic 12 

Pacific 12 

argentines 12 


bairdiella 31 

balao 20 

balloonfish 49 

ballyhoo 20 

redtail — see ballyhoo 

barbfish 36 

barbier, red 25 

barbu 46 

barracuda, California — see barracuda, 

great 45 

northern — see sennet, northern 

Pacific 45 

barracudas 45 

barreleye 12 

barreleyes 12 

barrelfish 45 

bass, bank sea 25 

bigeye — see salema 

black^ — see bass, largemouth; bass, 
smallmouth; bass, spotted; bass, red- 

blackear 25 

black sea 25 

see also bass, giant sea 
blue — see blacksmith; croaker, black; 

opaleye; sargo 
bull — see bass, kelp 
calico — see bass, kelp; crappie, black 

chalk 26 

channel — see drum, red 
Coosa — see bass, redeye 

crimson 25 

giant sea 26 

see also skilfish 

Guadalupe 27 

kelp 25 

Kentucky — see bass, spotted 

lantern 25 

largemouth 27 

longtail 25 

orangeback 25 

pygmy sea 26 

redeye 27 

see also bass, rock 

reef 25 

Roanoke 27 

rock 27 

rock sea 25 

roughtongue 25 

saddle 25 

sand 25 

silver — see bass, white 

smallmouth 27 

southern sea 25 

speckled — see crappie, black 




bass, splittail 25 

spotted 27 

spotted sand 25 

stone — see wreckfish 
strawberry — see crappie, black 

streamer 25 

striped 26 

Suwannee 27 

white 26 

yellow 26 

yellowtail 25 

basses, sea 25 

batfish, longnose 50 

polka-dot 50 

roughback 50 

shortnose 50 

spiny 50 

spotted 50 

tricorn 50 

baysmelt — see topsmelt 
beadeye — see stonecat 

beardfish 24 

beardfishes 24 

beaugregory 33 

beauty, rock 32 

bergall — see cunner 

bigeye 26 

short 26 

bigeyes 26 

billfish — see needlefish; saury; gar 

billfishes 35 

bitterling 16 

blackback — see flounder, winter 

blackcod — see sablefish 

blackfish — see bass, black sea ; tautog 

Alaska 12 

Sacramento 16 

blackrag 45 

blacksmith 33 

blanquillo — see whitefish, ocean 

blennies, combtooth 43 

blenny, banded 43 

banner 42 

barred 43 

see prickleback, bluebarred 

bay 43 

belted — see prickleback, ribbon 
black — see prickleback, black 

blackbelly 43 

blackfin 43 

bracketed — see gunnel, crescent 
burrowing — see graveldiver 

checkered 42 

coral 43 

crested 43 

see also cockscomb 

decorated 44 

deep water 42 

downy 43 

eelgrass 43 

feather 43 

Florida 43 

freckled 43 

fringe 43 

fucus — see gunnel, rockweed 

glass 42 

hairy 43 

highfin 43 

horned 43 

longsnout 44 

marbled 43 

mimic 43 

monkeyface 44 

ornamented — see prickleback, moss- 

pearl 43 

pen-point — see gunnel, penpoint 

pirate 42 

redeye 42 

redlip 43 

rock 44 

see prickleback, black 

rockpool 43 

rosy 43 

roughhead 42 

saddled 43 

see gunnel, saddleback 

sailfin 42 

seaweed 43 

snake 44 

spinyhead 42 

spotcheek 43 

striped 43 

whitebarred 44 

wrasse 42 

blindcat, toothless 19 

widemouth 19 

blindfish — see cavefish 

bloater 11 

bluefish 29 

bluefishes 29 

bluegill 27 

bluehead 34 

boarfish, deepbody 24 

shortspine 24 

boarfishes 24 

bobo — see threadfin, Pacific 

bocaccio 37 

bonefish 10 

bonefishes 10 

bonehead — see bonito. Pacific 

bonito, Atlantic 35 

California — see bonito. Pacific 
oceanic — see tuna, skipjack 

Pacific 35 

striped 35 



bonnethead 8 

bony fishes 9 

bonytail 14 

boo hoo — see mackerel, frigate 

bowfin 10 

bowfins 10 

boxfish — see trunkfish 

spiny — see burrfish, striped 

bream — see pinfish; bluegill 
Ray's— see pomfret 
sea 32 

brill — see sole, petrale 

broadbill — see svvordfish 

brotula, bearded 45 

key 45 

red 45 

brotulas 45 

buffalo, bigmouth 17 

black 17 

gourd-head — see buffalo, bigmouth 

highback — see buffalo, smallmouth 

mongrel — see buffalo, black 

razorback — see buffalo, smallmouth 

redmouth — see buffalo, bigmouth 

round — see buffalo, black 

smallmouth 17 

bull, Mexican — see margate, black 

buUfish — see cabezon 

bullhead — see also cabezon; sculpin, Pa- 
cific staghorn 

black 18 

bro\vn 18 

flat 18 

yellow 18 

bumper 29 

burbot 22 

burrfish, bridled 49 

Pacific 49 

spotted 49 

striped 49 

web 49 

butterfish 45 

see also gunnel, rock 

butterfishes 45 

butterflyfish, banded 32 

bank 32 

f oureye 32 

longsnout 32 

reef 32 

spotfin 32 

butterflyfishes 32 


cabezon 40 

see also sculpin. Pacific staghorn 
cabezone — see sculpin. Pacific staghorn 
cabio — see cobia 
cabrilla, spotted 25 

candlefish — see eulachon 

capelin 12 

cardinalfish, barred 26 

belted 26 

bridle 26 

bronze 26 

dusky 26 

freckled 26 

pale 26 

sawcheek 26 

twospot 26 

whitestar 26 

cardinalfishes 26 

carp 13 

carps 13 

carpsucker, highfin 17 

plains 17 

river 17 

cartilaginous fishes 6 

catalufa — see also bigeye 

popeye 26 

catfish, bigmouth — see catfish, gaff topsail 
black — see bullhead, black 

blue 18 

brown — see bullhead, brown 

channel 18 

flathead 19 

forktail — see catfish, white 

gafftopsail 18 

headwater 18 

mud — see catfish, flathead 
Potomac — see catfish, white 

sea 18 

see also v/olffish, Atlantic 
shovelhead — see catfish, flathead 
smallmouth — see catfish, sea 
spoonbill — see paddlefish 
squaretail — see bullhead, brown 

white 18 

Yaqui 18 

yellow — see catfish, flathead 

catfishes, freshwater 18 

sea 18 

cavefish, northern 22 

Ozark 22 

southern 22 

spring 22 

cavefishes 22 

cero 35 

chaetodon — see sunfish, blackbanded 

char, Arctic 12 

Great Lakes — see trout, lake 
speckled — see trout, brook 

characins 13 

charr — see char 

cherubfish 32 

chilipepper 37 

chimaeras 9 



chinafish — see filefish, scrawled; rock- 
fish, china 

chiro — see ladj^sh 

chiselmouth 13 

chromis, blue 33 

brown 33 

chub — see also cisco 

Alabama 14 

arroyo 14 

Bermuda 32 

bigeye 14 

blotched 14 

blue 13 

bluehead 14 

Columbia River — see peamouth 

creek 17 

flame 14 

flathead 14 

gravel 14 

highback 14 

hornyhead 14 

humpback 13 

Klamath — see chub, blue 

lake 14 

least 14 

leatherside 17 

Mohave 17 

northern — see chub, lake 

Oregon 14 

peamouth — see peamouth 

redeye 14 

Rio Grande 14 

river 14 

rosyface 14 

sicklefin 14 

silver 14 

slender 14 

Sonora 14 

speckled 14 

spotfin 14 

streamline 14 

sturgeon 14 

thicklip 14 

thicktail 13 

Tui 17 

Utah 13 

Yaqui 14 

yellow 32 

chubs, sea 32 

chubsucker, creek 17 

lake 17 

sharpfin 17 

cichlid, pearl — see perch, Rio Grande 

velvet 33 

cichlids 33 

cigarfish — see also scad, round; scad, 

longfin 45 











white — see cisco, deepwater 

clingfish, bearded 48 

California 48 

common — see clingfish, northern 

emerald 48 

kelp 48 

northern 48 

slender 48 

stippled 48 

clingfishes 48 

clinids 42 

cobbler — see mummichog 

cobia 29 

cobias 29 

cockscomb 44 

cod, Arctic 22 

Atlantic 22 

black — see sablefish 

blue — see cabezon 

bull — see cabezon 

channel — see rockfish, channel 

chili— see chilipepper 

cultus — see lingcod 

Greenland 22 

northern — see cod, saffron 

Pacific 22 

polar 22 

rock — see cod, Atlantic; rockfish 

saffron 22 

codfishes 22 

combfish, longspine 38 

shortspine 38 

combfishes 38 

conchfish 26 

coney 25 

conger, bandtooth 19 

Catalina 19 

manytooth 19 

margintail 19 

silver 19 

whiptail 19 

yellow 19 

conny — see inconnu 

convictfish — see greenling, painted 

corbina, Cahfornia 31 

cornetfish 23 

cornetfishes 23 

corvina, orangemouth 31 



corvina, shortfin 31 

cottonwick 31 

cowfish 49 

crabeater — see cobia 

crampfish — see ray, lesser electric 

crappie, black 27 

white 27 

creole-fish 25 

crestfish 24 

crestfishes 24 

crevalle, green — see runner, blue 
jack — see jack, crevalle 

croaker, Atlantic 31 

black 31 

blue 31 

Catalina 31 

china — see croaker, black; sargo 
golden — see croaker, spotfin 
king — see croaker, white 

reef 31 

spotfin 31 

white 31 

yellowfin 31 

cubbyn 31 

cui-ui 17 

cultus. Pacific — see lingcod 

cunner 34 

cusk 22 

cusk-eel, bank 45 

basketweave 45 

blackedge 45 

crested 45 

fawn 45 

mooneye 45 

mottled 45 

pencil 45 

polka-dot 45 

spotted 45 

striped 45 

cusk-eels 45 

cutlassfish, Atlantic 34 

Pacific 34 

cutlassfishes 34 

cyprinodon, variegated — see minnow, 


dab — see also sanddab 

Atlantic sand — see windowpane 

longhead 47 

mottled sand — see sanddab. Pacific 
mud — see sole, yellowfin 
rough — see plaice, American 
rusty — see flounder, yellowtail 

dace, blacknose 16 

desert 13 

finescale 13 

horned — see chub, creek 

leopard 16 

longfin 13 

longnose 16 

Moapa 14 

mountain redbelly 13 

northern redbelly 13 

pearl 17 

redside 13 

rosyside 13 

southern redbelly 13 

speckled 16 

Umpqua 16 

damselfish, bicolor 33 

cocoa 33 

dusky 33 

threespot 33 

yellowtail 33 

damselfishes 33 

darter, Arkansas 27 

Arkansas saddled 28 

arrow 28 

ashy 27 

backwater 29 

banded 28 

barcheek 28 

blackbanded 29 

blackside 29 

blackside snubnose 27 

blenny 27 

bluebreast 27 

blueside 28 

bluestripe 29 

bluntnose 27 

bronze 29 

broAvn 28 

Carolina 27 

channel 29 

Coosa 27 

crystal 27 

Cumberland snubnose 27 

cypress 28 

dusky 29 

eastern sand 27 

fantail 28 

finescale saddled 28 

fountain 28 

gilt 29 

glassy 28 

goldstripe 28 

greenbreast 28 

greenside 27 

greenthroat 28 

gulf 28 

Harlequin 28 

Iowa 28 

Johnny 28 

Kanawha 28 

least 28 



darter, leopard 29 

longfin 28 

longhead 29 

longnose 29 

Maryland 28 

Missouri saddled 28 

mud 27 

naked sand 27 

Niangua 28 

olive 29 

orangebelly 28 

orangethroat 28 

Piedmont 29 

pinewoods 28 

rainbow 27 

redband 28 

redfin 28 

redline 28 

Rio Grande 28 

river 29 

riverweed 28 

rock 28 

Saluda 28 

Savannah 28 

sawcheek 28 

scalyhead 27 

scaly sand 27 

seagreen 28 

sharphead 27 

sharpnose 29 

shield 29 

slenderhead 29 

slough 28 

speckled 28 

spottail 28 

spotted 28 

stargazing 29 

stippled 28 

stripeback 29 

striped 28 

stripetail 28 

swamp 28 

Swannanoa 28 

Tennessee snubnose 28 

Tippecanoe 28 

Tuckasegee 28 

turquoise 28 

Tuscumbia 28 

variegate 28 

Waccamaw 28 

western sand 27 

yellow 29 

yoke 28 

dealfish 24 

devil, red — see wrymouth, dwarf 

devilfish, little — see ray, devil 

dick, shppery 33 

diver, sand 13 

doctor, fish 44 

doctorfish 34 

dogfish, black 8 

chain 7 

Cuban 8 

freshwater — see bowfin 

smooth 7 

spiny 8 

dollarfish — see harvestfish 

Dolly Varden 12 

dolphin 30 

pompano 30 

dolphins 30 

dorado — see dolphin 
dore — see walleye 

dories 24 

Dory, American John 24 

doughbelly — see stoneroUer 

dragonet, coral 42 

lancer 42 

spotted 42 

dragonets 42 

driftfish, freckled 45 

silver 45 

spotted 45 

drum, banded 31 

black 31 

freshwater 31 

red 31 

sand 31 

sea — see drum, black 

spotted 31 

star 31 

striped 31 

drums 31 

durgon, black 48 


eel, American 19 

blotched snake 19 

California worm 19 

conger 19 

Congo — see wrymouth, giant 

finless 20 

goldspotted 20 

horsehair 19 

key worm 19 

lamprey — see lamprey 

monkeyface — see blenny, monkeyface 

mustard 20 

Pacific snake 20 

palespotted 20 

ridgefin 19 

rock — see gunnel, rock 

sailfin 19 

sand — see lance, sand 

sharptail 19 

shorttail snake 19 



eel, shrimp 20 

silver — see cutlassfish 

slender pike 19 

slime — see hagfish 

snapper 20 

sooty 19 

speckled worm 20 

spiny 20 

spotted snake 20 

spotted spoon-nose 20 

stippled spoon-nose 20 

surf 19 

thread 19 

tiger snake 20 

whip 19 

yellow snake 20 

eelback — see flounder, smooth 

eelblenny, slender 44 

stout 44 

eelpout — see also pout, ocean ; burbot 

Arctic 44 

bearded 44 

bigfin 44 

black 44 

blackbelly 44 

blackmouth 44 

Newfoundland 44 

pale 44 

pallid 44 

pearly — see eelpout, blackmouth 

polar 44 

shortfin 44 

snakehead 44 

wattled 44 

wolf 44 

eelpouts 44 

eels, conger 19 

freshwater 19 

mustard 20 

snake 19 

snipe 19 

spiny 20 

escolar 34 

eulachon 12 


faimsh 17 

fatback — see menhaden 

fathead — see sheephead, California 

filefish, common — see filefisn, planehead 

dotterel 48 

fringed 49 

lettered — see filefish, scrawled 
longtail — see filefish, scrawled 

orange 48 

orangespotted 48 

planehead 49 

pygmy ; 49 

scrawled 48 

slender 49 

unicorn 48 

filefishes 48 

finspot, reef 43 

fish, dovetail — see sergeant, night 

flag, Spanish 25 

see also rockfish, flag 

flagfish 21 

flamefish 26 

flasher — see tripletail 
flatfish — see flounder, winter 

flathead, duckbill 42 

goby 42 

flatheads 42 

flier 27 

flounder, Arctic 47 

arrowtooth 47 

Bering 47 

broad 47 

broadfin — see sole, rock 

channel 47 

curlfin — see sole, curlfin 

deep water 47 

diamond — see turbot, diamond 

dusky 47 

English — see sole, English 

eyed 46 

fantail — see sole, fantail 
flathead — see sole, flathead 

fourspot 47 

fringe — see sole, sand 

fringed 46 

Georges Bank — see flounder, winter 

gray 47 

gulf 47 

Gulf Stream 46 

hornyhead — see turbot, hornyhead 
lemon — see sole, English 
longfin-see sole, rex 
longjaw — see flounder, arrowtooth 

Mexican 46 

ocellated 46 

peacock 46 

pelican 46 

pointed-nose — see sole, English 
rock — see sole, rock 
roundnose — see sole, petrale 

sash 47 

sand — see flounder, gulf; sole, sand 
scalyfin — see sole, butter 

shoal 47 

shrimp 47 

slender — see sole, slender 

slun 47 

slime — see sole, Dover 

slippery — see sole, Dover 

smallmouth 46 



flounder, smooth 47 

southern 47 

spiny 46 

spotfin 46 

starry 47 

summer 47 

three-eye 46 

winter 47 

witch 47 

yellowtail 47 

flounders, lef teye 46 

righteye 47 

fluke, fourspot — see flounder, fourspot 
gulf — see flounder, gulf 
southern — see flounder, southern 
summer — see flounder, summer 

flyingfish, Atlantic 20 

bandwing 20 

blackwing 21 

bluntnose 21 

California 20 

clearwing 20 

fourwing 21 

margined 20 

oceanic two-wing 21 

sailfin 21 

sharpchin 21 

smallwing 21 

spotfin 20 

tropical two-wing 21 

flyingfishes 20 

foolfish — see filefish 

fringehead, onespot 43 

sarcastic 43 

yellowfin 43 

frogfish, longlure 50 

ocellated 50 

roughjaw 50 

singlespot 50 

splitlure 50 

frostfish — see tomcod, Atlantic; white- 
fish, round 


gag 25 

gambusia. Big Bend 22 

blotched 22 

Clear Creek 22 

largespring 22 

Pecos 22 

gar, alligator 10 

Florida 10 

longnose 10 

saltwater — see needlefish 

shortnose 10 

silver — see needlefish 

spotted 10 

garfish — see needlefish, California 

garibaldi 33 

garpike — see gar 

gars 10 

gaspereau — see alewife 

gaspergou — see drum, freshwater 

ghostfish — see wrymouth 

globefish 41 

see also sunfish, ocean 

goatfish, dwarf 32 

Mexican 31 

red 31 

spotted 32 

yellow 31 

goatfishes 31 

gobies 35 

goby, arrow 35 

banner 36 

bay 36 

bearded 35 

bUnd 36 

bluebanded 36 

bluespot 35 

bridled 35 

cheekspot 36 

clown 36 

code 36 

crested 36 

darter 36 

emerald 36 

finescale — see goby, bay 

freshwater 36 

frUlfin 35 

goldspot 36 

green 36 

halfblind 36 

highfin 36 

largescale — see goby, bluespot 
long] aw — see mudsucker, longjaw 

longtail 36 

lyre 36 

marked 36 

naked 36 

neon 35 

notchtongue 35 

orangespotted 36 

paleback 36 

river 35 

seaboard 36 

Seminole 36 

shadow 36 

sharptail 36 

slim 36 

smallmouth 36 

sponge 36 

spottail 36 

tidewater 35 

tiger 36 

twoscale 36 



goby, violet 36 

white-eye 35 

whiteline 36 

zebra 36 

goggle-eye — see bass, rock; scad, bigeye 

goggler— see scad, bigeye 

goldeye 12 

goldfish 13 

Catalina — see garibaldi 
ocean — see garibaldi 

goody-see spot 

goosefish 49 

goosefishes 49 

goujon — see catfish, flathead 

graveldiver 44 

graveldivers 44 

grayback — see alewife 

grayfish — see dogfish 

grayling, Arctic 12 

Montana — see grayling, Arctic 

graylings 11 

graysby 25 

greenfish — see opaleye 

greenling, Alaska— see greenling, masked 
common — see greenling, whitespotted 
fringed — see greenling, rock 

kelp 38 

longspine — see combfish, longspine 

masked 38 

painted 38 

red-see greenling, rock 

rock 38 

whitespotted 38 

greenlings 38 

grenadiers 22 

grindle — see bowfin 

grouper, black 25 

broomtail 25 

gulf 25 

marbled 25 

misty 25 

Nassau 25 

red 25 

rock — see bocaccio 
salmon — see bocaccio 
sicklefin — see grouper, marbled 

snowy 25 

tiger 25 

Warsaw 25 

yellowedge 25 

yellowfin 25 

yellowmouth 25 

grubby 40 

grunion, California 46 

grunt, barred 30 

black 30 

blacktail — see grunt, Caesar 

bluestriped 31 

burro 31 

Caesar 30 

common — see grunt, white 

French 31 

redmouth-see tomtate 

smallmouth 30 

Spanish 31 

white 31 

yellow — see grunt, bluestriped ; grunt, 
gruntfish — see sculpin, grunt 

grunts 30 

guaguanche 46 

guitarfish, Atlantic 8 

banded 8 

California — see guitarfish, shovelnose 
mottled — see guitarfish, banded 

shovelnose 8 

guitarfishes 8 

gunnel, banded 43 

Bering 43 

crescent 43 

kelp.. 43 

penpoint 43 

red 43 

rock 43 

rockweed 43 

saddleback 43 

stippled 43 

gunnels 43 

gurnard, flying 41 

gurnards, flying 41 


hackleback — see sturgeon, shovelnose 

haddock 22 

hagfish, Atlantic 6 

black 6 

Pacific 6 

hagfishes 6 

hake, Carolina 22 

gulf 22 

longfin 22 

mud — see hake, white 

Pacific 22 

silver 22 

southern 22 

spotted 22 

squirrel 22 

white 22 

hakes 22 

halfbeak 20 

California 20 

flying 20 

hardhead 20 

longfin 20 

ribbon 20 

half beaks 20 



halfmoon 32 

halfmoons 32 

halibut, arrowtooth — see flounder, arrow- 

Atlantic 47 

California 47 

Greenland 47 

northern — see halibut, Pacific 

Pacific 47 

hamlet, butter 25 

mutton 25 

see also grouper, marbled; grouper, 

hammerhead, great 7 

scalloped 7 

smooth 8 

handsawfish — see lancetfish. Pacific 

hardhead 14 

see also croaker, Atlantic 

hardtail — see runner, blue 

harvestfish, northern 45 

southern 45 

headfish— see sunfish, ocean; mola, sharp- 

herring — see also queenfish 

Atlantic 10 

Atlantic round 10 

Atlantic thread 10 

bigeye — see ladyfish 

blueback 10 

branch — see alewife 

California round 10 

dwarf 10 

flatiron 10 

glut — see herring, blueback 
Japanese — see herring, round 

lake 11 

see also cisco, least 
moon — see mooneye 

Pacific 10 

Pacific thread 10 

sea — see herring, Atlantic 

skipjack 10 

summer — see herring, blueback 

herrings 10 

highbrow — see prowfish 

hind, brown — see graysby 

red 25 

rock 25 

speckled 25 

hitch 14 

hogchoker 47 

hogfish 34 

see also pigfish 

red 33 

Spanish 33 

spotfin 33 

hogmoUy — see sucker, hog 

hornpout — see bullhead 
horse-mackerel — see mackerel, jack 
houndfish 20 

idiot — see rockfish, channel 


jack, almaco 30 

bar 29 

black 29 

bluntnose 30 

common — see jack, crevalle 

cottonmouth 30 

crevalle 29 

green 29 

horse-eye 29 

Spanish — see runner, rainbow 

yellow 29 

jackfish— see pike, northern 

jackknife-fish 31 

jack-ma-riddle — see ladyfish 

jacks 29 

jacksmelt 46 

jambeau 48 

jawfish, banded 41 

dusky 42 

longtail 41 

mottled 41 

Pensacola 42 

spotfin 41 

swordtail 41 

yellowhead 41 

jawiishes 41 

jawless fishes 6 

jenny, silver 30 

jewfish 25 

see also sea bass, giant 
black — see grouper, Warsaw 
spotted — see jewfish 
Joe Brown — see lizardfish 

John Dory, American 24 

Johnny, tidepool — see sculpin, tidepool 

jugfish 49 

jumprock, bigeye 17 

black 18 

greater 18 

striped 18 


kelpfish— see also greenling, kelp 

crevice 42 

giant 42 

island 42 

scarlet 42 

spotted 42 

striped 42 



killifish, Ash Meadows 


bass — see killifish, striped 




common — see mummichog 







Pacific — see killifish, California 




Railroad Valley 


Rio Grande 






White River 


king, silver — see louvar; tarpon 
kingfish — see also croaker, white; mack- 
erel, king 





king-whiting — see kingfish 
kiver — see pumpkinseed 



see also salmon, sockeye 



Lafayette — see spot 

lamprey, Allegheny brook 

American brook 



least brook 

mountain brook 

northern brook 






southern brook 

threetoothed — see lamprey. Pacific 

western brook 

21 lampreys 6 

21 lance, American sand 41 

northern sand 41 

21 Pacific sand 41 

22 lances, sand 41 

21 lancetfish, longnose 13 

Pacific 13 

21 lancetfishes 13 

21 lanternfishes 13 

21 launce — see lance, sand 

22 lawyer — see burbot 

21 leatherfish — see filefish 

21 leatherjacket 30 

lemonfish — see cobia 
21 ling — see burbot; hake 

21 lingcod 38 

22 lionfish 36 

21 liparid, continuous-finned — see snailfish, 

22 showy 

21 Juan de Fuca — see snailfish, slipskin 
21 prickly — see snailfish, prickly 

21 ring-tailed — see snailfish, ringtail 

21 shore — see snailfish, tidepool 

21 tadpole — see snailfish, tadpole 

21 livebearers 22 

21 liza 46 

21 lizardfish, California 13 

inshore 13 

largescale 13 

offshore 13 

31 red 13 

31 shortjaw 13 

31 smallscale 13 

24 lizardfishes 13 

loaches 18 

loche — see burbot 

1 1 logperch 29 

1 1 logperch, Roanoke 29 

lookdown 30 

lord, brown Irish 39 

red Irish 39 

10 yellow Irish — see lord, brown Irish 

louvar 35 

6 louvars 35 

6 lumpfish 41 

6 lumpfishes 41 

6 lumpsucker — see also lumpfish 

6 Arctic 41 

6 Atlantic spiny 41 

6 leatherfin 41 

6 Newfoundland spiny 41 

6 Pacific spiny 41 

6 smooth 41 

t M 

6 machete 10 

mackerel, American — see mackerel, 
6 Pacific 



mackerel, Atka 38 

Atlantic 35 

blue — see mackerel, Pacific 
bull's eye — see mackerel, chub 

chub 35 

Florida — see cero 

frigate 34 

green — see mackerel. Pacific 

horse — see mackerel, jack; tuna, bluefin 

jack 30 

king 35 

see also cero 

Monterey Spanish 35 

Pacific 35 

painted — see cero 

snake 34 

snap — see bluefish 

Spanish 35 

see also mackerel, jack 
thimble-eye — see mackerel, chub 
striped — see mackerel. Pacific 

mackerels 34 

snake 34 

mackinaw — see trout, lake 

mademoiselle — see perch, silver 

madtom, black 18 

brindled 19 

Carolina 18 

freckled 19 

least 19 

margined 19 

mountain 18 

orangefin 18 

slender 18 

speckled 19 

tadpole 18 

major, sergeant 33 

mako 7 

maneater — see shark, white 

man-of-war fish 45 

manta, Atlantic 9 

Pacific 9 

mantas 9 

margate 30 

black 30 

maria — see burbot 

marlin, barred — see marlin, striped 

black 35 

blue 35 

striped 35 

white 35 

marlin-spike 22 

marlinsucker 48 

maskinonge 12 

mayfish — see killifish, striped 

medusafish 45 

menhaden, Atlantic 10 

finescale 10 

gulf — see menhaden, largescale 

largescale 10 

midshipman, Atlantic 49 

northern 49 

slim 49 

miller's thumb — see sculpin, mottled 

minkfish 31 

minnow, bluntnose 16 

brassy 14 

bullhead 16 

cutfips 13 

cypress 14 

desert — see pupfish, desert 

Devils River 13 

fathead 16 

Kanawha 16 

Lake Eustis 21 

loach 17 

Ozark 13 

pugnose 16 

redfin — see shiner, redfin 

riffle 16 

roundnose 13 

sheepshead 21 

silverjaw 13 

silvery 14 

slim 16 

spottail — see shiner, spottail 

stargazing 16 

suckermouth 16 

tallowmouth — see stoneroUer 

tonguetied 16 

variegated — see minnow, sheepshead 

minnows 13 

mobula, smoothtail 9 

spinetail 9 

mojarra, bigeye 30 

flagfin 30 

mottled 30 

slender 30 

spotfin 30 

striped 30 

yellowfin 30 

mojarras 30 

mola — see also sunfish, ocean 

sharptail 49 

slender 49 

molas 49 

molly, Amazon 22 

sailfin 22 

Molly Miller 43 

monkfish — see goosefish 

mooneye 12 

mooneyes 12 

moonfish — see also opah 

Atlantic 30 

Pacific 30 

moray, blackedge 19 



moray, California 19 

chain 19 

goldentail 19 

green 19 

purplemouth 19 

pygmy 19 

reticulate 19 

speckled — see moray, spotted 

spotted 19 

viper 19 

morays 19 

mosquitofish 22 

mossbunker — see menhaden, Atlantic 
mousefish — see sargassumfish 
muddler— see sculpin 
mudfish — see bo\vfin; mummichog; killi- 
fish, striped; molly, sailfin 

mudminnow, central 12 

eastern 12 

Olympic 12 

mudminnows 12 

mudsucker, longjaw 36 

mullet, black 46 

blueback — see liza 

common — see mullet, striped 

fantail 46 

grey — see mullet, striped 
king — see goatfish, yellow 

mountain 46 

redeye 46 

silver — see mullet, white 

striped 46 

white 46 

mullets 46 

mummichog 21 

muskellunge 12 

muttonfish — see pout, ocean 


needlefish, Atlantic 20 

California 20 

flat 20 

Pacific — see needlefish, California 

redfin 20 

needlefishes 20 

nibblers 32 

niggerfish — see coney 

night sergeant 33 

numbfish — see ray, lesser Atlantic 


oarfish 24 

oarfishes 24 

oilfish 34 

opah 23 

opahs 23 

opaleye 32 

ouananiche 11 

oysterfish — see toadfish, oyster 


paddlefish 9 

paddlefishes 9 

palometa 30 

parrotfish, blue 34 

bluelip 34 

bucktooth 34 

red — see parrotfish, stoplight 

emerald 34 

green — see parrotfish, stoplight 

purple 34 

queen 34 

rainbow 34 

redband 34 

redfin 34 

redtail 34 

spotfin 34 

stoplight 34 

striped 34 

parrotfishes 34 

peamouth 14 

pearleye, northern 13 

pearleyes 13 

pearlfish 45 

pearlfishes 45 

perch — see also seaperch ; surfperch 
bay — see perch, black 

black 33 

see also blacksmith; opaleye 
blue — see blacksmith; perch, black 
blue-eye — see opaleye 
button — see opaleye 
Catalina — see blacksmith; opaleye 

dwarf 33 

dwarf sand 25 

green — see opaleye; perch, yellow 

kelp 33 

ocean 37 

Pacific Ocean 37 

pile 33 

pirate 24 

reef 33 

Rio Grande 33 

Sacramento 27 

sand 25 

shiner 33 

silver 31 

splittail — see seaperch, white 
stump — see sunfish, spotted 

tule 33 

viviparous — see perch, tule 

white 25 

see also perch, silver; drum, freshwater 

yellow 29 

zebra 32 



perches 27 

perches, pirate 24 

permit 30 

peto — see wahoo 

pickerel — see also pike, northern ; walleye 
blue— see pike, blue 
bulldog — see pickerel, redfin 

chain 12 

eastern — see pickerel, chain 

grass 12 

mud — see pickerel, grass 

redfin 12 

yellow — see walleye 

pigfish 31 

pike, blue 29 

northern 12 

Oregon — see squawfish, northern 
Sacramento — see squawfish, Sacra- 
sand — see sauger 

pikeblenny, bluethroat 42 

orangethroat 42 

pikeperch, blue — see pike, blue 

pikeperch, yellow — see walleye 

pikes 12 

pilchard — see also sardine. Pacific 

false 10 

redear — see sardine, redear 

pilot, cockeye — see beaugregory; ser- 
geant major 

pilotfish 30 

pinfish 32 

longspine — see porgy, longspine 

spottail 32 

pipefish, banded 23 

barred 23 

bay 23 

bull 23 

chain 23 

crested 23 

dusky 23 

fringed 23 

gulf 23 

insular 23 

kelp 23 

northern 23 

opossum 23 

pugnose 23 

sargassum 23 

shortfin 23 

snubnose 23 

smvelhead 23 

whitenose 23 

pipefishes 23 

plaice, Alaska 47 

American 47 

Canadian — see plaice, American 

poacher, Atlantic 40 

beardless 40 

Bering 40 

bigeye 40 

blackfin 40 

blacktip 40 

bluespotted 41 

cutfin 41 

fourhorn 40 

longnose 40 

northern spearnose 40 

pricklebreast 40 

pygmy 40 

saw^back 40 

southern spearnose 40 

stripefin 41 

sturgeon 40 

tubenose 40 

warty 40 

poachers 40 

poggie — see perch, shiner 

pogy — see surfperch, redtail; men- 
haden, Atlantic 

pollack — see pollock 

pollock 22 

walleye 22 

pollyfish — see parrotfish 

pomf ret 30 

bigscale 30 

pomf rets 30 

pompano 30 

African 29 

California — see pompano. Pacific 
common — see pompano 

gafftopsail 30 

see also palometa 
great — see permit 

Irish 30 

Pacific 45 

paloma 30 

round — see permit 

pompanos 29 

pompon — see margate, black 

porbeagle 7 

porcupinefish 49 

porcupinefishes 49 

porgies 32 

porgy— see also scup; surfperch, redtail 

grass 32 

jolthead 32 

littlehead 32 

littlemouth — see porgy, sheepshead 

longspine 32 

Pacific 32 

red 32 

saucereye 32 

shad — see porgy, grass 

sheepshead 32 

silver 32 



porgy, whitebone 32 

porkfish 30 

pout, ocean 44 

prickleback, black 44 

bluebarred 44 

crisscross 44 

mosshead 44 

ribbon 44 

pricklebacks 44 

priestfish — see rockfish, blue 

prowfish 45 

prow'fishes 45 

puddingwife 34 

puffer, bandtail 49 

buUseye 49 

checkered 49 

marbled 49 

northern 49 

oceanic 49 

sharpnose 49 

smooth 49 

southern 49 

puffers 49 

pug — see parrotfish, rainbow 

pumpkinseed 27 

pupfish, Comanche Springs 21 

desert 21 

Devils Hole 21 

Leon Springs 21 

Nevada 21 

Owens River 21 

Red River 21 

Salt Creek 21 

sea — see minnow, sheepshead 


queenfish 31 

quillback 17 

quillfish 44 

quillfishes 44 


rabbitfish — see puffer, smooth; burrfish 
rabirubia— see snapper, yellowtail 

ragfish 45 

ragfishes 45 

rasher — see rockfish, vermilion 

ratfish 9 

rat-tails 22 

raven, sea 39 

ray, bat — see stingray, bat 

buUnose 9 

California butterfly 9 

cownose 9 

devil 9 

see also manta, Atlantic 

giant butterfly — see ray, spiny 

lesser butterfly — see ray, smooth 

lesser electric 8 

Pacific electric 8 

round sting — see stingray, yellow 

smooth butterfly 9 

southern eagle 9 

spiny butterfly 9 

spotted eagle 9 

whip — see ray, buUnose 

rays, eagle 9 

electric 8 

razorfish, green 34 


-see redhorse, northern 



redeye — see bass, rock 

redfish 37 

see also drum, red; sheephead, 

little — see salmon, sockeye 
redhorse, black 

blacktail .... 

Carolina .... 



golden . 



Lahontan . . . 


northern .... 


shorthead . . . 





reef-fish, gray 33 

yellowliail 33 

remora 48 

spearfish 48 

remoras 48 

ribbonfish — see cutlassfish, Atlantic ; 

California — see king-of-the-salmon 

polka-dot 24 

scalloped 24 

ribbonfishes 24 

rig, sloop— see catfish, gafftopsail 
rivercarp, bluntnose — see carpsucker, 

rivulus 22 

roach — see also chub ; bluegill 

California 14 

robin, flying — see gurnard, flying 
rock-eel — see blenny, rock 



rockfish — see also bass, striped 
Alaskan red — see rockfish, black- 

aurora 37 

banded — see rockfish, tiger 
bigeye — see rockfish, sharpchin 

black 37 

see also grouper, black; rockfish, 

black-and-yellow 37 

blackbanded — see rockfish, tiger 

blackgill 37 

blackmouth 37 

blackthroat 37 

blue 37 

bronzespotted 37 

brown 37 

see also rockfish, calico 

calico 37 

canary 37 

China 37 

copper 37 

coral-red 37 

cow 37 

dusky 37 

fantail — see rockfish, canary 

flag 37 

gopher 37 

grass 37 

greenspotted 37 

greenstriped 37 

half banded 38 

honeycomb 38 

kelp 37 

lobejaw — see rockfish, splitnose 
longjaw — see perch, Pacific Ocean 

longspine channel 38 

northern 37 

olive 38 

oliveback^see rockfish, stripetail 
orange — see rockfish, canary 
orange-red — see rockfish, rosethorn 
orangespotted — see rockfish, quill- 

pink 37 

Puget Sound 37 

pygmy 38 

quillback 37 

rasphead 37 

redstripe 37 

rosethorn 37 

rosy 37 

sharpchin 38 

shortbelly 37 

shortspine channel 38 

silvergray 37 

slender — see rockfish, pygmy 

speckled 37 

see also rockfish, quillback 
spinycheeked — see rockfish, shortspine 

splitnose 37 

squarespot 37 

starry 37 

stripetail 37 

swordspine 37 

tiger 37 

turkey red — see rockfish, rasphead 
velvet — see gag 

vermilion 37 

whitebelly 38 

widow 37 

yellowbacked — see rockfish, copper 
yellowstripe — see rockfish, China 

yellowtail 37 

rockfishes 36 

rockhead 40 

rockling, fourbeard 22 

roller, sand 24 

ronco — see sailors choice 

ronquil, Alaskan 42 

northern 42 

rough 42 

smooth 42 

ronquils 42 

roosterfish 30 

rooter — see buffalo, black 
rosefish — see also redfish 

blackbelly 36 

rudd 17 

rudderfish — see also chub, Bermuda 

banded 30 

black — see barrelfish 
brown — see medusafish 

ruff, black 45 

run, tailor — see bluefish 

runner, blue 29 

hardtail — see runner, blue 

rainbow 30 


sablefish 38 

sablefishes 38 

sailfish, Atlantic 35 

Florida — see sailfish, Atlantic 

Pacific 35 

sailorfish — see sculpin, sailfin 

sailors choice 31 

see also pinfish 

salema 31 

see also pinfish, spottail 

salmon, Atlantic 11 

black — see cobia 

blueback — see salmon, sockeye 

Chinook 11 

chum 11 



salmon, coho 11 

dog — see salmon, chum 
fall — see salmon, chum 
humpback — see salmon, pink 
jack — see walleye 
king — see salmon, chinook 

lake Atlantic 11 

landlocked 11 

see also salmon, Atlantic 
medium red — see salmon, coho 

pink 11 

quinnat— see salmon, chinook 
red — see salmon, sockeye 

Sebago 11 

see also salmon, Atlantic 
silver — see salmon, coho 

sockeye 11 

spring — see salmon, chinook 
tyee — see salmon, chinook 

sanddab, longfin 46 

mottled — see sanddab. Pacific 

Pacific 46 

speckled 46 

sandfish — see also tilefish, sand 

belted 26 

Pacific 41 

sailfin 41 

sandfishes 41 

sand lance — see lance 

sardine, California — see sardine, Pacific 

Pacific " 10 

redear 10 

scaled 10 

Spanish 10 

sargassumfish 50 

sargo 30 

sauger 29 

saurel — see mackerel, jack 

sauries 20 

saury, Atlantic 20 

Pacific 20 

sawfish, largetooth 8 

smalltooth 8 

sawfishes 8 

scabbardfish 34 

scad, bigeye 30 

goggle-eye — see scad, bigeye 

mackerel 29 

Mexican 29 

rough 30 

round 29 

scads 29 

scamp 25 

schoolmaster 26 

scooter — see barracuda. Pacific 

scorpionfish, California 37 

finescale 37 

goosehead 36 

highfin 36 

hunchback 36 

longfin 36 

longsnout 36 

mushroom 37 

red 36 

reef 37 

scalyhead 36 

smoothhead 36 

spinycheek 36 

spotted 37 

scorpionfishes 36 

Scotchman — see lingcod 
scrod — see cod, Atlantic; haddock 
sculpin^ — see also scorpionfish, California 
Aleutian — see sculpin, coastrange 

Arctic 40 

Arctic staghorn 39 

bald 39 

banded 39 

blackfin 40 

bonehead 39 

buffalo 39 

bull 39 

calico 39 

California — see scorpionfish, Cali- 
cirrated — see sculpin, fluffy 

coastrange 39 

Columbia 39 

coraUine 38 

crested 39 

daddy — see sculpin, shorthorn 

darter 40 

see also sculpin, slim 
deepwater — see sculpin, fourhorn 

dusky 39 

eagle 39 

filamented — see sculpin, threadfin 

fluffy 40 

fourhorn 40 

fringed 39 

frogmouth 39 

giant marbled — see cabezon 
globe-headed — see sculpin, mosshead 

great 40 

grunt 40 

hookear 38 

Klamath Lake 39 

lavender 40 

lesser filamented — see sculpin, spotfin 

longfin 39 

longhorn 40 

long-rayed — see sculpin, threadfin 

mailed 40 

Malheur 39 

manacled 40 

marbled 39 



sculpin, marbled — see also cabezon 

margined , 39 

mosshead 39 

mossy — see sculpin, calico 

mottled 39 

northern 39 

Pacific staghorn 40 

padded 39 

see also sculpin, bonehead 

pit-head 39 

Piute 39 

plumose — see sculpin, scalyhead 

prickly 39 

Puget Sound 40 

reticulate 39 

ribbed 40 

riffle 39 

rosy 40 

rosyUp 39 

rough 39 

roughback 39 

roughcheek 39 

roughspine 40 

round-headed — see sculpin, mosshead 
roundnose — see sculpin, smoothhead 

saddleback 40 

sailfin 40 

scalyhead 39 

sharpnose 39 

shorthorn 40 

Shoshone 39 

silverspotted 39 

slender 39 

slim 40 

shmy 39 

smooth — see sculpin, Pacific staghorn 

smoothgum 40 

smoothhead 39 

snubnose 40 

soft 39 

spatulate 39 

spinyhead 39 

spinynose 39 

spoonhead 39 

spotfin 39 

spurcheek 39 

tadpole 40 

thornback 40 

threadfin 39 

tidepool 40 

torrent 39 

twohorn 39 

Wood River 39 

wooly 39 

see also sculpin, spinyhead 

yellowchin 39 

sculpins 38 

scup 32 

seabass, black — see bass, giant sea 
white 31 

seahorse, dwarf 23 

offshore 23 

northern — see seahorse, spotted 

Pacific 23 

spotted 23 

seahorses 23 

sea mink — see minkfish 

seaperch, barred — see surf perch, barred 
black— see perch, black 
blue — see seaperch, striped 
brown — see perch, kelp 
dusky — see perch, pile 
forktail— see perch, pile 

island 33 

pink 33 

rainbow 33 

rubberlip 33 

sharpnose 33 

shiner — see perch, shiner 
silver — see perch, pile 

striped 33 

walleye — see surfperch, walleye 

white 33 

yellowfin — see perch, pile 

sea-poacher, deep-pitted — see rockhead 
window-tailed — see poacher, northern 

searcher 42 

searobin, armored 38 

bandtail 38 

barred 38 

bighead 38 

blackfin 38 

blackwing 38 

bluespotted 38 

common — see searobin, northern 

horned 38 

leopard 38 

lumptail 38 

Mexican 38 

northern 38 

redwing — see searobin, striped 

shortfin 38 

shortwing 38 

sicklefin 38 

slenderhead 38 

spiny 38 

streamer 38 

striped 38 

searobins 38 

seasnail 41 

gelatinous 41 

Greenland 41 

striped 41 

seatrout, bastard — see seatrout, silver 
gray — see weakfish 



seatrout, greeiiling — see greenling, kelp 

sand 31 

silver 31 

spotted 31 

white — see seatrout, sand 

sennet, northern 45 

southern 46 

senorita 34 

sergeant major 33 

sergeant, night 33 

rock — see sergeant, night 

sergeantfish — see cobia 

seven-eleven — see perch, shiner 

shad, Alabama 10 

American 10 

gizzard 10 

golden — see herring, skipjack 

hickory 10 

see also shad, gizzard 

Ohio 10 

threadfin 10 

white — see shad, American 

yellowfin 10 

shanny 44 

Arctic 44 

radiated 44 

shark, Atlantic angel 8 

Atlantic sharpnose 7 

basking 7 

bay 7 

bignose 7 

blackfin — see shark, blacktip 

blacknose 7 

blacktip 7 

blue 7 

see also shark, bonito 

bonito 7 

bonnetnose — see bonnethead 

bramble 8 

brown — see shark, sandbar 

brown cat 7 

bull 7 

bullhead — see shark, horn 

cat — see shark, leopard; shark, nurse 

cow — see shark, sixgill 

cub — see shark, bull 

dusky 7 

false cat 7 

filetail cat 7 

finetooth 7 

fox-see shark, thresher 

frm 6 

great blue — see shark, blue 
great white — see shark, white 

Greenland 8 

hammerhead — see hammerhead 

horn 6 

kitefin 8 

lemon 7 

leopard 7 

see also shark, tiger 
mackerel — see mako; shark, salmon 
maneater — see shark, white 
mud— see shark, sixgill 

narrowtooth 7 

night 7 

nurse 7 

see also shark, Greenland 

Pacific angel 8 

Pacific sharpnose 7 

Pacific sleeper 8 

pilot — see rudderfish, banded 
rabbit — see raffish 
ridgeback — see shark, sickle 

roundnose 7 

salmon 7 

sand 6 

sandbar 7 

sevengill 6 

shovelnose — see bonnethead ; guitar- 
fish, shovelnose 

sickle 7 

silky 7 

sixgill 6 

sleeper — see shark, Greenland 

smalltail 7 

smooth-tooth — see shark, finetooth 

soupfin 7 

spinner 7 

spotfin — see shark, blacktip 
spotted cow — see shark, sevengill 

swell 7 

swiveltail — see shark, thresher 

thresher 6 

tiger 7 

whale 7 

white 7 

whitetip 7 

sharks, angel 8 

cat 7 

cow 6 

dogfish 8 

frill 6 

hammerhead 7 

horn 6 

mackerel 6 

nurse 7 

requiem 7 

sand 6 

whale 7 

sharksucker 48 

whitefin 48 

sheefish — see inconnu 

sheephead, California 34 

sheepshead 32 

shellcracker — see sunfish, redear 



shellfish— see trunkfish 

shiner, Alabama 15 

Altamaha 16 

Arkansas River 15 

bandfin 16 

bigeye 15 

bigmouth 15 

blackchin 15 

blacknose 15 

blackspot 15 

blacktail 16 

bleeding 16 

blue 15 

bluenose 16 

bluestripe 15 

bluntface 15 

bluntnose 16 

Brazos 15 

bridle 15 

broadstripe 15 

burrhead 14 

cherryfin 16 

Chihuahua 15 

chub 16 

coastal 16 

colorless 15 

comely 14 

common 15 

Coosa 16 

crescent 15 

dusky 15 

emerald 14 

fieryblack 16 

flagfin 16 

ghost 15 

golden 14 

greenfin 15 

greenhead 15 

highfin 14 

highscale 15 

ironcolor 15 

Kiamichi 15 

lake — see shiner, emerald 

longnose 15 

mimic 16 

mirror 16 

mountain 15 

New River 16 

Ocmulgee 15 

Ohoopee 15 

Ozark 15 

pallid 14 

pinewoods 15 

plains 15 

plateau 15 

popeye 14 

pretty 15 

Proserpine 16 

pugnose 14 

rainbow 15 

red 15 

redfin 16 

redlip 15 

Red River 15 

redside 17 

ribbon 15 

Rio Grande 15 

river 15 

rosefin 14 

rosyface 16 

rough 15 

Sabine 16 

saffron 16 

sailfin 15 

sand 16 

sandbar 16 

satinfin 14 

sharpnose 15 

silver 16 

silverband 15 

silverstripe 16 

smalleye 15 

spotfin 16 

spottail 15 

stargazing 16 

steelcolor 16 

swallowtail 16 

taillight 15 

Tamaulipas 15 

Tennessee 15 

Texas 14 

Topeka 16 

tricolor 16 

warpaint 15 

wedgespot 15 

weed 16 

white 14 

whitefin 15 

whitemouth 14 

whitetail 15 

yellow — see perch, shiner 

yellowfin 15 

silverfish — see tarpon 

silver-rag 45 

silverside, Atlantic 46 

brook 46 

hardhead 46 

key 46 

Mississippi 46 

reef 46 

rough 46 

tidewater 46 

Waccamaw 46 

silversides 46 

silverspot — see sculpin, silverspotted 
singingfish — see midshipman 



skate, Alaska 8 

Aleutian 8 

barndoor 8 

Bering 8 

big 8 

black 8 

briar — see skate, clearnose 

California 8 

clearnose 8 

common— see skate, little 

flathead 8 

freckled 8 

little 8 

longnose 8 

ocellate 8 

Pacific prickly — see skate, starry 
prickly — see skate, starry; skate, 

rosette 8 

roughtail 9 

roundel 9 

sandpaper — see skate, black 

smooth 8 

spinytail 9 

spotted— see skate, winter 

spreadfin 8 

starry 9 

thorny 8 

winter 8 

skates 8 

skilfish 38 

skilletfish 48 

skipjack — see also herring, skipjack; 
tuna, skipjack; saury, Atlantic; 
silverside, brook; bluefish 

black 34 

wavyback 34 

skipper — see saury, Pacific 

sleeper, bigmouth 35 

blue 35 

emerald 35 

fat 35 

masked 35 

spinycheek 35 

spotted 35 

sleepers 35 

smelt, American 12 

Arctic 12 

freshwater — see smelt, pond 

longfin 12 

night 12 

pond 12 

Sacramento 12 

silver — see smelt, surf 

surf 12 

whitebait 12 

smelts 12 

deepsea 12 

smoothhound, brown 7 

Florida 7 

gray 7 

sicklefin 7 

smoothtongue, Cahfornia 12 

snailfish, Bering 41 

lobefin 41 

longfin 41 

marbled 41 

polka-dot 41 

prickly 41 

ribbon 41 

ringtail 41 

showy 41 

slimy. 41 

slipskin 41 

spotted 41 

tadpole 41 

tidepool 41 

snailfishes 41 

snakeblenny, fourline 44 

Pacific 44 

snakefish 13 

snapper — see also bluefish 

black 26 

blackfin 26 

blue — see bluefish 

Caribbean red 26 

Cuban — see snapper, cubera 

cubera 26 

dog 26 

glasseye 26 

gray 26 

gunmouth— see snapper, blackfin 
hog — see hogfish 

lane 26 

mahogany 26 

mangrove — see snapper, gray 

mutton 26 

queen 26 

red 26 

see also rockfish, rasphead 

silk 26 

spot — see snapper, lane 

vermilion 26 

yellowtail 26 

snappers 26 

snipefish, longspine 23 

slender 23 

snipefishes 23 

snook 25 

Cuban — see snook, tarpon 

little 24 

swordspine 24 

tarpon 25 

snooks 24 

soapfish 25 

freckled 26 



soapfish, spotted 26 

soldierfish, bigeye 24 

blackbar 24 

cardinal 24 

soldierfishes 24 

sole, American — see hogchoker 

arrow'tooth— see flounder, arrowtooth 
Bellingham — see sole, butter 

bigmouth 47 

broadfin — see sole, rock 

butter 47 

C-0 47 

curlfin 47 

deepsea 47 

Dover 47 

English 47 

see also sole, petrale 

f antail 47 

flathead 47 

fringe — see sole, sand 

gray — see flounder, winter; flounder, 

lemon — see flounder, winter; sole, 

lined 47 

naked 47 

petrale 47 

pointednose — see sole, English 

rex 47 

rock 47 

rough — see plaice, American; sole, 

roundnose — see sole, petrale 

sand 47 

scalyfin — see sole, butter 

scrawled 47 

slender 47 

slippery — see sole, Dover 

yellowfin 47 

soles 47 

sourbelly — see saury, Pacific 
sourfish — see saury, Pacific 

spadefish, Atlantic 32 

Pacific 32 

spadefishes 32 

spearfish, longbill 35 

shortbill 35 

spikedace 14 

spikefishes 48 

spinedace, Little Colorado 14 

splittail 16 

spoonbill — see paddlefish 

spot 31 

sciuaretail, bigeye 45 

smalleye 45 

squaretails 45 

squawfish, Colorado 16 

Columbia — see squawfish, northern 

common — see squawfish, northern 

northern 16 

Oregon — see squawfish, northern 

Sacramento 16 

Umpqua 16 

squeteague, gray — see weakfish 
sand — see seatrout, sand 
silver— see seatrout, silver 
spotted — see seatrout, spotted 

squirrelfish 24 

deep water 24 

dusky 24 

longjaw 24 

longspine 24 

reef 24 

squirrelfishes 24 

stargazer, arrow 42 

freckled 42 

lancer 42 

northern 42 

saddle 42 

sand 42 

smooth 42 

southern 42 

stargazers 42 

sand 42 

starsnout, gray 40 

spinycheek 40 

stickleback, brook 23 

common — see stickleback, threespine 

f ourspine 23 

ninespine 23 

threespine 23 

twospine 23 

sticklebacks 23 

stingaree — see stingray 

stingray, Atlantic 9 

bat 9 

bluntnose 9 

diamond 9 

pelagic 9 

roughtail 9 

round 9 

southern 9 

yellow 9 

stingrays 9 

stonecat 18 

stoneroller 13 

see also sucker, hog 

Mexican 13 

streaker — see bass, yellow 

studfish, northern 21 

southern 21 

stumpknocker— see sunfish, spotted 

sturgeon, Atlantic 9 

common — see sturgeon, Atlantic 

green 9 

lake 9 



sturgeon, Pacific — see sturgeon, white 

pallid 9 

river — see sturgeon, shovelnose 

shortnose 9 

shovelnose 9 

white 9 

sturgeons 9 

sucker, Alabama hog 17 

black — see sucker, northern hog 

blackfin 17 

blue 17 

bluehead 18 

bridgelip 17 

coarsescale — see sucker, largescale 
Columbia finescale — see sucker, 

Columbia largescale — see sucker, large- 
Columbia smallscale — see sucker, 

common — see sucker, white 
finescale — see sucker, longnose 

flannelmouth 17 

Gila 18 

green 18 

harelip 17 

highfin — see carpsucker, highfin 

humpback 18 

•Aine 17 

Klamath largescale 17 

Klamath smallscale 17 

Lahontan 18 

largescale 17 

longnose 17 

Lost River 17 

Missouri — see sucker, blue 

Modoc 17 

mountain 18 

northern — see sucker, longnose 

northern hog 17 

razorback — see sucker, humpback 

Rio Grande 18 

river — see redhorse, northern 

Roanoke hog 17 

rustyside 18 

Sacramento 17 

Santa Ana 18 

shortnose 17 

Sonora 17 

spearfish — see marlinsucker 

spotted 17 

sturgeon — see sucker, longnose 
sweet — see chubsucker 

Tahoe 17 

torrent 18 

Utah 17 

Warner 17 

webug 17 

western — see sucker, Sacramento 

white 17 

White River is 

suckerfish — see also remora 

slender 43 

white 48 

suckers 17 

sunfish, banded 27 

banded pygmy 27 

bantam 27 

blackbanded 27 

bluespotted 27 

common — see pumpkinseed 

dollar 27 

Everglades pygmy 27 

green 27 

longear 27 

mud 27 

ocean 49 

Okefenokee pygmy 27 

orangespotted 27 

peacock — see flier 

red — see sunfish, spotted 

redbreast 27 

redear 27 

round — see flier 

sharptail ocean — see mola, sharptail 

spotted 27 

yellowbelly — see sunfish, redbreast 

sunfishes 27 

surffish — see corbina, California; croaker, 

surfperch, barred 33 

calico 33 

redtail 33 

silver 33 

spotfin 33 

walleye 33 

surfperches 33 

surgeon, ocean 34 

surgeonfish, gulf 34 

surgeonfishes 34 

swampfish 22 

sweeper, glassy 32 

sweepers 32 

swellfish — see puffer 
swiveltail — see shark, thresher 

swordfish 35 

broadbill — see swordfish 
swordfishes 35 


tai — see porgy, Pacific 
tambor — see rockfish, rasphead 

tang, blue 34 

ocean — see surgeon, ocean 

tarpon 10 

tarpons 10 



tattler 25 

tautog 34 

taylor — see bluefish 

tench 17 

tenpounder — see ladyfish; machete 

tetra, Mexican 13 

tetras 13 

thornback 8 

thornhead — see rockfish, channel 

threadfin, Atlantic 46 

Pacific 46 

yellow 46 

threadfins 46 

threadfish — see pompano, African 

thresher, bigeye 6 

tiger, sand — see shark, sand 

tilefish 29 

blackline 29 

sand 29 

tilefishes 29 

timucu 20 

toadfish, gulf 49 

leopard 49 

oyster 49 

toadfishes 49 

tobacco box — see skate, little 
togue — see trout, lake 
tolly, ocean — see durgon, black 
tomcod — see also hake, southern 

Atlantic 22 

Pacific 22 

tomtate 30 

tonguefish, blackcheek 48 

California 48 

deepwater 48 

largescale 48 

longtail 48 

northern 48 

offshore 48 

pygmy 48 

spottail 48 

spottedfin 48 

tonguefishes 48 

topminnow — see also mosquitofish 

banded 21 

blackspotted 21 

blackstripe 21 

Gila 22 

golden 21 

plains 21 

saltmarsh 21 

starhead 21 

whiteline 21 

topsmelt 46 

torpedo, Atlantic 8 

Pacific — see ray, Pacific electric 

treefish 38 

triggerfish, common — see triggerfish, gray 

finescale 48 

gray 48 

ocean 48 

queen 48 

redtail 49 

rough 48 

sargassum 49 

spotted 48 

triggerfishes 48 

tripletail 26 

tripletails 26 

trout, bastard — see seatrout, silver 
blackspotted — see trout, cutthroat 

blueback 12 

brook 12 

brown 12 

bull — see Dolly Varden 

cutthroat 11 

Eastern brook — see trout, brook 

Gila 11 

golden 11 

grey — see trout, lake; weakfish 
Kamloops — see trout, rainbow 

lake 12 

Mackinaw — see trout, lake 
mountain — see trout, cutthroat 

Quebec red 12 

rainbow 11 

rock — see greenling, kelp 
sand— see seatrout, sand 
sea — see also greenling, kelp; sea- 
trout, spotted 
speckled — see trout, brook 

steelhead 11 

see also trout, rainbow 
summer — see weakfish 

Sunapee 12 

see also char, Arctic 
white — see char, Arctic ; seatrout, sand 
winter — see seatrout, spotted 

trout-perch 24 

Columbia — see sand roller 

trout-perches 24 

trouts 11 

trumpetfish 23 

trumpetfishes 23 

trunkfish 49 

horned — see cowfish 

smooth 49 

spiny 49 

spotted 49 

trunkfishes 49 

tube-eye 24 

tube-eyes 24 

tube-snout 23 

tube-snouts 23 



tuna, Atlantic — see tuna, bluefin 

bigeye 35 

blackfin 35 

bluefin 35 

little 34 

skipjack 34 

striped — see tuna, skipjack 

yellowfin 35 

tunas 34 

turbot, California — see sole, curlfin 
C-0— see sole, C-0 
common — see triggerfish, gray 
curlfin — see sole, curlfin 

diamond 47 

hornyhead 47 

Nassau— see triggerfish, queen 
sharp ridge— see turbot, hornyhead 
spotted 47 

tyee — see salmon, chinook 


Varden, Dolly 12 


wahoo 34 

snake — see wahoo 

walleye 29 

warmouth 27 

Warsaw — see grouper, Warsaw 

weakfish 31 

spotted — see seatrout, spotted 

weatherfish, oriental 18 

wenchman 26 

whalesucker 48 

whiff, bay 46 

horned 46 

spotted 46 

whipray — see ray, spotted eagle 

whitebait — see silverside 

whitefish — see also wolffish, Atlantic 

Bear Lake 11 

Bonneville 11 

broad 11 

humpback 11 

lake 11 

Menominee — see whitefish, round 

mountain 11 

ocean 29 

pygmy 11 

Rocky Mountain — see whitefish, 

round 11 

whitefishes U 

whiting — see also hake, silver; pollock, 
California — see corbina, California 
sand — see windowpane 

windowpane 47 

wolf -eel 43 

wolffish — see also lancetfish. Pacific 

Atlantic 43 

Bering 43 

northern 43 

spotted 43 

wolfhshes 43 

wormfish, pink 36 

pugjaw 36 

wormfishes 36 

woundfin 16 

wrasse, blackear 34 

clown 34 

Creole 33 

dwarf 33 

greenband 33 

painted 33 

rock 34 

yellowhead 33 

wrasses 33 

wreckfish 25 

wrymouth 44 

dwarf 44 

giant 44 


Y-blenny 44 

yellowtail 30 

see also flounder, yellowtail; snap- 
per, yellowiiail ; perch, silver 
yowler — see pout, ocean 




Index to Scientific Names 

Names of classes, orders, and families appear in roman; those of genera and species in 


Ahlennes 20 

Abvdefduf 33 

abyssicola, Prosopium 11 

Acantharchus 27 

Acanthemblemaria 42 

acanthias, Squalus 8 

Acanthocybium 34 

Acanthopterygii 24 

Acanthostracion — see Lactophrys 

Acanthuridae 34 

Acanthurus 34 

Achirus 47 

Acipenser 9 

Acipenseridae 9 

Acipenseriformes 9 

acipenserinus, Agonus 40 

ackleyi, Raja 8 

Acrocheilus 13 

acronotus, Carcharhinus 7 

acros, Eremichthys 13 

aculeatus, Gasterosteus 23 

Halieutichthys oO 

Prognathodes 32 

Stenotomus — see chrysops, S. 

acuminatus, Equetus 31 

Etrumeus 10 

Myrichthys 19 

acus, Strongylura 20 

acuticeps, Clinocottus 39 

Etheostoma 27 

acutus, Fodiator 21 

Acyrtops 48 

Adinia 21 

odscensionis, Epinephelus 25 

adspersus, Tautogolabrus 34 

aeglefinus, Melanogrammus 22 

aeneus, Myoxocephalus 40 

aenigmaticus, Icosteus 45 

aepyptera, Lampetra 6 

aestivalis, Alosa 10 

Hybopsis 14 

Aetobatus 9 

afer, Alphestes 25 

affinis, Atherinops 46 

Chilomycterus 49 

Elops 10 

Gambusia 22 

Hirundichthys 21 

agassizi, Chologaster 22 

Scorpaena 36 

aggregata, Cymatogaster 33 

Agnatha 6 

Agonidae 40 

Agonopsis 40 

Agonostomus 46 

Agonus 40 

Agosia 13 

aguabonita, Salmo 11 

Ahlia 19 

alabamae, Alosa 10 

alalunga, Thunnus 35 

alascana, Asterotheca 40 

alascanus, Sebastolobus 38 

alaius, Prionotus 38 

albacares, Thunnus 35 

albeolus, Notropis 14 

albescens, Remorina 48 

albicans, Istiophorus 35 

albida, Makaira 35 

albigutla, Kathetostoma 42 

Paralichthys 47 

albirosiris, Corythoichthys 23 

albolineatus, Fundulus 21 

alborus, Notropis 14 

Albula 10 

Albulidae 10 

album, Haemidon 30 

albus, Scaphirhynchus 9 

Alectis 29 

alepidota, Chaenopsis 42 

alepidotus, Peprilus 45 

Alepisauridae 13 

Alepisaurus 13 

aleutensis, Lyconectes 44 

aleutianus, Sebastodes 37 

aleutica. Raja 8 

aleuticus, Coitus 39 

Allanetta 46 

alleni, Rathbimella 42 

alletteratus, Euthynnus 34 




Alloclinus 42 

AUolumpenus 44 

Allosmerus 12 

Allotriognathi 23 

Alopias 6 

Alosa 10 

alosoides, Hiodon 12 

alpenae, Coregonus 11 

Alphestes 25 

alpinus, Salvelinus 12 

alta, Pristigenys 26 

altavela, Gymnura 9 

altima, Carcharhinus 7 

aliipinnis, Notropis 14 

altivelis, Sebastolobus 38 

ahdaceus, Acrocheilus 13 

Alutera 48 

alutus, Apogon 26 

Sebastodes 37 

amabilis, Notropis 14 

Amblopliies 27 

amblops, Hybopsis 14 

Amblyopsidae 22 

Amblyopsis 22 

amblyrhynchus, Hemicaranx 30 

Ameiurus — see Ictalurus 

americana, Dasyatis 9 

americanus, Ammodytes 41 

Esox americanus 12 

Hemiiripterus 39 

Istiophorus — see albicans, I. 

Lophius 49 

Macrozoarces 44 

Menticirrhus 31 

Polyprion 25 

Pseudopleuronectes 47 

Roccus 25 

Amia 10 

Amiidae 10 

Amiiformes 10 

Ammocrypta 27 

Ammodytes 41 

Ammodytidae 41 

amnis, Notropis 14 

amoenus, Notropis 14 

Amphiodon — see Hiodon 

Amphistichus 33 

Anacanthini 22 

anale, Hyperprosopon 33 

analis, Clinocottus 39 

Lutjanus 26 

analogus, Epinephelus 25 

analostanus, Notropis 14 

Anarchias 19 

Anarhichadidae 43 

Anarhichas 43 

Anarrhichthys 43 

anatirostris, Bembrops 42 

Anchoa 1 1 

anchovia, Sardinella 10 

Anchoviella 1 1 

Ancylopsetta 46 

andersoni, Pristipomoides 26 

Anguilla 19 

anguillicaudatus, Misgurnus 18 

Aiiguillidae 19 

Anguilliformes 19 

anguineum, Chlamydoselachus 6 

angustirostris, Tetrapturus 35 

Anisotremus 30 

anisurum, Moxostoma 17 

annae, Cottus 39 

annularis, Pomoxis 27 

Prionodes 25 

annulatus, Sphaeroides 49 

anogenus, Notropis 14 

anomalum, Campostoma 13 

Anoplagonus 40 

Anoplarchus 44 

Anoplopoma 38 

Anoplopomatidae 38 

Antennariidae 50 

Antennarius 50 

antennatus, Chilomycterus 49 

Anthias 25 

Antigonia 24 

antillarum, Chilomycterus 49 

Monolene 47 

Apeltes 23 

aphododera, Dysomma 20 

Aphredoderidae 24 

Aphredoderus 24 

Aplodinotus 31 

Apodes 19 

Apodichthys 43 

apodus, Lutjanus 26 

Apogon 26 

Apogonidae 26 

approximans, Polydactylus 46 

Aprionodon 7 

Apristurus 7 

Aprodon 44 

Apsilus 26 

Aptocyclus 41 

aquosus, Scophthalmus 47 

Archoplites 27 

Archosargus 32 

arcticus, Thymallus 12 

Trachipterus 24 

arctifrons, Calamus 32 

Citharichthys 46 

Arctogadus 22 

Arctoscopu^ 41 

arctus, Syngnathus 23 



arcuatus, Pomacanthus 32 

ardens, Catostomus 17 

Notropis 14 

arenarius, Cynoscion 31 

arenatus, Priacanthus 26 

Rypticus 26 

argentea, Sphyraena 45 

argenteum, H yperprosopon 33 

argenteus, Amphisiichus 33 

Diplodus 32 

Eucinostomus 30 

Argentina 12 

Argentinidae 12 

argentissimus, Plagopterus 16 

argi, Centropyge 32 

Argyreiosus — see Selene 

Ariidae 18 

ariommum, Moxostoma 17 

ariommus, Notropis 14 

Arioscopus 42 

Ariosoma 19 

armatus, Leptocottus 40 

Artediellus 38 

artedii, Coregonus 11 

Artedius 38 

Ascelichthys 39 

ascensionis, Holocentrus 24 

Asemichthys 39 

asper, Cottus 39 

aspera, Acanthemhlemaria 42 

Limanda 47 

asperifrons, Notropis 14 

asperiliriguis, Anthias 25 

asperrimus, Cottus 39 

Aspicottus — see Enophrys 

Aspidophoroides 40 

asprella, Ammocrypta 27 

asprellus, Radulinus 40 

asprigene, Etheostoma 27 

Asterotheca 40 

Astronotus 33 

Astroscopus 42 

Astyanax 13 

Atheresthes 47 

Atherinidae 46 

atherinoides, Chriodorus 20 

Notropis 14 

Atherinomorus 46 

Atherinops 46 

Atherinopsis 46 

atinga, Chilomycterus 49 

atlantica, Emhlemaria 42 

Megalops 10 

Scorpaena 36 

atlanticus, Liparis 41 

Ophiohlennius 43 

Tetragonurus 45 

Thunnus 35 

atraria, Gila 13 

atratulus, Rhinichthys 16 

atricauda, Symphurus 48 

atripes, Phanerodon 33 

atripinne, Etheostoma 27 

Moxostoma 17 

atrocaudalis, Notropis 15 

atromaculatus, Semotilus 17 

atropurpureus, Xiphister 44 

atrovirens, Sehastodes 37 

audax, Makaira 35 

audens, Menidia 46 

auliscus, Syngnathus 23 

Aulorhynchidae 23 

Aulorhynchus 23 

Aulostomidae 23 

Aulostomus 23 

aurantiaca, Percina 29 

auratus, Carassius 13 

Mullus 31 

aureolum, Moxostoma — see macrolepido- 
tum, M. 

aureorubens, Pronotogrammus 25 

aureus, Pomacanthus 32 

auriculatus, Sehastodes 37 

aurifrons, Opisthognathus 41 

auritus, Lepomis 27 

aurofrenatum, Sparisoma 34 

aurolineatum, Bathy stoma 30 

aurolineatus, Apogon 26 

aurora, Micrometrus 33 

Sehastodes 37 

auroruhens, Rhomhoplites 26 

australis, Remora 48 

autumnalis, Coregonus 11 

Auxis 34 

avalonis, Antennarius 50 

averruncus, Kathetostoma 42 

Awaous 35 

axillare, Sparisoma 34 

aya, Chaetodon 32 

ayresi, Lampetra 6 

Ayresia — see Chromis 

azurea, Hermosilla 32 

azureus, Carcharhinus 7 


Bagre 18 

bahianus, Acanthurus 34 

haileyi, Crenichthys 21 

Notropis 15 

hairdi, Callionymus 42 

Cottus 39 

Nezumia 22 

Notropis 15 

Bairdiella 31 



hajonado, Calamus 32 

balao, Hemiramphus 20 

haldwini, Prionodes 25 

Balistes 48 

Balistidae 48 

balteatus, Richardsonius 17 

barbata, Brotula 45 

Pallasina 40 

barbatum, Lyconema 44 

Barbulifer 35 

barracuda, Sphyraena 45 

barratti, Etheostoma 27 

bartholomaei, Caranx 29 

bartoni, Aspidophoroides 40 

Bascanichthys 19 

Bathyagonus 40 

bathybius, Embassichihys 47 

Bathygobius 35 

Bathylagidae 12 

Bathymaster 42 

Bathymasteridae 42 

bathyphilus, Halichoeres 33 

Bathy stoma 30 

Batoidei 8 

Batrachoididae 49 

Batrachoidiformes 49 

bdellium, Ichthyomyzon 6 

beani, Ammocrypta 27 

Prionotus 38 

beldingi, Cottus 39 

Bellator 38 

bellica, Hybopsis 14 

bellus, Notropis 15 

belone, Tetrapturus 35 

Belonidae 20 

Belonif ormes 20 

Bembrops 42 

bendirei, Cottus 39 

bergi, Scorpaena 36 

beringiana, Polypera 41 

bermudensis, Carapus 45 

Holacanthus 32 

Hypleurochilus 43 

Berycif ormes 24 

Berycoidei 24 

beryllina, Menidia 46 

beryllinus, Acyrtops 48 

beta, Opsanus 49 

bicaudalis, Lactophrys 49 

bicolor, Gila 13 

Siphateles 17 

bicornis, Icelus 39 

bifasciatum, Thalassoma 34 

bifrenatus, Notropis 15 

biguttata, Hybopsis 14 

bilinearis, Merlu^cius 22 

bilineata, Lepidopsetta 47 

bilobus, Blepsias 39 

binoculata, Raja 8 

binotatus, Apogon 26 

bipinnulatus, Elagatis 30 

birostris, Manta 9 

bison, Enophrys 39 

bivittatum, Diplectrum 25 

bivittatus, Halichoeres 33 

blackfordi, Lutjanus 26 

blanchardi, Neoclinus 43 

Blenniidae 43 

blennioides, Etheostoma 27 

Blennius 43 

blennius, Etheostoma 27 

Notropis 15 

Blepsias 39 

Bodianus 33 

boekei, Callionymus 42 

boleoides, Radulinus 40 

Boleosoma — see Etheostoma 

boleosoma, Gobionellus 36 

Bollmannia 35 

bonaci, Mycteroperca 25 

bonariense, Haemulon 30 

bonasus, Rhinoptera 9 

boops, Notropis 15 

borealis, Icelinus 39 

Sphyraena 45 

Boreogadus 22 

bosci, Gobiosoma 36 

bosquianus, Chasmodes 43 

Bothidae 46 

Bothragonus 40 

Bothus 46 

bovinus, Cyprinodon 21 

brachycephalus, Corythoichthys 23 

brachychir, Bellator 38 

Brachygenys 30 

Brachyistius 33 

brachyptera, Remora 48 

brachypterus, Parexocoetus 21 

brachysomus, Calamus 32 

Brama 30 

Bramidae 30 

Branchiostegidae 29 

Brannerella 42 

brasiliensis, Hemiramphus 20 

Narcine 8 

Saurida 13 

Scorpaena 36 

braytoni, Notropis 15 

brazosensis, Notropis 15 

brederi, Pseudogrammus 25 

breviceps, Moxostoma 18 

brevipes, Lycodes 44 

brevirostris, Chasmistes 17 

Negaprion 7 



hrevirostrum, Acipenser 9 

hrevispinis, Sehastodes 37 

Brevoortia 10 

Brosme 22 

brosme, Brosme 22 

Brosmophycis 45 

Brotula 45 

Brotulidae 45 

hroussonneti, Gobioides 36 

brncus, Echinorhinus 8 

brunneus, Apristurus 7 

bubalus, Ictiobus 17 

buccanella, Lutjanus 26 

buccata, Ericymba 13 

biiccula, Notropis 15 

buchanani, Notropis 15 

bullisi, Holocentrus 24 

burchami, Icelinus 39 


cabaUus, Caranx 29 

Caecula 19 

caeruleofasciatus, Bathymaster 42 

caeruleum, Etheostoma 27 

caeruleus, Notropis 15 

cahni, Hybopsis 14 

Calamus 32 

calamus, Calamus 32 

calcarata, Scorpaena 36 

calif omica, Oxyjulis 34 

Squatina 8 

Torpedo 8 

calif omicus, Cypselurus 20 

Mustelus 7 

Myliobatis 9 

Paralichthys 47 

calif omiensis, Atherinopsis 46 

Medialuna 32 

Syngnaihus 23 

Typhlogobius 36 

Xenistius 31 

Callechelys 19 

Callionymidae 42 

Callionymus 42 

callisema, Notropis 15 

callistius, Notropis 15 

callitaenia, Notropis 15 

calliurus, Callionymus 42 

loglossus 35 

callyodon, Liparis 41 

calva, Amia 10 

Calycilepidotus — see Hemilepidotus 

campcchanus, Lutjanus 26 

Campostoma 13 

camurum, Etheostoma 27 

camtirus, Notropis 15 

canadense, Stizostedion 29 

canadum, Rachycentron 29 

canis, Mustelus 7 

Cantherines 48 

Canthidermis 48 

Canthigaster 49 

capellei, Lophotus 24 

capistratus, Chaetodon 32 

caprinus, Stenotomus 32 

capriscus, Batistes 48 

caprodes, Percina 29 

Caproidae 24 

capros, Antigonia 24 

Carangidae 29 

Caranx 29 

Carapidae 45 

Carapus 45 

Carassius 13 

carbonarium, Haemulon 30 

Carcharhinidae 7 

Carcharhinus 7 

Carcharias 6 

carcharias, Carcharodon 7 

Carchariidae 6 

Carcharodon 7 

Careproctus 41 

caribbaea, Saurida 13 

caribbaeus, Scorpaenodes 37 

carinatum, Moxostoma 18 

camatus, Sebastodes 37 

carolinae, Cottus 39 

carolinensis, Batistes — see capriscus, B. 

carolinus, Prionotus 38 

Trachinotus 30 

carpio, Carpiodes 17 

Cyprinus 13 

Floridichthys 21 

Carpiodes 17 

carri, Microgobius 36 

caryi, Hypsurus 33 

castaneus, Ichthyomijzon 6 

castor, Pontinus 36 

catalinensis, Rhynchocymba 19 

cataractae, Rhinichthys 16 

catenata, Echidna 19 

catenatus, Fundidus 21 

Catostomidae 17 

Catostomus 17 

catostomus, Catostomus 17 

Phenacobius 16 

catus, Ictalurus 18 

caudalis, Halichoeres 33 

cauxiUimbatus, Conger 19 

Caulolatilus 29 

caurinus, Mylocheilus 14 

Sebastodes 37 

cavalla, Scomberomorus 35 

cavifrons, Ambloplites 27 



Icelinus 39 

cayorum, Anchoa 11 

Ogilhia 45 

Cebidichthys 44 

Centrarchidae 27 

Centrarchus 27 

Centriscidae 23 

Centrolophus 45 

Centropomidae 24 

Centropomus 24 

Centropristes 25 

Centropyge 32 

Centroscyllium 8 

ccntroura, Dasyatis 9 

cepedianum, Dorosoma 10 

Cephalopholis 25 

Cephaloscyllium 7 

cephalus, Mugil 46 

cerasinus, Notropis 15 

Ceratacanthus — see Alutera 

cerdale, Scytalina 44 

cervimim, Lepophidium 45 

Moxostoma 18 

Cetengraulis 11 

Cetorhinus 7 

ceuthoecus, Barbulifer 35 

Chaenohryttus 27 

Chaenopsis 42 

Chaetodipterus 32 

Chaetodon 32 

chaetodon, Enneacanthus 27 

Chaetodontidae 32 

chalcogrammus, Theragra 22 

chalyhaeus, Notropis 15 

chamaeleonticeps, Lopholaiilus 29 

Characidae 13 

Chascanopsetta 46 

Chasmistes 17 

Chasmodes 43 

Cheiloirema 31 

chesteri, Phycis 22 

chihuahua, Notropis 15 

chiliensis, Sarda 35 

chiliticus, Notropis 15 

Chilomyderus 49 

Chimaerae 9 

Chimaeridae 9 

Chimaeriformes 9 

Chirolophus 44 

chirurgus, Acanthurus 34 

chirus, Phytichthys 44 

Chitonotus 39 

chittendeni, Cyclopsetta 46 

Chlamydoselachidae 6 

Chlamydoselachus 6 

chloristius, Notropis 15 

chlorocephalus, Notropis 15 

Chloroscombrus 29 

chlorosomurn, Etheostoma 27 

chlorostictus, Sebastodes 37 

Chologaster 22 

Chondrichthyes 6 

Chondrostei 9 

chordatus, Stylephorus 24 

Chriodorus 20 

Chromis 33 

Chrosomus 13 

chrosomus, Notropis 15 

chrysargyrea, Brachygenys 30 

chrysochloris, Alosa 10 

chrysogaster, Agosia 13 

chrysomelas, Sebastodes 37 

chrysops, Roccus 26 

Stenotonius 32 

chrysopterum, Sparisoma 34 

chrysopterus, Orthopristis 31 

chrysotus, Fundulus 21 

chrysura, Bairdiella 31 

chrysurus, Chloroscombrus 29 

Microspathodon 33 

Ocyurus 26 

chuss, Urophycis 22 

Cichlasoma 33 

Cichlidae 33 

ciliaris, Holacanthus 32 

ciliatus, Monacanthus 49 

Sebastodes 37 

cimbrius, Enchelyopus 22 

cinereum, Etheostoma 27 

cinereus, Gerres 30 

cingulatus, Fundulus 21 

Paracli7ius 43 

cirratum, Ginglymostoma 7 

cirratus, Urophycis 22 

cirrhosus, Blepsias 39 

Citharichthys 46 

civitatus, Symphurus 48 

clara, Ammocrypta 27 

clarki, Pantosteus 18 

Salmo 11 

clathratus, Paralabrax 25 

Clepticus 33 

Clevelandia 35 

Clinidae 42 

Clinocottus 39 

Clinostomus 13 

Clupea 10 

clupeaformis, Coregonu^ 11 

Clupeidae 10 

Clupeiformes 10 

clupeola, Harengula 10 

Cobitidae 18 

cobitis, Tiaroga 17 

coccogenis, Notropis 15 



coelestinus, Scarus 34 

coenosus, Pleuronichthys 47 

coeruleus, Acanthurus 34 

Scarus 34 

cognatus, Cottus 39 

cothurni, Seriola 30 

colias, Scomber 35 

collapsum, Moxostoma 18 

colliei, Hydrolagus 9 

collis, Etheosioma 27 

Cololahis 20 

columbianus, Caiostomus 17 

comatus, Cypselurus 20 

comhatia, Antigonia 24 

commersoni, Catostomus 17 

compressa, Anchoa 11 

conchorum, Menidia 46 

concolor, Scomberomorus 35 

confluentus, Fundulus 21 

Conger 19 

congestum, Moxostoma 18 

Congridae 19 

Congrina 19 

conklini, Apogon 26 

Caecula 19 

conneciens, Lethops 36 

conocephalus, Mylopharodon 14 

Conodon 30 

constellatus, Sebastodes 37 

coosae, Etheostoma 27 

Micropterus 27 

copei, Snyderichthys 17 

copelandi, Percina 29 

corallinum, Cryptotrema 42 

corallinus, Artedius 38 

Coregonus 11 

coregonus, Moxostoma 18 

coriacea, Moapa 14 

corinus, Hexanchus — see griseum, H. 

cornuia, Chologaster 22 

cornutus, Citharichthys 46 

Notropis 15 

coroides, Umbrina 31 

corporalis, Semotilus 17 

cortezianus, Aprodon 44 

coruscus, Holocentrus 24 

Coryphaena 30 

Coryphaenidae 30 

Coryphopterus 35 

Corythoichthys 23 

Cottidae 38 

Cottus 39 

Couesius 14 

couUeri, Prosopium 11 

cragini, Etheostoma 27 

crameri, Hybopsis 14 

Sebastodes 37 

crassa, Percina 29 

crassicauda, Gila 13 

creaseri, Artedius 39 

Crenichthys 21 

crinigerus, Micrognathus 23 

crinitus, Alectis 29 

Micrognathus 23 

cristatus, Blennius 43 

Trachipterus 24 

Cristivomer — see Salvelinus 

crocro, Pomadasys 31 

croicensis, Scarus 34 

cromis, Pogonias 31 

crossotus, Etropus 46 

crotalina, Embryx 44 

cruentatum,, Petrometopon 25 

cruentatus, Priacanthus 26 

crumenophthalmus, Selar 30 

Cryptacanthodes 44 

Cryptopterygium 19 

Cryptotomus 34 

Cryptotrema 42 

crysoleucas, Notemigonus 14 

crysos, Caranx 29 

cubana, Anchoa 11 

cubensis, Squalus 8 

Cubiceps 45 

cujus, Chasmistes 17 

cummingsae, Notropis 15 

curacao, Bathygobius 35 

curema, Mugil 46 

cuvieri, Galeocerdo 7 

Tetragonurus 45 

cyanea, Chromis 33 

cyanellus, Lepomis 27 

cyanoguttatum, Cichlasoma 33 

cyanophrys, Psenes 45 

cyanops, Caulolatilus 29 

cyanopterus, Cypselurus 20 

Lutjanus 26 

Cycleptus 17 

Cyclopsetta 46 

Cyclopterichthys 41 

Cyclopteridae 41 

Cyclopteropsis 41 

Cyclopterus 41 

cyclopus, Liparis 41 

cyclostigma, Liparis 41 

cylindraceum, Prosopium 11 

Cymatogaster 33 

cymatotaenia, Percina 29 

Cynoglossidae 48 

cynoglossus, Glypiocephalus 47 

Cynoscion 31 

cypha, Gila 13 

cyprinellus, Ictiobus 17 

Cyprinidae 13 



Cypriniformes 13 

Cyprinodon 21 

Cyprinodontidae 21 

Cyprinodontiformes 21 

cyprinoides, Lophogobius 36 

Cyprinus 13 

cyprinus, Carpiodes 17 

Cypselurus 20 


Dactylopteridae 41 

Dactylopterus 41 

dactylopterus, Helicolenus 36 

Dactyloscopidae 42 

Dactyloscopus 42 

Dalatias 8 

dalli, Lythrypnus 36 

Schastodes 37 

Dallia 12 

Damalichthys — see Rhacochilus 

Dasyatidae 9 

Dasyatis 9 

Dasycottus 39 

davidsoni, Anisotremus 30 

deani, Paraliparis 41 

Polistotrema 6 

decagonus, Agonus 40 

decagrammus, Hexagrammos 38 

Decapterus 29 

decUvifrons, Vomer 30 

Decodon 33 

decurrens, Pleuronichthys 47 

delicatissima, Anchoa 11 

Delolepis 44 

delphinus, Pantosteus 18 

dennyi, Liparis 41 

dentatiis, Apsilus 26 

Neoscopelarchoides 13 

Paralichthys 47 

Pseudupeneus 31 

deniex, Odontoscion 31 

Osmerus 12 

denticulatus, Anarhichas 43 

derjugini, Eumicrotremus 41 

Dermatolepis 25 

Dermatostethus 23 

diaholi, Dionda 13 

diabolis, Cyprinodon 21 

diaphana, Emblemaria 42 

Lactoria 49 

diaphanes, Raja — see ocellaia, R. 

diaphanus, Fundulus 21 

Diapterus 30 

diapterus, Lycodes 44 

dilatus, Spirinchus 12 

dilecta, Ancylopsetia 46 

Diodon 49 

Diodontidae 49 

diomedianus, Symphurus 48 

Dionda 13 

Diplectrum 25 

Diplodus 32 

diploproa, Sehastodes 37 

dipterurus, Dasyatis 9 

Discocephali 48 

dispar, Scorpaena 36 

dissimilis, Hybopsis 14 

diiaenia, Gila 14 

ditropis, Lamna 7 

dodecaedra, Occa 40 

dolichogaster, Pholis 43 

dolomieui, Micropterus 27 

Doratonotus 33 

Dormitator 35 

dormitor, Gobiomorus 35 

Dorosoma 10 

dorsalis, Notropis 15 

Seriola 30 

Sphaeroides 49 

dorsopunicans, Eupomacentrus 33 

drummondhayi, Epinephelus 25 

dubiiis, Ammodytes 41 

ductor, Naucrates 30 

dumerili, Seriola 30 

Squatina 8 

dunckeri, Syngnathus 23 

duodecim, Anchoa 11 

duquesnei, Moxostoma 18 

duryi, Etheostoma 27 

Dysomma 20 

Dysommidae 20 


earlli, Urophycis 22 

Echeneidae 48 

Echeneiformes 48 

Echeneis 48 

Echidna 19 

Echinorhinus 8 

edwini, Etheostoma 28 

eglanteria, Raja 8 

egmontis, Ahlia 19 

egregius, Arioscopus 42 

Richardsonius 17 

egretta, Bellator 38 

eigenmanni, Rimicola 48 

Elacatinus 35 

Elagatis 30 

elassodon, Hippoglossoides 47 

Elassoma 27 

elater, Zalieutes 50 

elegans, Cyprinodon 21 

Gibbonsia 42 

Eleginus 22 



Eleotridae 35 

Eleotris 35 

eleutherus, Noturus 18 

elUpiicum, Hyperprosopon 33 

elongatus, Allosmerus 12 

Clinostomus 13 

Cycleptus 17 

Ophiodon 38 

Sebastodes 37 

Elopidae 10 

Flops 10 

elucens, Syngnathus 23 

Emhassichthys 47 

Embiotoca 33 

Embiotocidae 33 

Ernhlemaria 42 

embryum, Clinocottus 39 

Emhryx 44 

emiliae, Opsopoeodus 16 

emmelane, Agonopsis 40 

Empetrichthys 21 

emphaeus, Sebastodes 37 

Enchelycore 19 

Enchelyopus 22 

enchrysurus, Chromis 33 

Engraiilidae 11 

Engraulis 11 

Engyophrys 46 

Enneacatithus 27 

Enneapterygius 42 

Enophrys 39 

ensiferus, Centropomus 24 

Entomacrodus 43 

eniomelas, Sebastodes 37 

Entosphenus — see Lampetra 

Eopsetia 47 

eos, Chrosomus 13 

Sebastodes 37 

Ephippidae 32 

Epinephelus 25 

episcopa, Dionda 13 

Eques — see Equetus 

Equetus 31 

equisetis, Coryphaena 30 

erectus, Hippocampus 23 

Eremichthys 13 

Ericymba 13 

Erilepis 38 

Erimystax 14 

Erimyzon 17 

erinacea, Raja 8 

Erotelis 35 

erythra, Gibbonsia 42 

erythrogaster, Chrosomus 13 

erythrophthalmus, Scardinius 17 

erythrurum, Moxostoma 18 

Esocidae 12 

Esox 12 

Etelis 26 

Etheosloma 27 

etowanum, Hypentelium 17 

Etropus 46 

Etrumeus 10 

Eucalia 23 

Eucinostomus 30 

Eucyclogobius 35 

Euleptorhamphus 20 

Eumesogrammus 44 

Eumicrotremus 41 

Eupomacentrus 33 

eurystole, Anchoviella 11 

eurystomus, Satan 19 

euryzonus, Notropis 15 

Euthynnus 34 

euzonum, Etheostoma 28 

evergladei, Elassoma 27 

evermanni, Rhinichthys 16 

Evermannichihys 36 

evides, Percina 29 

Plectobranchus 44 

Eviota 35 

evolans, Prionotus 38 

Evorthodus 36 

exasperata, Zapteryx 8 

exile, Etheostoma 28 

exilicaiida, Lavinia 14 

exilis, Lyopsetta 47 

Noturus 18 

Strongylura 20 

Exocoetidae 20 

Exocoetus 21 

Exoglossum 13 

exsiliens, Cypselurus 20 

extensa, Menidia 46 

Extrarius 14 


faber, Chaetodipterus 32 

fabricii, Centroscyllium 8 

Lumpenus 44 

falcata, Seriola 30 

falcatus, Rhinichthys 16 

Trachinotus 30 

falciformis, Carcharhinus 7 

fasciafa, Pholis 43 

Seriola 30 

fasciatus, Larimus 31 

Opisthognathus 41 

Paraclinus 43 

fecundus, Catostomus 17 

felis, Galeichthys 18 

fenestralis, Arlediiis 39 

ferox, Alepisaurus 13 

ferruginea, Limanda 47 



fierasfer, Lycodapus 44 

filamentosus, Icelinus 39 

fimbria, Anoplopoma 38 

fimbriata, Cyclopseita 46 

fimbriatus, Icelinus 39 

Fistularia 23 

Fistulariidae 23 

flabellare, Etheostoma 28 

fiammea, Hemitremia 14 

flava, Congrina 19 

flavescens, Perca 29 

flavidus, Apodichthys 43 

Aulorhynchus 23 

Sebastodes 37 

flavobrunneum, Lepidocybium 34 

flavolimbatus, Epinephelus 25 

flavolineatum, Haemulon 31 

flavus, Noturus 18 

florae, Liparis 41 

floridae, Jordanella 21 

Syngnathus 23 

floridanus, Carcharhinus 7 

Microdesmus 36 

Urophycis 22 

Floridichthys 21 

focaliger, Meniicirrhus 31 

Fodiator 21 

foetens, Synodus 13 

fonticola, Etheostoma 28 

fontinalis, Salvelinus 12 

forbesi, Carpiodes 17 

forcipatus, Batistes 48 

formosa, Heterandria 22 

Mollienesia 22 

formosum, Diplectrum 25 

fossor, Ichthyomyzon 6 

francisci, Heterodontus 6 

jreminvillei, Myliobatis 9 

frenata, Zaniolepis 38 

frenatus, Brachyistius 33 

Sarritor 40 

fricksium, Etheostomxi 28 

frontalis, Gastropsetta 47 

Jryi, Hesperomyrus 19 

fucensis, Liparis 41 

fiicorum, Xererpes 43 

fulgida, Meda 14 

fulva, Cephalopholis 25 

fidvescens, Acipenser 9 

fumeus, Notropis 15 

funduloides, Clinostomus 13 

Fundulus 21 

funebris, Gymnothorax 19 

Noturus 18 

furcatus, Cypselurus 20 

Ictalurus 18 

Phanerodon 33 

furcifer, Paranthias 25 

furiosus, Noturus 18 

fuscus, Syngnathus 23 

fusiforme, Etheostoma 28 


Gadidae 22 

Gadif ormes 22 

Gadus 22 

gagei, Ichthyomyzon 6 

gaigei, Gambusia 22 

gaimardiana, Mugil 46 

gairdneri, Salmo 11 

galacturus, Notropis 15 

Galeichthys 18 

Galeocerdo 7 

Galeorhinus 7 

Gambusia 22 

garmani, Raja 8 

Garmannia 36 

garnoti, Halichoeres 33 

Garrupa — see Epinephelus 

Gasterosteidae 23 

Gasterosteif ormes 23 

Gasterosieus 23 

Gastropsetta 47 

geiseri, Gambusia 22 

gelida, Hybopsis 14 

geminatus, Hypleurochilus 43 

gemmiferum, Prosopium 11 

Gempylidae 34 

Gempylus 34 

gentilis, Hypsoblenniu^ 43 

Genyonemus 31 

Germo — see Thunnus 

Gerres 30 

Gerridae 30 

gibbifrons, Prognichthys 21 

Gibbonsia 42 

gibbosus, Lepomis 27 

gigantea, Delolepis 44 

gigas, Stereolepis 26 

Gila 13 

gilae, Salmo 11 

gilberti, Hypsoblennius 43 

Ilypnus 36 

Noturus 18 

Gilbertidia 39 

Gillellus 42 

gilli, Pholis 43 

Sebastodes 37 

Synchirus 40 

Gillichthys 36 

Ginglymodi 10 

Ginglymostoma 7 

ginsburgi, Gobiosoma 36 

girardi, Notropis 15 



Girella 32 

Girellidae 32 

glaher, Cyclopterichthys 41 

glacialis, Arctogadus 22 

Liopsetta 47 

gladius, Xiphias 35 

glauca, Prionace 7 

glaiicofraenum, Coryphopterus 35 

glaucum, Stizostedion vitrewn 29 

glaucus, I sums 7 

Trachinotus 30 

glesne, Regalecus 24 

glohiceps, Clinocottus 39 

gloriosus, Enneacanthus 27 

glutinosa, Myxine 6 

Glyptocephalus 47 

Gnaiholepis 36 

Gobiesocidae 48 

Gobiesocif ormes 48 

Gohiesox 48 

Gobiidae 35 

Gohioides 36 

gobioides, Bemhrops 42 

Gohiomorus 35 

Gohionellus 36 

Gobiosoma 36 

Gobulus 36 

gomesi, Ophichthus 20 

Gonioplectrus 25 

goodei, Lucania 22 

Myliobatis 9 

Ptilichthys 44 

Sebastodes 37 

gorbuscha, Oncorhynchus 11 

Gordiichthys 19 

gracile, Etheostoma 28 

gracilior, Congrina 19 

gracilis, Cubiceps 45 

Cymatogaster 33 

Eleginus 22 

Hybopsis 14 

Macrorhamphosus 23 

gracillimus, Gobionellus 36 

graellsi, Lepophidium 45 

grahami, Etheostoma 28 

grandicomis, Paraclinus 43 

grandicornis, Scorpaena 36 

grandis, Fundulus 21 

Ptychocheilus 16 

greeleyi, Ichthyomyzon 6 

greenei, Cottus 39 

Notropis 15 

greeni, Polypera 41 

greyae, Gillellus 42 

greyi, Istiophorus 35 

griseolineatus, Syngnathus 23 

griseum, Hexanchus 6 

griseus, Lutjanus 26 

gronowi, Nomeus 45 

grunniens, Aplodinotus 31 

guacamaia, Scarus 34 

guachancho, Sphyraena 46 

gula, Eucinostomus 30 

gulosus, Chaenobryttus 27 

Cottus 39 

Microgobius 36 

gunnellus, Pholis 43 

gunteri, Brevoortia 10 

Syacium 47 

guppyi, Labrisomus 43 

gutselli, Etheostoma 28 

guttata, Scorpaena 37 

guttatus, Astroscopus 42 

Epinephelus 25 

guttulata, Hypsopsetta 47 

Gymnachirus 47 

Gymnelis 44 

Gymnocanthus 39 

Gymnothorax 19 

Gymnura 9 

gyrinus, Noturus 18 

Gyropleurodus — see Heterodontus 


Haemulon 30 

Halecomorphi 10 

Halichoeres 33 

Halieutichthys 50 

halleri, Urolophus 9 

hamiltoni, Manta 9 

Moxostoma 18 

hankinsoni, Artedius 39 

Hybognathus 14 

Haplodoci 49 

Harengula 10 

harengus, Clupea harengus 10 

harperi, Hybopsis 14 

harringtonensis, Allanetta 46 

harringtoni, Artedius 39 

hastatus, Gobionellus 36 

havana, Eucinostomus 30 

hayi, Hybognathus 14 

heidi, Uraspis 30 

Helicolenus 36 

helvomaculatus, Sebastodes 37 

Hemanthias 25 

Hemibranchii 23 

Hemicaranx 30 

Hemiemblemaria 42 

Hemilepidotus 39 

hemilepidotus, Hemilepidotus 39 

Hemiramphidae 20 

Hemiramphus 20 

Hemitremia 14 



Hemitripterus 39 

hemphilli, Stathmonotus 43 

henlei, Triakis 7 

hentzi, Hypsohlennius 43 

hepselus, Anchoa 11 

Herichthys — see Cichlasoma 

Hermosilla 32 

Hesperoleucus 14 

Hesperomyriis 19 

Heterandria 22 

Heteristius 42 

heterochir, Gamhusia 22 

heteroclitus, Fundulus 21 

heterodon, Notropis 15 

Heterodontidae 6 

Heterodontus 6 

heterolepis, Notropis 15 

Heteromi 20 

Heterosomata 46 

Heterostichus 42 

heterurus, Cypselurus 20 

Hexagrammidae 38 

Hexagrammos 38 

Hexanchidae 6 

Hexanchus 6 

hexapterus, Ammodytes 41 

Mans, Ablennes 20 

hildebrandi, Noturus 19 

Hiodon 12 

Hiodontidae 12 

Hippocampus 23 

Hippoglossina 47 

Hippoglossoides 47 

hippoglossoides, Reinhardlius 47 

Hippoglossus 47 

hippoglossiis, Hippoglossus 47 

hippos, Caranx 29 

hippurus, Coryphaena 30 

Hirundichthys 21 

hirundo, Leiocottus 40 

hispanus, Gonioplectrus 25 

hispidus, Monacanthus 49 

Histrio 50 

histrio, Etheostoma 28 

Histrio 50 

Holacanthus 32 

holacanthus, Diodon 49 

holbrooki, Diplodus 32 

Ophidian 45 

Holconotus — see Amphistichus 

holderi, Allodinus 42 

Holocentridae 24 

Holocentrus 24 

holochroma, Cryptopterygium 19 

hopkinsi, Plagiogrammus 44 

Sebastodes 37 

hopliticus, Paricelinus 40 

Hoplunnis 19 

horsti, Gobiosoma 36 

hoyi, Coregonus 11 

hubbsi, Cottus 39 

Cyprinodon 21 

Ichthyomyzon 6 

Moxostoma 18 

Novumbra 12 

hudsonius, Notropis 15 

humeralis, Harengula 10 

humilis, Lepomis 27 

Hybognafhus 14 

Hybopsis 14 

Hyborhynchus — see Pimephales 

Hydrolagus 9 

Hypentelium 17 

Hyperoartii 6 

Hyperotreti 6 

Hyperprosopon 33 

Hypleurochilus 43 

hypochromus, AUolumpenus 44 

hypodus, Decapterus 29 

Hypomesus 12 

Hypoplectrus 25 

hypoplectus, Raihbunella 42 

Hypoprion 7 

Hyporhamphus 20 

hypostoma, Mobula 9 

Hypsagonus 40 

hypselopterus, Notropis 15 

hypsilepis, Notropis 15 

hypsinotus, Hybopsis 14 

Hypsoblennius 43 

Hypsopsetta 47 

Hypsurus 33 

Hypsypops 33 

Hysterocarpus 33 

hystrix, Diodon 49 


Icelinus 39 

Icelus 39 

Ichthyomyzon 6 

Icichthys 45 

icistius, Bairdiella 31 

Icosteidae 45 

Icosteus 45 

Ictaluridae 18 

Ictalurus 18 

Icticus 45 

Ictiobus 17 

illecebrosus, Notropis 15 

Uypnus 36 

imberbe, Peristedion 38 

imperialis, Luvarus 35 

impressa, Ariosoma 19 

incisor, Kyphosus 32 



inconstans, Eucalia 23 

indica, Makaira 35 

inermis, Anoplagonus 40 

Dermatolepis 25 

Scorpaena 37 

infraspinata, Asteroiheca 40 

ingens, Hippocampus 23 

Iniomi 13 

inornata, Raja 8 

inscriptum, Etheostoma 28 

inscriptus, Trinectes 47 

insignis, Caiostomus 17 

Hybopsis 14 

Noturus 19 

insolatus, Chromis 33 

integripinnis, Paraclinus 43 

intermedius, Paritosteus 18 

Synodus 13 

internipta, Raja 8 

interruptus, Archoplites 27 

inter stitialis, Mycteroperca 25 

intertinctus, Mystriophis 20 

loglossus 35 

ionthas, Hypsoblennius 43 

ios, Clevelandia 35 

loiichihys 14 

irretitus, Gordiichthys 19 

isodon, Aprionodon 7 

isolepis, Isopsetta 47 

Isopsetta 47 

Isospondyli 10 

Istiophoridae 35 

Istiophorus 35 

I sums 7 

itajara, Epinephelus 25 


jacksoni, Embiotoca 33 

jacobus, Myriprisiis 24 

jamaicensis, Urolophus 9 

japanica, Mobula 9 

japonica, Lampetra 6 

japonictis, Arctoscopus 41 

Scomber 35 

jeannae, Bollmannia 35 

Lepophidium 45 

jemezanus, Notropis 15 

jenkinsi, Fundulus 21 

Jenkinsia 10 

jessiae, Etheostoma 28 

jocu, Lutjanus 26 

johannae, Coregonus 11 

Jordanella 21 

jordani, Eopsetta 47 

Etheostoma 28 

Mycteroperca 25 

Ronquilus 42 

Sebastodes 37 

Jordania 39 

juliae, Etheostoma 28 


kalisherae, Labrisomus 43 

kanawhae, Etheostoma 28 

kansae, Fundulus 21 

Kathetostoma 42 

Katsuwonus — see Euthynnus 

kendalli, Verma 20 

kennicotti, Etheostoma 28 

keta, Oncorhynchus 11 

kincaidi, Malacocottus 40 

Raja 8 

kisutch, Oncorhynchus 11 

kiyi, Coregonus 11 

klamathensis, Cottus 39 

koefoedi, Liparis 41 

koelzi, Amphistichus 33 

Kyphosidae 32 

Kyphosus 32 


Labidesthes 46 

Labridae 33 

Labrisomus 43 

labrosa, Hybopsis 14 

lacera, Lagochila 17 

lachneri, Apogon 26 

Moxostoma 18 

Lachnolaimus 34 

lachrymale, Moxostoma 18 

Lactophrys 49 

Lactoria 49 

lacustris, Ictalurus — see punctatus, I. 

laeta, Pholis 43 

laevigatus, Lagocephalus 49 

laevis, Raja 8 

Ranzania 49 

Lagocephalus 49 

lagocephalus, Lagocephalus 49 

Lagochila 17 

Lagodon 32 

lahontan, Pantosteus 18 

lamiella, Carcharhinus 7 

Lamna 7 

Lamnidae 6 

lamottei, Lampetra 6 

Lampetra 6 

Lamprididae 23 

Lampridiformes 23 

Lampris 23 

lamprotaenia, Anchoa 11 

Jenkinsia 10 

lanceolata, Mola 49 

lanceolatus, Equetus 31 



lanceolatus, Stellifer 31 

Larimus 31 

lateralis, Artedius 39 

Embiotoca 33 

lathami, Trachurus 30 

laiifrons, Xeneretmus 40 

laiipinna, Mollienesia 22 

latipinnis, Catostomus 17 

Zaniolepis 38 

latos, Empetrichthys 21 

latus, Caranx 29 

laurae, Parexoglossum 16 

lavalaei, Lycodes 44 

Lavinia 14 

leedsi, Notropis 15 

lefroyi, Eucinostomus 30 

Leiocottus 30 

leiopomus, Cottus 39 

leiops, Xeneretmus 41 

Leiostomus 31 

lentiginosa, Raja 8 

lentiginosus, Rhinobatos 8 

Lepibema — see Roccus 

Lepidocybium 34 

Lepidogobius 36 

Lepidomeda 14 

Lepidopsetia 47 

Lepidopus 34 

lepidum, Etheostoma 28 

lepidus, Lepidogobius 36 

Notropis 15 

Lepisosteidae 10 

Lepisosteus 10 

Lepomis 27 

Lepophidium 45 

leptacanthus, Noturus 19 

leptoccphala, Hybopsis 14 

Lcptocottus 40 

Leptolucania 22 

leptorhynchus, Sarritor 40 

lepturus, Trichiurus 34 

leptus, Hemanthias 25 

Letharchus 19 

Lethops 36 

lethostigma, Paralichthys 47 

leucas, Carcharhinus 7 

Leucichthys 11 

leucichthys, Stenodus 12 

leuciodus, Notropis 15 

leucosteus, Calamus 32 

leucostictus, Eupomacentrus 33 

Leuresthes 46 

Leuroglossus 12 

levis, Sebastodes 37 

lewini, Sphyrna 7 

libertate, Opisthonema 10 

licha, Dalatias 8 

Limanda 47 

limbatus, Carcharhinus 7 

limi, Umbra 12 

lindneri, Lonchopisthus 41 

lineata, Parahollardia 48 

lineatus, Achirus 47 

Euthynnus 34 

Genyonemus 31 

Oostethus 23 

Phiheirichthys 48 

lineopunctatus, Xanthichthys 49 

liolepis, Xystreurys 47 

Liopsetta 47 

liorus, Chasmistes 17 

Liparis 41 

liparis, Liparis 41 

lirus, Notropis 15 

littoralis, Menticirrhus 31 

liza, Mugil 46 

Lobotes 26 

Lobotidae 26 

lockingtoni, Icichthys 45 

Lonchopisthus 41 

lonchurus,Opisthognathus 41 

longicaudus,Gobionellus 36 

longimanum, Etheostoma 28 

longimanus, Carcharhinus 7 

longipala, Gobiosoma 36 

longipinnis, Careprocius 41 

Microdesmus 36 

Taractes 30 

longirostris, Lumpenella 44 

Notropis 15 

longispinis, Pontinus 36 

longum, Gobiosoma 36 

longurio, Scoliodon 7 

Lophiidae 49 

Lophiiformes 49 

Lophius 49 

Lophobranchii 23 

Lophogobius 36 

Lopholatilus 29 

Lophopsetta — see Scophthalmus 

Lophotidae 24 

Lophotus 24 

Lota 22 

lota, Lota 22 

louisianae, Syngnathus 23 

lowei, Polymixia 24 

Lucania 22 

lucasana, Mobula 9 

luciae, Fundulus 21 

lucioceps, Synodus 13 

lucius, Esox 12 

Ptychocheilus 16 

lugubris, Caranx 29 

Chascanopsetta 46 



Lumpenella 44 

Lumpenus 44 

lumpretaeformis, Lumpenus 44 

lumpus, Cyclopterus 41 

lunatus, Bothus 46 

lunulatus, Mustelus 7 

lupus, Anarhichas 43 

Ictalurus 18 

luteovinctum, Eiheosioma 28 

lutipinnis, Notropis 15 

Lutjanidae 26 

Lutjanus 26 

lutrensis, Notropis 15 

Luvaridae 35 

Luvarus 35 

luxatus, Catostomus 17 

Lycenchelys 44 

Lycichthys^see Anarhichas 

Lycodapus 44 

Lycodes 44 

Lycodopsis 44 

Lyconectes 44 

Lyconema 44 

lyolepis, Anchoa 11 

Lyopsetta 47 

lyricus, Evorthodus 36 

Lythrypnus 36 


macalpini, C yclopteropsis 41 

macarellus, Decapterus 29 

macdonaldi, Sehastodes 37 

macellus, Triglops 40 

Macrhyhopsis 14 

macrocephala, Percina 29 

macrocephalus, Gadus 22 

macrocheilus, Catostomus 17 

macrochirus, Lepomis 27 

macrodon, Garmannia 36 

macrognathus, Opisthognathus 41 

macrolepidotum, Moxostoma 18 

macrolepidotus, Pogonichthys 16 

Macropinna 12 

macrops, Citharichthys 46 

macropterus, Centrarchus 27 

macropus, Malacodenus 43 

Macrorhamphosus 23 

macrostomum, Haemulon 31 

Macrouridae 22 

Macrozoarces 44 

macrurus, Hoplunnis 19 

macularius, Cyprinodon 21 

maculata, Percina 29 

maculatofasciatus, Paralabrax 25 

macidatum, Etheostoma 28 

maculatus, Apogon 26 

Aulostomus 23 

Canthidermis 48 

Cryptacanthodes 44 

Dormitator 35 

Lumpenus 44 

Notorynchus 6 

Notropis 15 

Psenes 45 

Pseudupeneus 32 

Scomheromorus 35 

Sphaeroides 49 

Trinectes 47 

maculipinna, Halichoeres 34 

maculipinnis, Carcharhinus 7 

macidosus, Oligocottus 40 

maeandricus, Gobiesox 48 

mahogoni, Lutjanus 26 

majalis, Fundulus . 21 

Makaira 35 

Malacanthus 29 

Malacocottus 40 

Malacodenus 43 

maliger, Sehastodes 37 

Mallotus 12 

malma, Salvelinus 12 

mandibularis, Lycodapus 44 

Manta 9 

margarita, Semotilus 17 

marginata, Brosmophycis 45 

Rissola 45 

marginatus, Cottus 39 

Lepomis 27 

mariae, Etheostoma 28 

marianus, Holoccntrus 24 

marina, Strongylura 20 

marinus, Bagre 18 

Petromyzon 6 

Sebastes 37 

marmorata, Gymnura 9 

marmoratus, Paraclinus 43 

Rivulus 22 

Scorpaenichthys 40 

marmoreus, Blennius 43 

martinica, Membras 46 

martinicensis, Ocyanthias 25 

Xyrichthys 34 

martinicus, Mulloidichthys 31 

martis, Prionotus 38 

masquinongy, Esox 12 

matutinus, Notropis 15 

maxillingua, Exoglossum 13 

maxillosus, Opisthognathus 41 

maximus, Cetorhinus 7 

Lachnolaimus 34 

mcgintyi, Ogcocephalus 50 

meanyi, Ruscarius 40 

Meda 14 

Medialuna 32 



mediocris, Alosa 10 

medirostris, Acipenser 9 

medius, Lumpenus 44 

meeki, Hybopsis 14 

megalepis, Doratonotus 33 

Megalops 10 

megalotis, Lepomis 27 

Melanogrammus 22 

melanops, Minytrema 17 

Sehastodes 37 

melanopterus, Eucinostomus 30 

melanostictus, Psettichthys 47 

melanostoimis, Sebastodes 37 

melanurum, Haemulon 31 

melanus, Centropristes 25 

melas, Ictalurus 18 

Melichthys 48 

Membras 46 

Menidia 46 

menidia, Menidia 46 

Menticirrhus 31 

Merluccius 22 

merriami, Empetrichthys 21 

Mesogonistius — see Enneacanthus 

metzi, Gibbonsia 42 

mexicana, Pikea 25 

mexicanus, Astyanax 13 

miarcha, Anchoviella 11 

microcephalus, Somniosus 8 

Microcyprini 21 

Microdesmidae 36 

Microdesmus 36 

microdon, Pseudotriakis 7 

Microgadus 22 

Micrognathus 23 

Microgobius 36 

microlepidotus, Orthodon 16 

microlepis, Microgobius 36 

Mycteroperca 25 

Scorpaena 37 

microlophus, Lepomis 27 

Micrometrus 33 

microperca, Etheostoma 28 

Micropogon 31 

micropogon, Hybopsis 14 

microps, Catostomus 17 

Micropterus 27 

micropterus, Oxyporhamphus 21 

Microspathodon 33 

microstoma, Macropinna 12 

Microstomus 47 

microstomus, Etropus 46 

micrura, Gymnura 9 

micrurum, Syacium 47 

milberti, Carcharhinus 7 

miliaris, Muraena 19 

militaris, Bellator 38 

miniatum, Peristedion 38 

miniatus, Sebastodes 37 

minimus, Micrometrus 33 

minor, Anarhichas 43 

Symphurus 48 

Minytrema 17 

mirabilis, Gillichthys 36 

Phenacobius 16 

Misgurnus 18 

mississippiensis, Roccus 26 

mitchilli, Anchoa 11 

miurus, Noturus 19 

Moapa 14 

Mobula 9 

Mobulidae 9 

mohavensis, Siphateles 17 

mokarran, Sphyrna 7 

Mola 49 

mola, Mola 49 

Molidae 49 

MoUienesia 22 

Monacanthus 49 

monacha, Hybopsis 14 

monoceros, Alutera 48 

Monolene 47 

monopterygius, Aspidophoroides 40 

Pleurogrammus 38 

montereyensis, Gibbonsia 42 

monticola, Agonostomus 46 

mordax, Engraulis 11 

Gymnothorax 19 

Mystriophis 20 

Osmerus 12 

morhua, Gadus 22 

moringa, Gymnothorax 19 

morio, Epinephelus 25 

Morone — see Roccus 

Moxostoma 17 

mucosus, Liparis 41 

Xiphister 44 

mucronatus, Neoconger 19 

Mugil 46 

Mugilidae 46 

Mullidae 31 

Mulloidichthys 31 

Mullus 31 

multilineata, Chromis 33 

midtiocellatus, Aniennarius 50 

Muraena 19 

muraena, Callechelys 19 

Muraenidae 19 

muscarum, Rimicola 48 

Mustelus 7 

Mycteroperca 25 

Myctophidae 13 

Myctophiformes 13 

myersi, Gobulus 36 



Myliobatidae 9 

Myliobatis 9 

Mylocheilus 14 

Mylopharodon 14 

my ops, Trachinocephalus 13 

Myoxocephalus 40 

myriaster, Porichthys 49 

Myrichihys 19 

Myripristis 24 

Myrophis 20 

mysiacinus, Epinephelus 25 

Opisihognathus 42 

mysticetus, Cetengraulis 11 

mystinus, Sebastodes 37 

Mystriophis 20 

Myxine 6 

Myxinidae 6 

Myxiniformes 6 

Myxinoidea 6 


namaycush, Salvelinus 12 

Narcine 8 

narinari, Aetobatus 9 

nasus, Coregonus 11 

Lamna 7 

Notacanthus 20 

nasuta, Percina 29 

nasutus, Ogcocephalus 50 

natalis, Idalurus 18 

Naucrates 30 

naucrates, Echeneis 48 

Nautichthys 40 

nebulifer, Paralabrax 25 

nebulosus, Cynoscion 31 

Idalurus 18 

Sebastodes 37 

Nectoliparis 41 

Negaprion 7 

Nematistius 30 

Nemichthyidae 19 

NeocUnus 43 

Neoconger 19 

neogaeus, Chrosomus 13 

Neomcrinthe 36 

Neoscopelarchoides 13 

Neothunnus — see Thunnus 

nephelus, Sphaeroides 49 

nerka, Oncorhynchus 11 

neucratoides, Echeneis 48 

ncvadae, Crenichthys 21 

nevadensis, Cyprinodon 21 

newberryi, Eucydogobius 35 

Nezumia 22 

nianguae, Etheostoma 28 

nicholsi, Blennius 43 

Coryphopterus 35 

Nicholsina 34 

niger, Centrolophus 45 

Esox 12 

Idiobus 17 

nigrescens, Gila 14 

nigriargenteus, Cubiceps 45 

nigricans, Enchelycore 19 

Girella 32 

Hypentelium 17 

Makaira 35 

nigricindus, Labrisomus 43 

nigripinnis, Bathyagonus 40 

Coregonus 11 

Paraclinus 43 

nigritus, Epinephelus 25 

nigrocindus, Sebastodes 37 

nigrofasciata, Percina 29 

nigromacidatus, Pomoxis 27 

nigromarginatus, Gymnothorax 19 

7iigru7n, Etheostoma 28 

nipigon, Coregonus 11 

nitens, Trichiurus 34 

niveatus, Epinephelus 25 

niveus, Notropis 15 

nobiliana, Torpedo 8 

nobilis, Conodon 30 

Cynoscion 31 

Gambusia 22 

Nocomis 14 

nodurnus, Noturus 19 

Nomeus 45 

normani, Saurida 13 

norrisi, Mustelus 7 

Notacanthidae 20 

Notacanthif ormes 20 

Notacanthus 20 

notata, Strongylura 20 

notatus, Fundulus 21 

Pimephales 16 

Porichthys 49 

Notemigonus 14 

nothus, Cynoscion 31 

notius, Micropterus 27 

notogramma, Percina 29 

Notorynchus 6 

notospilotus, Artedius 39 

notospilus, Prionodes 25 

Notropis 14 

notti, Fundulus 21 

Noturus 18 

novaculum, Ophidion 45 

Noviimbra 12 

nubila, Dionda 13 

nuchalis, Hybognathus 14 

nuchipinnis, Labrisomus 43 

nudus, Gymnachirus 47 

nugator, Chirolophus 44 

nybelini, Triglops 40 




obesus, Enneacanihus 27 

Thunnus 35 

obeyense, Etheostoma 28 

oblongus, Eriniyzon 17 

Paralichihys 47 

obscurus, Carcharhinus 7 

obtusirostris, Exocoetus 21 

obtusus, Hippocampus 23 

Occa 40 

occidentalis, Catosiomus 17 

Poeciliopsis 22 

oceanicus, Conger 19 

Gobionellus 36 

oceanops, Elacatinus 35 

ocellata, BrannereUa 42 

Chaenopsis 42 

Raja 8 

Sciaenops 31 

Zenopsis 24 

ocellatus, Anarrhichthys 43 

Antennarius 50 

Astronotus 33 

Bothus 46 

Chaetodon 32 

Ophichthus 20 

octodecemspinosus, Myoxocephalus 40 

octogr animus, Hexagrammos 38 

octonemus, Polydactylus 46 

oculatus, Etelis 26 

Icelinus 39 

Lepisosteus 10 

Myrichthys 20 

oculofasciatus, Nautichthys 40 

Ocyanthias 25 

Ocyurus 26 

ocyurus, Centropristes 25 

Odontaspis — see Carcharias 

Odontopyxis 40 

Odontoscion 31 

ogac, Gadus 22 

Ogcocephalidae 50 

Ogcocephalus 50 

Ogilbia 45 

oglinum, Opisthonema 10 

ohiensis, Alosa 10 

okefenokee, Elassoma 27 

olidus, Hypomesus 12 

OUgocottus 40 

Oligoplites 30 

olisihostomus, Diapterus 30 

oUvaceus, Fundidus 21 

olivaris, Pylodictis 19 

olriki, Aspidophoroides 40 

olseni, Raja 8 

omisGomaycus, Percopsis 24 

ommata, Leptolucania 22 

omostigmum, Otophidium 45 

Oncorhynchus 11 

onitis, Tautoga 34 

Oostethus 23 

opercularis, Polydactyhis 46 

Ophichthidae 19 

Ophichthus 20 

Ophidiidae 45 

Ophidion 45 

Ophioblennius 43 

Ophiodon 38 

Ophioscio7i 31 

ophis, Ophichthus 20 

ophryas, Prionoius 38 

Opisthognathidae 41 

Opisthognathus 41 

Opisthonema 10 

Opisthoproctidae 12 

Opsanus 49 

Opsopoeodus 16 

orbis, Eumicrotremus 41 

orcutti, Gila 14 

oreas, Chrosomus 13 

Greet olobidae 7 

oregonensis, Ptychocheilus 16 

Oregonichthys 14 

oricntalis, Anarhichas 43 

Sarda 35 

ornata, Pholis 43 

omatum, Campostoma 13 

ortenburgeri, Notropis 15 

Orihodon 16 

Orthonopias 40 

Orthopristis 31 

osburni, Etheostoma 28 

osculus, Rhinichthys 16 

Osmeridae 12 

Osmerus 12 

osseus, Lepisosteus 10 

Ostariophysi 13 

Osteichthyes 9 

osteochir, Remora 48 

Ostichthys 24 

Ostraciidae 49 

Otophidium 45 

Otrynter — see Stenotomns 

ovalis, Sebastodes 37 

Oxyjulis 34 

Oxylebius 38 

Oxyporhamphus 21 

oxyrhyncha, Percina 29 

oxyrhynchus, Acipenser 9 

Notropis 15 

oxyrinchus, Isurus 7 

ozarcanus, Notropis 15 


pachycephalus, Lagocephalus 49 

pacifica, Lycodopsis 44 



pacificus, Microstomus 47 

Somniosus 8 

Thaleichthys 12 

Pagrus 32 

paitensis, Trachinotus 30 

palearis, Lycodes 44 

Palinurichthys 45 

pallasi, Clupea harengus 10 

Pallasina 40 

pallidus, Lycodes 44 

palmaris, Percina 29 

Palometa 45 

pandionis, Emblemaria 42 

pantherina, Percina 29 

Pantosteus 18 

papillifer, Gobiesox 48 

papillosum, Syacium 47 

pappillosum, Moxostoma 18 

Paracentropristes 25 

Paraclinus 43 

paradoxus, Psychrolutes 40 

Parahollardia 48 

Paralabrax 25 

paralatus, Prionotus 38 

Paralichthys 47 

Paraliparis 41 

parallelus, Centropomus 24 

Paranthias 25 

Parathunnus — see Thunnus 

pardus, Opsanus 49 

Parexocoetus 21 

Parexoglossum 16 

Paricelinus 40 

Parmaturus 7 

parmifera. Raja 8 

Parophrys 47 

parrai, Clepticus 33 

Haemulon 31 

partitus, Eupomacentrus 33 

paru, Peprilus 45 

parva, Lucania 22 

parvipinne, Etheostoma 28 

parvipinnis, Cynoscion 31 

Fundulus 21 

parvus, Ogcocephalus 50 

Symphurus 48 

Upeneus 32 

patronus, Brevoortia 10 

patter soni, Trogloglanis 19 

paucispinis, Sebastodes 37 

pectinatus, Centropomus 25 

Pristis 8 

pectoralis, Dallia 12 

Enneapterygius 42 

Nematistius 30 

Prionotus 38 

Pediculati 49 

pelagicus, Nectoliparis 41 

Syngnathus 23 

pelamis, Euthynnus 34 

pelicanus, Symphurus 48 

pellucida, Ammocrypta 27 

pellucidus, Icticus 45 

peltata, Percina 29 

Pempheridae 32 

Pempheris 32 

penna. Calamus 32 

pensacolae, Harengula 10 

pentacanthus. Aster oiheca 40 

Peprilus 45 

Perca 29 

Percidae 27 

Perciformes 24 

perciformis, Palinurichthys 45 

Percina 29 

percobromus, Notropis 15 

Percomorphi 24 

Percophididae 42 

Percopsidae 24 

Percopsiformes 24 

Percopsis 24 

perfasciata, Anchoviella 11 

Peristedion 38 

perlongum, Etheostoma 28 

perotteti, Pristis 8 

perpallidus, Notropis 15 

perplexus, Cottus 39 

perryae, Callechelys 19 

personata, Eviota 35 

peruanus, Hemanthias 25 

petenense, Dorosoma 10 

petersoni, Notropis 16 

Petrometopon 25 

Peiromyzon 6 

Petromyzontia 6 

Petromyzontidae 6 

Petromyzontiformes 6 

Phanerodon 33 

Phenacobius 16 

phenax, Mycteroperca 25 

philadelphicus, Centropristes 25 

phlegethontis, lotichthys 14 

phoebe, Prionodes 25 

Pholidae 43 

Pholis 43 

photogenis, Notropis 16 

phoxocephala, Percina 29 

Phtheirichthys 48 

Phycis 22 

Phytichthys 44 

picta, Eleotris 35 

pictus, Oxylebius 38 

picudilla, Sphyraena 46 

pidschian, Coregonus 11 



'piger, Symphurus 48 

pigmentarius, Apogon 26 

Pikea 25 

pilicornis, Blennius 43 

Pimelometopon 34 

Pimephales 16 

pingeli, Triglops 40 

pinniger, Sebastodes 37 

piratula, Emblemaria 42 

pisonis, Eleotris 35 

Placopharynx — see Moxostoma 

Plagiogrammus 44 

plagiusa, Symphurus 48 

Plagopterus 16 

planeri, Lampetra 6 

planifrons, Apogon 26 

Eupomacentrus 33 

platessoides, Hippoglossoides 47 

Platichthys 47 

platorynchus, Scaphirhynchus 9 

platostomus, Lepisosteus 10 

platycephalus, Ictalurus 18 

Platygobio 14 

platyrhincus, Lepisosteus 10 

Platyrhinoidis 8 

platyrhynchus, Pantosteus 18 

plebeius, Pantosteus 18 

Pledobranchus 44 

Plectognathi 48 

Plectrypops 24 

Pleurogrammus 38 

Pleuronectes 47 

Pleuronectidae 47 

Pleuronectiformes 46 

Pleuronichthys 47 

plumbea, Hybopsis 14 

plumieri, Diapterus 30 

Haemulon 31 

Malacanihus 29 

Scorpaena 37 

Pneumatophorus — see Scomber 

podostemone, Etheostoma 28 

Poecilichthys — see Etheostoma 

Poeciliidae 22 

Poeciliopsis 22 

poecilurum, Moxostoma 18 

poeyi, Halichoeres 34 

Synodus 13 

Pogonias 31 

Pogonichthys 16 

Polistotrema 6 

politus, Seriphus 31 

Pollachius 22 

pollux, Neomerinthe 36 

polyacanthocephalus, M yoxocephalus . ... 40 

polyactocephalus, Chirolophus 44 

Polydactylus 46 

polylepis, Batistes 48 

Polymixia 24 

Polymixiidae 24 

Polynemidae 46 

Polyodon 9 

Polyodontidae 9 

Polypera 41 

Polyprion 25 

polyspinis, Sebastodes 37 

polystictus, Trachipterus 24 

Pomacanthus 32 

Pomacentridae 33 

Pomadasyidae 30 

Pomadasys 31 

Pomatomidae 29 

Pomatomus 29 

Pomolobus — see Alosa 

pomospilus, Paracentropristes 25 

pomotis, Acantharchus 27 

Pomoxis 27 

Pontinus 36 

Porichthys 49 

Poroclinus 44 

Poronotus 45 

porosissimus, Porichthys 49 

porosus, Carcharhinus 7 

potteri, Notropis 16 

praecisus, Eumesogrammus 44 

pretiosus, Hypomesus 12 

Ruvettus 34 

Priacanthidae 26 

Priacanthus 26 

pricei, Ictalurus 18 

princeps, Caidolatilus 29 

Cottus 39 

Prionace 7 

Prionodes 25 

Prionotus 38 

Pristidae 8 

Pristigenys 26 

Pristipomoides 26 

Pristis 8 

probatocephalus, Archosargus 32 

proboscidea, Limanda 47 

procne, Notropis 16 

productus, Merluccius 22 

Rhinobatos 8 

proeliare, Etheostoma 28 

Prognathodes 32 

Prognichthys 21 

promelas, Pimephales 16 

Promicrops — see Epinephelus 

Pronotogrammus 25 

proridens, Calamus 32 

proriger, Sebastodes 37 

proserpinus, Notropis 16 

Prosopium 11 



Protospondyli 10 

proximus, Microgadus 22 

Psenes 45 

Psettichthys 47 

Pseudogrammus 25 

pseudogula, Eucinostomus 30 

pseudoharengus, Alosa 10 

pseudomaculatus, Apogon 26 

Pseudopleuronedes 47 

Pseudoscarus — see Scarus 

Pseudotriakis 7 

Pseudupeneus 31 

psittacus, Xyrichthys 34 

Psychrolutes 40 

Ptilichthyidae 44 

Ptilichthys 44 

Ptychocheilus 16 

puellaris, Decodon 33 

pugetensis, Chitonotus 39 

pulchellus, Bodianus 33 

Liparis 41 

pulcher, Equetus 31 

pulchrum, Pimelometopon 34 

pullus, Caniherines 48 

pulvereus, Fundulus 21 

pumilio, Serraniculus 26 

punctatus, Decapterus 29 

Equetus 31 

Ictalurus 18 

Lepomis 27 

Myrophis 20 

Stichaeus 44 

punctifer, Mystriophis 20 

punctipinnis, Chromis 33 

Dermatostethus 23 

punctulatum, Etheostoma 28 

punctulatus, Gobiesox 48 

Micropterus 27 

Pungitius 23 

pungitius, Pungitius 23 

purpurea, Gila 14 

purpurescens, Anoplarchus 44 

pusillus, Symphurus 48 

putnami, Liopsetta 47 

pygmaea, Umbra 12 

Pylodictis 19 

pyrrhomelas, Notropis 16 


quadracus, Apeltes 23 

quadricornis, Hypsagonus 40 

Lactophrys 49 

Myoxocephalus 40 

quadriseriatus, Icelinus 39 

quadrisquamatus, Apogon 26 

quadrituberculatus, Pleuronectes 47 

quadrocellata, Ancylopsetta 46 

Quietula 36 


Rachycentridae 29 

Rachycentron 29 

radians, Sparisoma 34 

radiata. Raja 8 

radiatus, Halichoeres 34 

Ogcocephalus 50 

radiosum, Etheostoma 28 

radiosus, Antennarius 50 

Cyprinodon 21 

radula, Melichthys 48 

Radulinus 40 

Raja 8 

Rajidae 8 

Rajiformes 8 

raridaUi, Acanthurus 34 

Ranzania 49 

raphidoma, Strongylura 20 

rastrelliger, Sebastodes 37 

Rathbunella 42 

rathbuni, Fundulus 21 

Pontinus 36 

rayi, Brama 30 

recalvus, Clinocottus 39 

Regalecidae 24 

Regalecus 24 

regalis, Cynoscion 31 

Scomberomorus 35 

regius, Lampris 23 

Urophycis 22 

regulus, Psenes 45 

reighardi, Coregonus 11 

Reinhardtius 47 

Remora 48 

remora, Remora 48 

Remorina 48 

remotus, Carcharhinus 7 

reticulatus, Lycodes 44 

retifer, Scyliorhinus 7 

retifera, Muraena 19 

retrospinis, Plectrypops 24 

rex, Percina 29 

Rhacochilus 33 

Rhamphocottus 40 

rhessodon, Gobiesox 48 

rhina. Raja 8 

Rhincodon 7 

Rhincodontidae 7 

Rhinichthys 16 

Rhinobatidae 8 

Rhinobatos 8 

Rhinoptera 9 

Rhodeus 16 

rhodochloris, Sebastodes 37 

rhodopus, Trachinotus 30 

rhodorus, Ascelichthys 39 

rhodoterus, Amphistichus 33 

rhomboidalis, Archosargus 32 



rhomhoides, Lagodon 32 

Rhnmboplites 26 

rhotheus, Coitus 39 

rhothoecum, Moxostoma 18 

Rhynchocymha 19 

ricei, Coitus 39 

richardsoni, Alepisaurus 13 

Rhamphocottus 40 

Richardsonius 17 

rimensis, Oligocottus 40 

Rimicola 48 

rimiculus, Catosiomus 17 

rimosus, Elropus 47 

ringens, Xanihichlhys 49 

Risor 36 

Rissola 45 

ritteri, Pleuronichthys 47 

Xeneretmus 41 

Rivulu^ 22 

roanokense, Hypentelium 17 

robusia, Gila 14 

robustum, Gobiosoma 36 

Moxostoma 18 

robustiis, Hippoglossoides 47 

Roccus 25 

Roncador 31 

roncador, Umbrina 31 

rondeleti, Prognichthys 21 

Ronquilus 42 

rosaceus, Sebastodes 37 

Zalembius 33 

rosa£, Amblyopsis 22 

Hyporhamphus 20 

roseipinnis, Notropis 16 

roseus, Cryptotomus 34 

Prionotus 38 

rosispinis, Raja 8 

rostrata, Anguilla 19 

Canthigaster 49 

rosiratus, Heterosiichus 42 

roihrocki, Poroclinus 44 

rubelHo, Oligocottus 40 

rubellus, Notropis 16 

ruber, Caranx 29 

Risor 36 

ruberrimus, Sebastodes 37 

rubicunda, Hypsypops 33 

rubio, Prionotus 38 

rubreques, Moxostoma — see valenciennesi, 


rubricroceus, Notropis 16 

rubrifrons, Hybopsis 14 

rubripinne, Sparisoma 34 

rubrivinctus, Sebastodes 37 

rubrocinctus, Heteristius 42 

rubrofluviatilis, Cyprinodon 21 

rufilineatum, Etheostoma 28 

rufus, Bodianus 33 

Holocentrus 24 

rupestre, Etheostoma 28 

rupestris, Ambloplites 27 

rupiscartes, Moxostoma 18 

Ruscarius 40 

rutteri, Liparis 41 

Ruvettus 34 

Rypticus 26 


sabina, Dasyatis 9 

sabinae, Notropis 16 

saburrae, Chasmodes 43 

sadina, Etrumeus 10 

sagax, Sardinops 10 

sagitta, Etheostoma 28 

Lumpenus 44 

saida, Boreogadus 22 

saira, Cololabis 20 

solar, Salmo 11 

salinus, Cyprinodon 21 

Salmo 11 

salmoides, Micropterus 27 

Salmonidae 11 

Salmopercae 24 

saltaior, Hemiramphus 20 

saltatrix, Pomatomus 29 

saludae, Etheostoma 28 

Salvelinus 12 

sanctaerosae, Ulvicola 43 

santaanae, Pantosteus 18 

sapidissima, Alosa 10 

saponaceus, Rypticus 26 

Sarda 35 

sarda, Sarda 35 

Sardinella 10 

sardinella, Coregonus 11 

Sardinops 10 

Sarritor 40 

Satan 19 

satumum, Cheilotrema 31 

Saurida 13 

saurus, Elops 10 

Oligoplites 30 

Scomberesox 20 

saxatilis, Abudefduf 33 

Menticirrhus 31 

Roccus 26 

saxicola, Sebastodes 37 

sayanus, Aphredoderus 24 

sayi, Dasyatis 9 

scaber, Antennarius 50 

scabrata, Raja — see radiata, R. 

scabriceps, Notropis 16 

Scaphirhynchus 9 

Scardinius 17 

Scaridae 34 

Scarus 34 



scepticus, Notropis 16 

Schilbeodes — see Noturus 

schoepfi, Alutera 48 

Chilomyderus 49 

schomburgki, Pempheris 32 

schultzi, Pholis 43 

sciadicus, Fundulus 21 

Sciaenidae 31 

Sciaenops 31 

sclera, Percina 29 

scitulus, Prionotus 38 

sciurus, Haemulon 31 

Scoliodon 7 

scolopax, Macrorhamphosus 23 

Scomber 35 

Scomberesocidae 20 

Scomberesox 20 

Scomber omorus 35 

Scombridae 34 

scombrus, Scomber 35 

Scopelarchidae 13 

Scophthalmus 47 

Scorpaena 36 

Scorpaenichthys 40 

Scorpaenidae 36 

Scorpaenodes 37 

Scorpidae 32 

scorpioides, Myoxocephalus 40 

scorpius, Myoxocephalus 40 

scovelli, Syngnathus 23 

scrippsae, Otophidium 45 

scripta, Alutera 48 

scuticaris, Bascanichthys 19 

Scyliorhinidae 7 

Scyliorhinus 7 

Scytalina 44 

Scytalinidae 44 

Sebastes 37 

Sebastodes 37 

Sebastolobus 38 

sectatrix, Kyphosus 32 

secundodorsalis, Thunnus — see thynnus, 

sedecim, Pagrus 32 

sedentarius, Chaetodon 32 

Selachii 6 

Selar 30 

Selene 30 

selenops, Ophidion 45 

sellare, Etheostoma 28 

semicinctus, Halichoeres 34 

Sebastodes 38 

semifasciata, Triakis 7 

seminolis, Fundulus 21 

Semionotiformes 10 

Semotilus 17 

senilis, Gambusia 22 

senta, Raja 8 

sentus, Engyophrys 46 

sericeus, Rhodeus 16 

Seriola 30 

Seriphus 31 

serpens, Gempylus 34 

Serranellus 26 

Serraniculus 26 

Serranidae 25 

serranoides, Sebastodes 38 

Serranus 26 

serriceps, Sebastodes 38 

serriferum, Etheostoma 28 

sernda, Pristigenys 26 

sessilicauda, Monolene 47 

setapinnis, Vomer 30 

setifer, Monacanthus 49 

setiger, Dasycottus 39 

shufeldti, Gobionellus 36 

shumardi, Percina 29 

sialis, Argentina 12 

Vacuoqua 31 

sicculus, Labidesthes 46 

sigalutes, Gilbertidia 39 

signatus, Bathymaster 42 

Hypoprion 7 

signipinnis, Notropis 16 

silenus, Zaprora 45 

silus, Argentina 12 

similis, Fundulus 21 

simillima, Palometa 45 

simoterum, Etheostoma 28 

simulus, Hemiemblemaria 42 

simus, Notropis 16 

Siphateles 17 

smaragdus, Erotelis 35 

Gobionellus 36 

smithi, Brevoortia 10 

snyderi, Catostomus 17 

Oligocottus 40 

Snyderichthys 17 

solanderi, Acanthocybium 34 

Soleidae 47 

Solenichthyes 23 

Somniosus 8 

soporator, Bathygobius 35 

sordidus, Citharichthys 46 

Sparidae 32 

Sparisoma 34 

spathida, Polyodon 9 

spatula, Icelus 39 

Lepisosteus 10 

spectabile, Etheostoma 28 

spectrunculus, Notropis 16 

spelaea, Amblyopsis 22 

spengleri, Sphaeroides 49 

Sphaeroides 49 



Sphyraena 45 

Sphyraenidae 45 

Sphyrna 7 

Sphyrnidae 7 

spilonotus, Prosopium 11 

spilopterus, Citharichthys 46 

Notropis 16 

spinicauda, Raja 9 

spinosa, Acanthemblemaria 42 

spinosus, Eumicrotremus 41 

Hemilepidotus 39 

Spirinchus 12 

spangicola, Evermannichthys 36 

springeri, Gordiichthys 19 

Syngnathus 23 

Squalidae 8 

Squaliformes 6 

Squalus 8 

squamata, Percina 29 

squamiceps, Etheostoma 28 

squamilentus, Paralichthys 47 

Squatina 8 

Squatinidae 8 

stahuliforis, Raja — see laevis, R. 

stahli, Stathmonotus 43 

starksi, Spirinchus 12 

Stathmonotus 43 

stearnsi, Prionotus 38 

Roncador 31 

Stelgis 40 

stellatus, Apogon 26 

Platichthys 47 

stelleri, Hexagrammos 38 

Stellerina 40 

Stellifer 31 

stellifer, Fundulus 21 

stellidata, Raja 9 

Stenodus 12 

stenolepis, Hippoglossus 47 

Stenotomus 32 

Stephanolepis — see Monacanthus 

stephanophrys, Prionotus 38 

stephensae, Neoclinus 43 

Stereolepis 26 

sterletus, Agonopsis 40 

Stichaeidae 44 

Stichaeus 44 

stigmaeum, Etheostoma 28 

stigmaeus, Citharichthys 46 

stigmaticus, Gohionellus 36 

stigmaturus, Gohionellus 36 

stilbius, Leuroglossus 12 

Notropis 16 

stipes, Atherinomorus 46 

Stizostedion 29 

stomata, Hippoglossina 47 

stomias, Atheresthes 47 

storeriana, Hyhopsis 14 

standi, Polistotrema 6 

stramineus, Notropis 16 

striatus, Centropristes 25 

Chaetodon 32 

Epinephelus 25 

Stromateidae 45 

Strongylura 20 

strumosus, Gobiesox 48 

Stylephoridae 24 

Stylephorus 24 

subbifrenatus, Rypticus 26 

subbifurcata, Ulvaria 44 

subligarius, Serranellus 26 

subterraneus, Typhlichthys 22 

sucetta, Erimyzon 17 

suckleyi, Sqiialus — see acanthias, S. 

sufflamen, Canthidermis 48 

superciliosus, Alopias 6 

Hexagrammos 38 

surinamensis, Anisotremus 30 

Lobotes 26 

swaini, Etheostoma 28 

swani, Bothragonus 40 

swannanoa, Etheostoma 28 

Syacium 47 

symmetricus, Hesperoleucus 14 

Lepomis 27 

Trachurus 30 

Symphurus 48 

synagris, Lutjanus 26 

syncheilus, Catostomus — see columbianus, 

Synchirus 40 

Synentognathi 20 

Syngnathidae 23 

Syngnathus 23 

Synodontidae 13 

Synodus 13 

synodus, Synodus 13 


tahacaria, Fistularia 23 

Taeniotoca — see Embiotoca 

tahoensis, Catostomus 17 

tajasica, Awaous 35 

T arables 30 

Tarpon — see Megalops 

tau, Opsanus 49 

taurina, Enophrys 39 

taurus, Abudefduf 33 

Carcharias 6 

Tautoga 34 

Tautogolahrus 34 

taylori, Asemichthys 39 

Otophidium 45 

tenellus, Pimephales 16 



tenuis, Coitus 39 

Erimyzon 17 

Icelinus 39 

Leuresthes 46 

Urophycis 22 

teres, Bascanichthys 19 

teretulus, Phenacohius 16 

tergisus, Hiodon 12 

terraenovae, Eumicrotremus 41 

Scoliodon 7 

testudineus, Sphaeroides 49 

Tetragonuridae 45 

Tetragonurus 45 

Tetranarce — see Torpedo 

Tetraodontidae 49 

Tetraodontiformes 48 

Tetrapturus 35 

tetrazonum, Etheostoma 28 

texana, Raja 9 

texanus, Notropis 16 

Xyrauchen 18 

textilis, Entomacrodus 43 

thalassinum, Etheostoma 28 

thalassinus, Microgobius 36 

Thalassoma 34 

Thaleichthys 12 

thaleichthys, Spirinchus 12 

thazard, Auxis 34 

Theragra 22 

thompsoni, Gnatholepis 36 

Ophioscion 31 

Thoracostei 23 

thrissina, Harengula 10 

Thunnus 35 

Thymallus 12 

ihynnus, Thunnus 35 

Tiaroga 17 

tiburo, Sphyma 8 

tigrinus, Myrichthys 20 

tigris, Mycteroperca 25 

Isurus — see oxyrinchus, I. 

timucu, Strongylura 20 

Tinea 17 

tinea. Tinea 17 

tippecanoe, Etheostoma 28 

tomeod, Microgadus 22 

topeka, Notropis 16 

Torpedinidae 8 

Torpedo 8 

tortugarum, Serranus 26 

tovmsendi, Apogon 26 

toxotes, Rhacochilus 33 

Trachinocephalus 13 

Trachinotus 30 

Trachipteridae 24 

Trachipterus 24 

trachura, Raja 9 

Trachurops — see Selar 

Traehurus 30 

trachypomus, Ostiehthys 24 

traehypterus, Trachipterus 24 

transmontana, Percopsis 24 

transmontanus, Acipenser 9 

traski, Hysterocarpus 33 

treculi, Mieropterus 27 

Triacanthodidae 48 

triacanthus, Poronotus 45 

Xeneretmus 41 

triads, Orthonopias 40 

Triakis 7 

triangulatus, Malacoctenus 43 

tribuhis, Prionotus 38 

Trichiuridae 34 

Trichiurus 34 

Trichodon 41 

trichodon, Mugil 46 

Triehodon 41 

Trichodontidae 41 

Trichopsetta 47 

trichroistius, Notropis 16 

tricolor, Holacanthus 32 

tricuspis, Gymnocanthus 39 

tridentata, Lampetra 6 

tridigitatus, Dactyloscopus 42 

Triglidae 38 

Triglops 40 

trigonus, Lactophrys 49 

Trinectes 47 

triporiceps, Conger 19 

triqueter, Lactophrys 49 

triserialis, Ophichthus 20 

triseriata, Platyrhinoidis 8 

trispinosa, Odontopyxis 40 

Trogloglanis 19 

trutta, Salmo 12 

tshawytscha, Oncorhynchus 11 

tuckeri, Monacanthus 49 

tunicatus, Liparis 41 

turneri, Lycodes 44 

tuscumbia, Etheostoma 28 

Typhlichthys 22 

Typhlogobius 36 

typus, Rhincodon 7 

tyrannus, Brevooriia 10 


Ulvaria 44 

Ulvicola 43 

Umbra 12 

umbratiJis, Notropis 16 

Umbridae 12 

Umbrina 31 

umbrosus, Sebastodes 38 

umpquae, Ptychocheilus 16 

undnatiis, Artediellus 38 

undecimalis, Centropomus 25 



undulatus, Menticirrhus 31 

Micropogon 31 

unicolor, Hypoplectrus 25 

unicuspis, Ichfhyomyzon 6 

iinifasciatus, H yporhamphus 20 

uninotatus, Neoclinus 43 

Upeneus 32 

uranidea, Percina 29 

uranops, Phenacobius 16 

Uranoscopidae 42 

uranoscopus, Notropis 16 

Uraspis 30 

Urolophus 9 

Urophycis 22 

urospilus, Symphurus 48 

usta, Nicholsina 34 

liter, Ccphaloscyllium 7 


vacca, Rhacochilus 33 

Vacuoqua 31 

valenciennesi, Moxostoma 18 

variabilis, Eupomacentrus 33 

variatum, Etheostoma 28 

variegatus, Cyprinodon 21 

velifcr, Carpiodes 17 

Letharchiis 19 

velox, Euleptorhamphus 20 

venenosa, Myderoperca 25 

ventralis, Alutera 48 

Trichopsetta 47 

Xyrichthys 34 

ventricosus, Aptocyclus 41 

venustus, Notropis 16 

Vervna 20 

vermiculatus, Esox americanus 12 

verrilli, Lycenchelys 44 

verrucosa, Occa 40 

verticalis, Pleuronichihys 47 

vespertilio, Ogcocephalus 50 

vetula, Balistes 48 

Scarus 34 

vetulus, Parophrys 47 

vexillaris, Sebastodes 38 

vexillarius, Holocentrus 24 

vicinus, Gymnothorax 19 

vigilax, Pimephales 16 

villosus, Mallotus 12 

vinculus, Radulinus 40 

violacea, Dasyatis 9 

violaceus, Cebidichthys 44 

virens, PoUachius 22 

virescens, Pantosteus 18 

virgatum, Etheostoma 28 

virginicus, Anisotremus 30 

Polydactylus 46 

viride, Sparisoma 34 

viridis, Euleptorhamphus 20 

Gymnelis 44 

vitreum, Etheostoma 28 

Stizostedion vitreum 29 

vittata, Lepidomeda 14 

vittatus, Micrognathus 23 

vivanus, Hemanthias 25 

Lutjanus 26 

vivax, Ammocrypta 27 

volador, Istiophorus — see albicans, I. 

volitans, Daciylopterus 41 

Exocoetus 21 

volucellus, Notropis 16 

Vomer 30 

vomer, Selene 30 

vulpes, Albula 10 

vulpinus, Alopias 6 

vulsa, Stelgis 40 


waccamensis, Fundulus 21 

wamerensis, Catostomus 17 

welaka, Notropis 16 

welshi, Ophidian 45 

wheatlandi, Gasterosteus 23 

whipplei, Etheostoma 28 

Notropis 16 

whitehursti, Opisthognathus 42 

williamsoni, Prosopium 11 

unlsoni, Sebastodes 38 


xaenocephalus, Notropis 16 

xaenurus, Notropis 16 

xani'urus, Parmaturus 7 

Xanthichthys 49 

xanthostigma, Citharichthys 46 

xanthulus, Cynoscion 31 

xanthurus, Leiostomus 31 

xantusi, Lepidopus 34 

xenarcha, Myderoperca 25 

Xeneretmus 40 

xenica, Adinia 21 

Xenistius 31 

Xenopterygii 48 

Xererpes 43 

Xiphias 35 

Xiphiidae 35 

Xiphister 44 

x-pundata, Hybopsis 14 

xyosterna, Stellerina 40 

Xyrauchen 18 

Xyrichthys 34 

Xystreurys 47 


yaito, Euthynnus 34 

y-cauda, Quietula 36 



y-graecum, Astroscopus 42 

yoshiae, Anarchias 19 


zacentrus, Sehastodes 38 

zachirus, Glyptocephalus 47 

Zalemhius 33 

Zalieutes 50 

Zaniolepidae 38 

Zaniolepis 38 

Zaprora 45 

Zaproridae 45 

Zapteryx .- 8 

zebra, Lythrypnus 36 

zehrinus, Fundulus 21 

Zeidae 24 

Zeif ormes 24 

zenithicus, Coregonus 11 

Zenopsis 24 

Zeomorphi 24 

Zoarcidae 44 

zonale, Etheostoma 28 

zonaia, Seriola 30 

zonatum, Elassoma 27 

zonatus, Chaetodipterus 32 

Notropis 16 

zonifer, Erilepis 38 

zoniferum, Etheostoma 29 

zonistius, Notropis 16 

zonope, Jordania 39 

zophochir, Ophichthus 20 

zoster ae, Hippocampus 23 

zygaena, Sphyrna 8 

zyopterus, Galeorhinus 7